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Has anyone else been having very violent dreams as of lately, I'm not a violent person what so ever but in my dreams there is alot of violence, I used to watch violent movies a couple years back, but that doesn't make me any violent what so ever. I couldn't even hurt a mouse these days.

Like this one i had today, A Zombie attack dream where i was running for my life and had to fight off any zombie that got in my way, The military was also there and shooting down all the zombies and they didn't help me at all, i had to help myself. I tried to save some people who were trapped by the zombies but i couldn't save them all. I was cornered and i was almost finished and then i woke up from the dream.

I totally don't like dreams like this, alot of my dreams have been extremely weird as of lately and are really going off the deep end. I'm definitely not a violent person and i care about others well being but how these violent dreams keep coming back i have no idea.

Maybe i'm working out some of my Dark issues but i'm not sure of that yet. I wish i would have those beautiful heaven like dreams again but they aren't happening.

Some times i can lucid Dream and some i feel like i have no control over. So if anyone would like to interpret this dream it would be nice and i can't find anything about zombie attacks in dreams online.

I don't care for violent movies or violent films or horror flicks, i stay away from those. Infact i just watch documentories and some a few shows like Heroes and Ghost hunters. I know letting go of tv is still very difficult for me, i don't watch whole lot as i used to though.

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My friend, dreams show us a reflection of who we are. It is not that you are a dark person or such. We all have violent tendencies otherwise we would not be human. You must be dealing with severe emotional stress right now and this is your mind's way of dealing with it. Do not blame TV or other such things. Learn to understand yourself and not blame outside influence. Your zombie dream is common because you think you are fighting the world. Do not resist. You are here to learn and to help other learn. We are one. Become one. Stop resisting. Let go my friend.
dreams are always very metaphorical, check out the details you remember on the dream dictionary :)
Try prayer. Ask your angels and guardians for protection and understanding. Also, ask them to pray for you. Can't hurt :D
Thankyou all for your help, i Don't Really know the actual meaning of my dreams not matter how much i look into it and can never match them to my awake life. I suppose everone's dream interpetations are totally different. A couple of months ago i was having beautiful dreams, nothing bad or horrible until recently. All i can see is that i must going through my dark side of the soul and i suppose i'm more afraid of facing myself and i must face my dark side maybe that is what it means. I also have been feeling like i don't belong here at all and i belong somewhere else in the galaxy. Years ago i used to have huge anger problems and i had a hard time controlling my emotions, i never really hurt anyone except for my self. For over a year now i've one break out anger moment. Since then i've been very calm and relaxed. IF you known me in person you will see how kind and loving i am, as well as being a little shy. I suppose i'm working out alot of issues in my dreams since i'm not handling it in my waking life.

Redbeard Thankyou i should try that, I just have a hard time listening.
I know bad dreams can be awful, but realize that they are only your mind trying to tell you something in a language it understands. Nightmares happen in 2 situations - either when you are under stress because you're having difficulty dealing with a situation in your life, or when your mind has tried to give you this message before and you didn't get it, so you're mind is trying to make you pay attention (this can also be the cause of recurring dreams). Having nightmares doesn't mean you are dark, you're okay! You just need to pay attention to the message.

Lets talk about strict symbology (dreams can also be astral projections and visits to parallel realities, but in a zombie dream, that is likely not the case, so lets just do an interpretation). Dreams are all about you. All people in dreams represent parts of yourself. Lets start with zombies - they are people who died and came back to life in a grotesque fashion - in dreams, death only means change. So these zombies are parts of you -not necessarily bad parts or anything negative, just parts of who you were that you no longer are- these parts of you have changed. In this dream, these parts of you are coming back to haunt you. You are running away from these parts of yourself. You are also fighting them, which means you are conflicting with these parts of yourself in waking life. If they were male, they indicated a part of you that you are conscious of, if they were female, they indicate a part of you thats in your subconscious (this is because you are male, the opposite sex shows subconscious).

The people you tried to save were other parts of yourself. By defining the people, you can define what parts of yourself the dream represents. If any of the zombies had any recognizable characteristics, these are clues to that. If any of the people had any recognizable characteristics, same thing. If one of them was a family member, define that family member in 3 or 4 words. The words you use to describe them are the indicative of the part of you that person represented in the dream. Good luck.

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