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Zero Point & The Three-Fold Flame By Anrita Melchizedek ... And ... Trust In Your Divine Knowing ... And ... Balancing Your Past By Natalie Glasson & Lady Quan Yin



March Equinox Meditation: Zero Point & The Three-Fold Flame By Anrita Melchizedek

Beloved hearts,


We enter into a new dance of Cosmic Rebalancing and collectively the next level of our Soul's Forward Evolution in this Now as all Life experiences the next octave of Source Consciousness and Light.


Amplified through the Equinox gateway and the Zero Point field, we are offered an opportunity to release the vestiges of human miscreations as we deepen into the ever present Now moment as One Heart and One Unified Field of Light.


As a pathway of initiation, the Equinox gateway on March 20 takes us into zero point, as we further release and expand beyond the old karmic timelines and all that does not sustain us in the Light of God We Are walking the Path of Divine Love.


 Additionally, Pluto’s transit in Aquarius on March 23 also occurs at zero degrees. The Equinox on March 20 is 0° Aries, bringing in new cycles, with a new season, spring or fall, and a new horoscope cycle. Pluto moving into 0° Aquarius, the start of a new way of all, new beginnings, and a new era.


 In astrology, zero degrees is a pause, the space between the old and the new. In New Earth, zero point is the ever present Now moment, with expanding consciousness and awareness of ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT PRESENTS IN POSSIBILITY AND PROBABILITY AND MANIFESTATION through the higher realms.


Pluto expands the concepts of Divine Equality, Community, Lesser Than and Better than Consciousness, and brings together communities with common resonance, frequency and vibration, so presents an ideal opportunity to expand our networks, bring in the support we need and get together with new/old friends, as well as deepen into the Quantum Realm with the remembrance of being Initiates of light. 


This Now moment is further a clarion call from the Beloved I AM Presence of all awakened Souls to step into greater levels of World Service and new ways of being. With this, the Ascended Masters direct the gateway of the inner heart calling to the remembrance of the teachings of the Great White Lodge and Shamballa, and in particular, to the alignment of the first three ray Ashrams of Will and Power, Love and Wisdom and Divine Intelligence respectively.


To adapts seeking a collective cohesion of Crystalline Consciousness and Cosmic Light Quotient, the three-fold Flame blazes brightly through the stillness of the Loving Heart, bringing with it the Witnessing Presence of the Beloved I AM in observational awareness to each unique animation and experience we have upon this sacred earth. Looking through our Master eyes, we affect and create the changes we need to within our own lives and the lives of all those around us.

I Love You.

Anrita Melchizedek

Voices of the Light Tribe

Video - March Equinox Meditation -



Daily Prayer Invocation For All Beings On Gaia By Steven Hutchinson:
*I now call forth my Divine Self, Father/Mother/God, Gaia, my Soul Group, Soul Extension, & the Heavenly Host, & I ask them all to join me & to merge their Divine Essence with me.
* I now call forth from Mother/God & from Gaia the Divine Love, Grace, Bliss, & Crystalline Rainbow Light with their Blessings for the healing & ascension of every being on Gaia, &  with every in-breath, this Divine Love, Grace, & Energies work throughout my Whole Being as I embody them, and are anchored in my Earth Star Chakra.
And with every out-breath I extend to all Beings on Gaia this Divine Grace, Bliss & Crystalline Rainbow Light that I receive from the Creator & from Gaia with the Infinite Blessings that awakens & expands the Creator's Presence within all Beings as well as all of the Divine Qualities of The I Am Presence of each Being, & helps each Being embody, ground, & use all of the Divine Qualities of their 'I Am Presence' in their daily lives with Divine Wisdom, Joy, & Bliss ! I accept this Divine Grace & Blessings for myself & for every Being on Gaia !
Thank You Father/Mother/God, & thank you my Divine Self & Soul-Group & Soul Extension & the Heavenly Host for all of the Divine Grace & Blessings Bestowed.
And So All of the Divine Grace, Infinite Blessings, & Divine Energies Flow & Manifest !
And So It Is ! And So I Am !
Beloved I Am Presence! Beloved I Am Presence! Beloved I Am Presence That I Am !




Trust In Your Divine Knowing By Blossom Goodchild & The Federation of Light

Hello! So nice to sit down and get in touch! What a ride, what a ride, what a ride! … and … I feel we haven’t even let the brakes off yet!

Welcome, Blossom. Welcome to Each One on this ride … same train … different carriages.

Nicely put and so True. It is a big awakening to/of self to come to the understanding, that how others behave towards you, or themselves is simply where ‘they’ are at. Letting go of the attachment and simply sending Love. It feels good to reach certain stations on the journey!

Dearest travellers … so many destinations lie ahead. So many passages from A to B to C to D etc. Each one bringing further comprehension of the Divine Light within the Soulself. Each station allowing time to rest … to have a different viewpoint… to recoup … to regain Balance.

And a cup of tea and a bun!

If this is the service offered. Each café presenting an array of ‘Goodies’!

There he is again … I can feel the Energy! How Blessed am I!

an assortment of choices … that will sustain the Soul for the next part of the journey.

Often that train does not arrive when expected. Yet, always, always, always … give ‘Trust’ … the time! Hand Trust over to your Divine KNOWING and simply make the most of your new surroundings until it is clearly apparent that the next train is the one that requires you to jump on board.



Actually, that segues beautifully into a question that baffles quite a few and indeed, myself sometimes. We have spoken of this before yet, could you elaborate? It is regarding the ‘getting in touch with self on a deeper level’. You say ‘Go within’. Over to you, if I may?

Certainly, Blossom. So where is this ‘within’?

Eh, that’s what I’m asking! I seek it here, I seek it there, I seek this ‘within’ everywhere.

And that is why you cannot find it because you are looking here, there, and everywhere.

‘Within’, Dearest Blossom, Dearest Soul’s … is nowhere.



So why say ‘within’?


So, YOU …YOU may say that you are seeking YOU, and yet, YOU … the real YOU … is LOVE.

So, all one need do is BE … NOW … HERE.

In the presence of the moment of NOW, for there is nothing else.

Nothing more than the NOW.

So, when you go inside of YOU … when you reach the YOU that is LOVE, when you allow everything else to drop away … every thought, every memory, absolutely everything, to drop away … other than breathing … you go ‘IN YOU’.

Hard to shut off those thoughts and just BE.

As hard, Blossom, as you choose to make it. Anything and everything is as hard or as easy as you choose to make it.

So, you may say … ‘WITHIN’ this moment of NOW, I choose to silence my mind and allow all to go quiet. Every time you are aware of a thought … go back to listening to the sound of your breath.

Have you heard how beautiful the sound of your breath can be? The sound of silence … nothing but your breath? If you focus on that sound wholeheartedly … then all thoughts can take a break.

We shall add also, that one of the MAIN reasons we gave you The Mantra is to assist you to go ‘within’.

When you say it … when you fully concentrate on it … when you put your attention into the FEELING of it … there will be no room for thoughts to enter in.

These words …





They take your KNOWING … HOME.

Whoa! My Heart just leapt! That’s profound Chaps!

They reboot your KNOWINGNESS amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life and all its comings and goings.

It settles you … instantly.

You are absolutely right, of course.

When you just BE … you are going ‘within’.

When you smell a flower … you are going ‘within’.

When you offer a kindness … you are going ‘within’.

When you reside … in/as/of/through … LOVE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER … you LIVE in a constant configuration of going ‘within’.

Video - Hathor/Venetian Transmission Of Love/Light Codes


Dearest Souls … before you came to this Planet this time … you were enveloped in a Vibration that is very different from the one that you are experiencing NOW.

Before you came, there was not the density … there was not the fear … there was not the uncertainty. Therefore, you were so very keen to come to Earth and be a part of … to play a part in … this incredible transformation.

NOW … you are HERE … WITHIN IT.

Yes, indeed we are. Sometimes we remember why we came and feel amazingly strong … Sometimes we can remember, yet, feel weak and despondent.








This we understand. Well, most of us. Some seem to have not yet got their suitcase out, or even thought about packing to get on that train!

Maybe they will catch the express!

I hope so. I had an amazingly long email full of expletives aimed at ‘Us’. I don’t think they could have added anything more to make it any worse. It didn’t hurt me … water off a duck’s back! Yet, I felt for that soul. To be in such a place where the need to lash out and blame ‘you’ for nothing happening. To blame ‘you’ for all the terrible things going on in the world and ‘you’ just sitting back and letting it happen. I felt for him because it must be a terrible place to reside ‘within’ his Being.

Again, Blossom … Love is Love is Love is Love is Love … Vibrating ‘within’ different frequencies, dependant on choice of attitude and choices to change.

Yet, probably not his fault that he is where he is ‘within’ himself.

When you say ‘not his fault’, we would say … it would be his choosing … on a level that goes very deep, for Each soul.

The Master Plan … The Divine Plan … is not transparent when it comes to the whys and wherefores.

Yet, Dearest Souls … The Master Plan has only one’s well-being at Heart … which may seem hard to accept by some, when you look around your Planet.

Indeed! Yet, on a Higher level of understanding, I get that.

As this Plan unfolds … as the way is shown … as you walk into a Brighter tomorrow … and YOU FEEL YOUR KNOWINGNESS OF WHAT IS in a more accepting Soul space …

YOU … YOU … YOU … and YOU … Yes … Each One … will not/cannot … regret one move, one action of the YOU that made YOU who YOU ARE.




Swords of Light to the skies and all that chaps! Thank you!

The Gratitude we have for Each One is of the Highest Vibration.

There is a saying in your world ‘ We’ve got your back’!

That intention never leaves us.

Good and comforting to know! Happy days. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Video - Quan Yin Fire Meditation -



Balancing Your Past By Natalie Glasson & Lady Quan Yin

I bring forth the energy of embodiment, of peace, and of soul integration. It is my purpose today to guide you in a special technique that allows you to bring balance to your past, or simultaneous lifetimes, as well as your experiences upon the Earth in the past, present and future.

Your past, whether it is your past or simultaneous lifetime or the past of your current reality, impacts your present moment and the future that you create for yourself. It may be impacted in a positive and loving way, or it may create challenges, chaos, disturbance, fear or anxiety. 

Often, we do not realise or can’t even comprehend when a past life or simultaneous life or the past of our current reality is impacting our existence, as well as dictating the way that you act and react, because everything feels as if it is coming from you, that it is your normal and natural self.
And you may not be completely aware of your ability to manifest and how you use past experiences to manifest your current reality. There is an area of unknown, and yet there’s an area that you do not know that is impacting your belief system, is impacting your actions and your reactions and everything that you create. 
I, Lady Quan Yin wish to offer to you a technique to bring balance to all that you have experienced and all that is impacting your reality, bringing it into balance with your soul, and the essence of your being, therefore, healing aspects of your past or experiences to support you in impacting your current reality with the vibration of balance.
Imagine if balance was the energy from which you created, it would mean that you would feel safe and secure in your reality, in your body and your being. Your experiences would come from a space of balance. They would allow you to experience balance but also promote and magnify balance within your reality, thus, encouraging you to explore balance as a sacred quality of the Creator. 
Video - Balancing Your Past -
Your spine holds energetically a map of your entire journey, from the moment that you separated from the Creator and came into form, to this moment. The map holds the route that you have taken, all the lifetimes, past simultaneous lifetimes that you have experienced, all the lessons learned, all the lessons that have yet to be learned, the connections made, and the goals of your soul. Everything about your journey up until now and even into the future is energetically held in your spine. Each lifetime you experience is downloaded into your spine and you carry it with you.
You carry this map with you so that you can have access to other lifetimes, to your goals, to the skills and abilities. This means that we have an opportunity to bring balance to your entire journey by working energetically with the energy of your spine, it is almost like the auric field of your spine. 
You can call forth me Lady Quan Yin during meditation, and your guides to surround you. I will begin at the base of your spine, placing my energetic hands at the front and the back, and I will begin to send the energy of balance, peace, embodiment and soul integration of a pink and peach orange colour into your spine and the energy of your spine. 
Allow me to move up your spine, slowly, at a speed that is appropriate, and allow yourself to simply observe. Breathe deeply and know that I’m working with the energy of your spine and the map of your journey. 
It is your purpose to be aware of anything that comes into your mind, and your awareness, whether it is a colour, a symbol, a word, a memory, a vision, a feeling, I invite you to observe it and honour it.
We are creating balance within the energy of your spine and your journey. You may experience snapshots of things that are required for you to acknowledge with your conscious mind.  Who would you be if you were formless, label less, limitless, deeply loving, deeply, powerful, and content?
As I reach the top of your spine, I will also enter into your skull sending the energy into your skull. You will experience this in a unique way for you. 
I will then step back and place the same energy into your entire auric field and into your heart space. 
I will place a gift of balance, you may allow yourself to recognise this gift. It symbolises your balance. 
Stay in this space for as long as you wish, and you can practice this process as many times as you wish. It is also a technique that you can use when sadness comes into your awareness, anger, fear, any emotion that allows you to feel disconnected from yourself or from the Creator. 
Although we are working with the energy of the spine and your journey, the sadness or the anger may come from lower down in your spine, meaning at the very beginning of your journey or further up in your spine, meaning in this lifetime. 
I am always present to be of service when you feel that the process is complete, you can imagine sense, acknowledge Mother Earth grasping hold of your feet with her energetic hands to ground, centre and balance your being. 

Sometimes there is no need to know what is being healed or balanced. Allow yourself to simply receive.  


Thank you for allowing me to work with you today. This balance will have a powerful impact upon your being. 
I Am Lady Quan Yin. I thank you.
Video - Affirmations: I Am Ultraviolet Angelic Fire

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