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Ok any takers on this one? Obviously we know that the current situation in the western world is heading towards Fascism, so when the lights go out and we start to re-build how do stop the criminals with corrupt ideals get power over us.


Obviously I have my own ideas on this, but I have decided not to express them in this group (other than live for each other) because it was never my intention when starting the group. Who's first?

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By the way if all that someone does is poke holes in someone elses argument, it's not helpful and the discussion just goes around and around. Please don't just point out problems, offer solutions too. Example "i see what you are saying, but this point has a problem, why don't you look at it from this angle and try . . . " make sense?
Ok well I think we can learn a lot from Native peoples from America and Australia. But I ask a few questions, has money any real value? Can we really not feed those who are starving? Do we really need to expand our territory? Does any one person really hold the wisdom on how you should live your life?

I agree totally paTricia.

Did you ever watch any of the Star Trek series (old or new)? I remember being ridiculed for watching it, but anyone who reads between the lines and the sub-space anomalies can see that gene roddenberry was making a socio-political-technological statement. Humans in gene roddenberrys vision of the future did not use money; it was an out dated concept. People did not work to live they perused what they were passionate about. Technology was used and developed to not only provide for mankind, but liberate them.

Look at the technology that masses of the world’s resources are used to develop. Is it technology aimed at the betterment of mankind? Or is it technology aimed at keeping mankind enslaved?


Now we're getting somewhere. Sci-Fi writers have considered all the social implications that we face just now (and that includes Orwell). I would love to live in Roddenberry's utopia and would happily be an advocate for using it as a model for the new earth, the new humanity. Btw patricia, had to look up what a Kindle was lol. they also invented the hypo spray the communicator (which looks a lot like a clamshell mobile phone on speaker) and the concept of warp drive which the awesome dr michio kaku believes could be achievable


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