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I have purchased Blossom Goodchilds meditation cds White Clouds voice sent a bolt of electicity through my being tears flowed as a feelig of LOVE went through me. If you go to her website you can listen to a demo. The meditations take you on inter Galactic trips and healings, communions with other beings and ascension.
Love and light Kerrie

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you work for her?
where do you listen to the demo. im on the site but i cant find it
oh so it was you!

Much happiness and light to you
Wow, this is sort of a let down that the roses were actually sent by a normal person. Not even by a fellow channeler than received a message asking to do it.
Kerrie said:
Hi Vaddix
Go to CDs click on your country you live in.
Are you the spiderman fan?
A young lady that works for me likes spiderman I told her of your comment she knew of the saying before I got it out :))
Love light and laughter as Blossom would say.
haha i was i huge spiderman fan, before the movies ruined it. Theywerent well written if you followed the comics like me they were a let down. But yeah that is one of my favourite quotes, and something everyone should live by. If you have the power to change things for the better, then its your responsibility to do so.

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