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UFO hits wind turbine

A WIND turbine stood wrecked yesterday with one of its giant 65ft blades torn off — after it was hit by a UFO. Locals were woken by the 4am…

Started by MIKE

1 Jan 8, 2009
Reply by Kahless

UFO over New Jersey

Found this on Fox News today.. Unidentified flying objects were spotted over suburban New Jersey Monday night — but local cops aren't too…

Started by Tina W

0 Jan 8, 2009

ET's from Eridanus constellation and Tau Cetians

Hey, does any of you perhaps have info on extraterrestials (I just can't help that I find the word alien a bit offensive...what the hell, m…

Started by Ninie

1 Jan 7, 2009
Reply by MIKE

Personal Sightings

A place to put our first sighting whether they be resent ones or past ones. The sighting that got many of us started on this path looking f…

Started by MIKE

3 Dec 15, 2008
Reply by Kahless


Ok I know that this group has only just started and that Chemtrails rely have nothing to do with UFOs but I just wanted to know if anyone h…

Started by MIKE

1 Dec 2, 2008
Reply by Zell

rainbow flashing stars

Ok this discussion is about the odd rainbow flashing stars that have appeared in our skies recently (and no they are not planets). They are…

Started by MIKE

3 Nov 29, 2008
Reply by MIKE

Worldwide UFO Fleet Sightings

*For the last 4 or 5 years large fleets of orbs have been spotted around the world. This is a collection of what I could find, starting wit…

Started by Um No

0 Nov 28, 2008

Fox News and CNN show Mexican Air Force Footage of 11 UFO's

This was 2007. What makes it important is its breakthrough into American mainstream news.

Started by Um No

0 Nov 27, 2008


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