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When You Feel The Earth Is Getting Unbearable - Watch This !

Just the other day when we were hit with one of the most intense energy waves that we've experienced so far, we called out to the heavenly council to ask for assistance. Shortly after, we felt as if we were surrounded by an immense presence and the energetic signature was one we immediately recognized as Archangel METATRON. Metatron encompassed our lightbodies with a powerful and soothing healing frequency that helped to alleviate some of the intensity.
Shortly thereafter, a channeled message from him came through which also contains healing and activating codes that we wish to share with all of you, our beloved soul family.
With love, EldoRa & Siman
We are in the midst of a physical ascension of a planet which is a rare and historic event. Time is speeding up and this accelerated ascension energy allows souls to FLY through their life lessons at an exponential rate.
Once we ascend, we will no longer be able to learn lessons from duality as we will be existing in unity consciousness. Therefore it is imperative that we let go of resistance and tackle our soul lessons head on.
There were many pearls of wisdom that METATRON shared with us in his channeling a few days ago (the 1st video above). We highly recommend you watch that video first before you view this one With Love,
EldoRa and Siman

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