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*For the last 4 or 5 years large fleets of orbs have been spotted around the world. This is a collection of what I could find, starting with a recent event in Mexico this month.

UFO Fleet Guadalajara Mexico June 10, 2004

UFO Fleet over Seoul October 12 2008

UFO fleet on January 28 2005 - in Mexico

Ufo Fleet, Spain 2007

Ufo fleet, Vietnam. 2007

UFO Fleet of 300 OR MORE Flying Objects - Mexico


There's more, just search "ufo fleet" in google or youtube and you'll find a bunch.

Lots of commonalities among these video clips. Probably the same fleets being seen over the world.

Enjoy it. :)

*This is a repost, but since this video is so amazingly profound & important, I decided to repost it in this group.

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