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This is mine i would love to live in a Mobile Dome Home Imagine a world where we all have our own Flying homes and can go anywhere on the planet, instead of living in one place all the time, and always keep moving, just like the old classic Winnebeggo but with a twist and major upgrade.

Remember those little Christmas domes you get you shake them and you have little citys inside them with snow falling. I figure why not we have these domes that uses antigravity, and some sort of advance Energy engine making it hover. The basics in your mobile dome home would be the Chair first which you sit in it and you use your mind to fly your mobile dome home to any where you want to on the planet. Now on the outside of the dome you have a clear base windows with nano solar cells covering all over for your electricity for lighting, your green house and computer system, so you would have 2 energy systems installed. One Controlling the dome to fly and one for the rest of your electricity and to use of a back up in case of an emergency but don't worry that should be already taken care of with the production of it the safety of the flying Mobile dome home will be priority.

Now with this dome you have your very own green house inside to grow food and a watering filtering system to capture rain and sunlight to grow your food. You will also have 4 bedrooms one Bathroom, a kitchen,a hot tub, casual room, game bar room and a virtual room to share all the places you visited with your friends. Which i will explain later.

Now with the control room with the Chair you'll have a very powerful computer system using holo images, by connecting your mind with the computer system, using a wireless wifi head band instead of using a mouse you'll be using your mind.

Now of course we will have all our enhanced abilities added like being psychic, now with the Virtual room you can access billions of nano cameras taking live video of where your at from all around the dome panning out. Lets say your at some island visiting in your mobile home which you can land and get out and enjoy nature and the island, now you can record your environment with your mobile dome home with your nano video cameras, using your super computer. Then when your done visiting the island and the people on the island, all that video will be transfered to the virtual room which when you meet up with your friends you can share your places you visited with all your friends in holographic video format.

Ofcourse you can modify the mobile dome home any way you like it from furniture to colors, the sounds and music playing whatever you want it to look, You would still have to have all the basics. Now imagine you will not have to worry about moving ever again, or waiting to get on a plane, or paying bills for your electricity, water, food, or anything else. Ofcourse no travel expenses. Of course lets say you have a big family well you can have the Mobile dome to be big enough to fit your family, but the bigger the dome the harder it is to find places to land it. So if you had a smaller flying mobile dome home you can land in many different places and easier to land.

Now i believe we can have Mobile dome city's but they would be a little more complex than what the smaller Moblie dome homes that fly.

Everyone will have a home to live in, you will be able to see other cultures, other lands. and possibly other worlds if the mobile dome home has space travel capabilities. Also there will be a way where you connect two domes together to visit friends. Now of course the rooms and kitchen and game room will be way more advanced to what we are used to, and you can modify your mobile dome home to the colors of your liking as well as mix the furniture around.

These mobile dome homes, will not be polluting the air or hurting the environment but working with the environment to make it better. No body will be starving, everyone will have they're own lives to live and you can spend as much time in nature and your dome as you want. Now ofcourse your going to have clear windows to see the world around you, and have your own green room inside, with plants, flowers what ever you want to grow, so you can be close to nature. The system would be totally automatic except for a few tweaks you can change the system to your liking.

I know this is very hard to imagine for some people but I'm imagining beyond the box not just outside of it. Imagine how everyhone's lives would be incredibly enhanced if everyone had one of these. You will still have all your abilities like being very intuitive and Psychic, have psychokenesis, Telepathy and all the abilities we will all have. Of course not everyone would want to live in one of those but there will be smaller communities living off the grid close together on different places. All the oil fields would be shut down and torn down. All the old building's would be taken down or remodeled to meet the environmental standards. The deserts will be filled with forests and trees, and plant life.

I know i'm imagining the new earth where everyone can live on they're own but be close together with others or travel in they're mobile dome homes. Some people could be living in the mobile dome city's, now i'm not saying just technology but with a little bit of nature in the city's as well.

We all will be maintaining the planet keeping the vibrations of the planet up as well as taking care of our home, as well as living in Harmony with everyone, animals, and the plant life.

Love and JOy

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