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Your Intention & Divine Transformation By Matt Kahn


As stated in my most recent Energy Update, I have been inspired to detail and unpack the practice of intention from a 5D perspective. In loving service toward the hope and destiny of different circumstances, intention-setting is a way of aligning the will of our actions with the positive change we wish to manifest for ourselves and for the benefit of all.

From a 5D perspective, no action is too small to just be a mindless activity. Instead, each and every moment in time can be embraced as a catalyst for incredible transformation, as you intend for the nature of your daily choices to create greater tangible resolve beyond what our senses and will can personally affect.

This type of practice certainly doesn’t replace the need for inspired action, social justice, and human equality. Rather, it is supporting the desire for such progress by ensuring there is no moment in time that is absent from moving us forward into a human paradigm of peace, unity, tolerance, safety, and acceptance for all.

Imagine brushing your teeth and intending for all aspects of our beloved Earth to be cleansed and purified as each tooth is polished.

Imagine intending for peace to prevail throughout all corners of our country and planet, with every breath you take. Imagine higher vibrations of healing energy liberating the hearts of all you pass on the street or in traffic.

Imagine each person who is walking the planet is freed from their pain each time your eyes blink. Imagine intending for a clearer more tangible manifestation of Heaven on Earth with every second of time that passes.

As you may begin to see, there is no end to how creatively and miraculously we can participate in our expansion and humanity’s healing when bringing the power of intention with us — no matter the challenges, struggles or setbacks in sight.

Even if or when you are called to march along side your fellow humans in support of conscious change, the mindfulness of intention-setting assists you in co-creating the type of experience and effect you wish for your demonstrations to inspire, despite how anyone on any side of the argument reacts or responds.

As the United States and the world at large moves through a collective Dark Night of the Soul experience, we can use the wisdom of intention to shine the brightness of unity into every darkened corner of reality instead of hiding from the atrocities that need to be acknowledged before they can be transformed for the benefit of every sentient being.

Whether there are things in this world that are hard to see, painful to process, or even inconceivable to imagine, the necessity of intention-setting helps you feel a part of personal and global progress, instead of paralyzed by the enormity of pain and despair that is incapable of being overlooked any longer.

While intention can be a way of amplifying the power of your everyday actions, it is never a replacement for the healing that occurs, whenever we are willing and able to welcome each feeling, reaction, and sensation arising to be acknowledged. While certain feelings may be easier to feel than others, there is no wrong way to process the emotions that helps you and humanity step forward in evolution.

To demonstrate the importance of intention: may every word I have written heal the lives of all who read it, transforming each of their familial lineages from suffering to sovereignty and to be passed along as blessings of light to every person in existence. And so it is.

All for Love,

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How Love Heals By Matt Kahn

During this most critical time in history, it is essential to define the true meaning of love and its role in helping humanity heal.

While society has maintained an unconscious ebb and flow of behavior, seemingly built upon layers of denial and repressed pain, the time has come for each and every skeleton to be cleared out of the collective closet to remove the blinders of our collective awareness, so to manifest the most optimal environment for all beings to thrive.

In order to know how love heals, it is imperative to understand what love is and isn’t in its most useful and practical context.

Love is the respecter of experience—allowing each and every memory that time and space requires to tell its tale, inform communities, and inspire collective change in honor of all it endured and had the power to survive.

Love is the glory of oneness, so settled in its transcendent purity with nowhere else to be but wherever and however diversity is expressed. Love is the parent of mind, holding sacred space for each theory, conclusion, and rationalization, as the conceptual aspects of the human being sets each idea aside to find safety wherever threat may lurk.

Love is the freedom of will, allowing all to be as they are and do as they wish, knowing only the magnificence of progress can be born when allowing each truth to be shared.

Love is the redeemer of dignity, giving back power to every person who has been stripped of self-respect, imprisoned in labels, and judged for the role they never agreed to play in other people’s perceptions.

Love is the unraveling of indoctrination and the undoing of justification, providing no further space for a tradition of cruelty to establish a culture of hurt.

Love is the Angelic choir, signaling the arrival of Heaven’s eternal presence that can be heard through the melody of liberated pain.

Love is the depth of character cultivated in the aftermath of struggle, daring to dedicate time and space for the benefit of others, so no one else has to endure the story each breath came to tell.

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Love is not the corrector of conduct. It does not tell anyone a better way to be when it is the very force holding each feeling, impulse, and reaction, making it safe for all to be felt and heard exactly as experiences wish to be conveyed.

Love is not a fast-track to more preferable circumstances, since the nature of enlightenment is a soothing stream of heart-centered empathy no matter how muddy the water ever becomes.

Love is not an opposite to sadness, fear, anger, guilt, or shame, but the Source of these sensations that creates each visceral expression for the potent transformation it offers, once surrendered into its benefit by respecting each expression.

Love is not the condemnation of volatility, but the clean-up crew that always births greater realities in support of all from within the ashes of that which no longer serves the sum of the whole.

Love is not the impatience of preference. It does not demand anyone 'get over' anything, so to allow pain to be heard, processed, felt and integrated in its unique timeframe — no matter how much anyone wishes it were different or healed at a faster rate.

It is not love versus assembly. It is love while we assemble, and assembling as acts of love for the voiceless we are ready to free, welcome, hear, acknowledge, and honor.

It is not love instead of fear, but experiencing pain and the despair of hopelessness, as a chance to welcome innocence in its most exposed, vulnerable, shameful, guilty, abused, neglected and unprotected form.

It is not love as a higher vibrational escape route from things labeled “lower” or “less than”, but the clarity that allows all aspects of experience to be honored as light, no matter the conduct any part chooses to express.

It is not love as anything other than the breath of unity consciousness — bringing together a vast array of similarities and differences as golden threads woven together as a tapestry only truth knows how to make.

It's a tapestry to warm the hearts of those left out in the cold, cast aside in ridicule, and abandoned by an unconsciousness that is too greedy to be decent and far too afraid to share.

Love is not spiritual choreography anyone can perform incorrectly. It is the expansion of global virtue through a dance of change inviting everyone into the grace of sacred movement as we receive the recognition and support that brings us out of hiding.

Love is the acceptance of truth dwelling in every heart, allowing all to be however the beauty of creation envisions itself. Love is the lamppost of eternal clarity guiding us along as we remain authentic to the healing at hand, with nowhere else to be, but exactly as we are, wherever we may stand.

I stand for love. I stand with you.

Please enjoy this newsletter as we embrace the glorious exploration and cultivation of how "Love Heals All".

All for life. All for light.

All for love, Matt

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