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I must say that I am very fortunate that I do not need to go out and start up a community. Here where I live we are about to celebrate our 50th year community anniversary.  I on the other hand am somewhat new to the community life and only until the past 2 years have I partaken in the responsibility of giving a hand.  Some of my close friends on the other hand are the actual board of the community. These kinds of people are usually the parents of the children that are involved in community activities, such as sports, or park services.  Therefore it was because of my children that I became involved.  But of course it doesn't need to be that way for everyone. 

The other day, I had said in a link that from now on, I will be giving my energy to my family and myself.  Since that sounds so vague, let me expand upon that.  My inner circle of friends are also my family here.  Some of my closest friends are a group of women that run this community.  For a gypsy like me...they really help to keep me grounded.  One even lets me rant about the world and completely supports the community gardening projects. :)

My message here is that basically the communities do already exist, but it is a matter of figuring out how they function.  Usually they revolve around families with children, sports, community services.  And a good way to get your foot in the door is by volunteering your services. 


One thing I came to understand this week is that even though my girls are not on the same page as I am spiritualy or metaphysically, but when the shit hits the fan...I know they will be strong and I know they will serve the community around them. (and they've got me handing out flyers this  :)  


The community is an extension from the families...they are families and individuals united. They are the micro of the macro of ONENESS.  

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PaTricia is right on here. The natural progression to extend oneself toward others around them is a manifestation of Consciousness expanding... this is the expansion of the "self" toward the "Self"... meaning that the individual self for the most part is an illusion and the more involved we become with others as the "greater self" the more in touch we will be with the reflection of ourselves as the Creative Force which ultimately is the manifestation of the Higher Self. All of this is the expansion of the "Life Force" and it follows an opening up to that which is Spiritual and True. Even if this act begins as a humanly forced activity it still had to have been initiated by the Higher Self of who we really are. Some people interact with others as an activity to avoid dealing with themselves but in the obvious choice where one chooses to be with other people there is a clear and definite unfoldment taking place which can only be the opening up to a larger sense of Reality. In this activity there will be more Love and Sharing which expresses the ONENESS we are and the opportunity we have to view the reflection of our "self" and "Self" in others thus real growth and strength will emerge for this process. This type of activity is an honest and forthright manifestation of MIND having its way with us as we move outward to again become acquainted with the inward. This will result in more connectivity within the "self" and the "collective" resulting in strength, awareness, security, love, and more harmony. CONGRATULATIONS HUMANITY!!!! Love and (((HUGS))), Derek

It sounds wonderful where you live paTricia. My town used to have a community spirit (during the blitz I think), but now it is full of that small town mentality, I know I'm just putting a negative on it and I should look for a solution or even try to find the community within, but it's hard to motivate people especially when they're reality is pre-programmed for them and they're happy that way.

However I work in a Gym as a Gym Instructor/PT and I'm finding that I'm getting to know people in my broader community and helping them change there lifestyles and I think I'm getting better at it. I'm finding it rewarding and I'm finding that when you are sincere and generally interested in people they respond better to you than if you have the pre-packaged synthetic customer service rubbish.

Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather be living in the woods in a log cabin (with a wind generator of course) and have a local community who support each other with base essentials. The trouble I have finding a role in my community has always been that I never felt that I fitted into this society at all: supermarkets, cars, jobs, rent, tax, money pah! I'd much rather have a farmers market, self-sufficiency, my own home that I built, why would I need to pay to live, barter or community self-sufficiency.

Hope that last bit makes sense
i live in upscale suburbia. You know the kind where to neighbors don't even talk to one another.
Vaddix, I know where you're coming from, before I moved back home I lived in London and if ever there was a poster City for the selfish Individual it's London, but you know you just need to look. Who are your friends? Are they people who are honest with you, are you honest with them? Can you say "man you really pissed me off yesterday with what you said", would they say "dude I never realised, sorry", do you then forgive them? Maybe not there and then, maybe you don't talk to them for a week, then you realise yeh they pissed me off, but I love them and I wouldn't want to loose them from my life. The point is, you're honest with the people around you and that's a community and a community that isn't 2 faced and one that works. It might not seem like it, but it is. I assume u support them too, that's also a community

paTricia, would you believe that I'm a recovering depressahollic? Let's see if you can work out what that is lol. Feel free to get back to me openly on this discussion forum. I was at one point considering removing myself from the human race (and I don't mean suicide, not recently anyway). I felt that I did not have the same capacity for cruelty, mindlessness, complacency or greed as other humans (well not anymore) and decided to create my own race, and if I was the only one then so be it. But since then I've found a job that doesn't suck, for a company who's policy and targets I believe in (it's a non-profit organisation yay, how many people can say that?)

I still feel like founding a breakaway race of hominids and wish to encourage others to do the same, but for different reasons. It's such a dangerous area because it could encourage sectarianism, but we have that already. I just want people to think about who they are, what they are doing (to themselves, others and the environment), what they want, what makes them happy, what there responsibilities are and who they're children are going to be or have the choice of being.

I was always taught to be careful, keep my head down, don't upset other people, don't get into trouble etc. and I think it has made my life difficult. If I ever had children I would nurture and protect them as they are the most precious thing in the universe, but I would rather that they died on there feet, than lived on there knees. If that makes any sense.

Sorry for rambling
Nice share P, the video puts things in perspective and shows that there is hope and people will band together to protect eachother.


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