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sooo im not big on these kinds of issues.. can someone break it down and what does it all mean..


some links:


etc etc.. lol.. so .. just wanted to hear everyones opinion on this.. what do you think.. please comment

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The basics go thus:


In order for a government to function, and the government agencies to pay their employees, a budget must be set out for the financial year. Normally this includes a lot of political manoeuvering to keep pet projects on track and generally shape financial policy for the year.


This year, however, no budget has passed through the House. This means that, in theory, there is no money to pay government employees (this includes the military) and no new purchases can be made by any government agency. Up until now, temporary budgets have passed to keep the government from not having access to tax funds (for which they need an approved budget) and thus shutting down (ie, being unable to pay its creditors which include its employees). This time, however, the President has exercised his power of veto to block the new 'temporary' budget.


This means that, unless a compromise is found and voted through, in 36 hours the US government will no longer have access to any funds and be unable to pay any of its agencies, contractors or employees.


What exactly this will mean for the country is hard to predict. However, should it happen (politicians are notorious for last minute agreements), it will be a serious wakeup call.


Hope this helps.

soo..  basically as soon as they come to a agreement then everything is back in place.. and what does this mean:

how will they do that? what will it mean? lmao.. sorry.. you dont have to answer if you dont wanna.. :):) i was just curious

No problem.


Bilateral trade is a mutual trade agreement between two partners, in this case China and Russia. As both countries use a different currency, is a matter of international convention that the trade would be done in dollars. This means that both currencies convert to the dollar to agree on a price, to have a mutual basis of negotiation.


However, a while ago (this article is not that new), Russia and China have decided to no longer trade amongst themselves in dollars. Both markets have agreed to a direct exchange rate between the Rouble and the Renminbi, and the Rouble and the Yuan, cutting out the dollar entirely. This doesn't sound like it changes a lot for the dollar, but the trade between these two superpowers is vast, and the constant buying and selling of dollars by them for trade purposes has had a major impact on the exchange rate of the dollar against other currencies.


It should be noted that the cooperation between China and Russia is blossoming quite well, as is evidenced by the test train that drove clear from China to Germany. Railroad construction and upgrading has made it possible for a cargo train to bridge the distance in 16 days, which is less than half of the time it takes a ship of similar capacity to do the same journey. In short, trade between Russia and China is not only intensifying, it's gotten even easier and faster, something the international markets always respond positively to.


Hope this was enlightening.

wow.. you sure know your stuff.. thank you very much..i learned a lot :) xoxo

I like that the military will not be paid. My friends have been told they'll suffer court martial if they dont show up for work, even though they may not be payed. I think this is a big wake up called for those toting guns just to look cool.

However dont think this will come without negative outcomes. There is a HUGE possibility of super inflation here in america, that combined with the fact almost nothing america consumes is made in america could have disastrous effects on the population. Gas will get super expensive first, then the rest will follow. With mass foreclosures, food prices too high, there will be mass chaos. Looting and shit dude. and with no military to step in, we could be looking at the west becoming lawless again.


And then NATO step in. Eliminating local militias and the like. A new currency introduced to quell the masses(The Amero) . And everyone goes on living the in their system till the next monetary system fails (and it will). Its a cycle, its been going for a long time now. Thats their plan.


We just have to be smarter.

We need to use the choas to our advantage. Lead the people in sustainable ways of living. Earth ships and the like. We are HUMANS, are best quality is that we adapt. We do not give up.


This Chaos could be a blessing in disguise. America could show the world what a nation full of Sovereign individuals can do!


Soldiers and law enforcement officials swear an oath to uphold and defend the constitution. Their relationship with the government is not one of employer and employee, as members of this government are equally susceptible to the authority of law enforcement. As such, even if they do not get paid, those who take the oath seriously will report for duty as normal. Invariably, these are the ones you /want/ on duty anyway.


Considering that members of the House and Senators are paid through government funds, a shutdown means they will not get paid either. This will, I'm sure, be a major incentive for them to reach an agreement shortly after if not just before expiration of the deadline.


It should be mentioned that banks and other financial institutions are, on the whole, not dependent on government funds. This means that normally speaking, there should be little to no impact on daily financial transactions. If you work for a private employer, you will still get paid and shops will still be open. The Federal Reserve board is an independent institution, so hyper inflation is unlikely (it cuts into their profit margin).


A great many people overestimate what the government actually does, funds, and how many people they employ. If the government shuts down, you will be starved of such important matters as politics, foreign policy, new legislation and military recruitment and purchases... but you will be fine for everyday humdrum matters such as food, work, housing and entertainment.


One of the greatest signals this shutdown can send is in how much you /don't/ need a Federal Government.

news reports that agreement reached  BBC News right now on t.v



wow..that was last minute

No government shot down , they reached some king of agreement after Federal Budgets talks;

  even if they will  be short in 38 million dollars.

As expected, the last minute solution.


After all, we all like a bit of theater. Now everyone involved can proceed without losing face, which is perhaps the most important objective in politics nowadays.

exactly BJ..i mean PT.. but i think your on the right path

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