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It is assumed that when you start your spiritual journey, what is first revealed to us is where do we come from, what is our mission, what we came to do... My spiritual awakening has shown me that already...

Now is the time to remember... remember... what do I have to remember? I feel alone and lost in this one... remember... I wonder and asked, "please show me what I have to remember ...", but silence was the response ... "Maybe it is not the time to remember still ... and if so, that means I'm still not ready to receive the answer..."; I respect times, in fact I know the answer, I just need the confirmation, the final push... But there is also fear... fear of knowing that if what the heart dictates is true, the change that comes after The decision is much bigger than what I ever could have imagined... I like the changes, yes, but this particular one involves so many people ... people who I love, what to do when what you decide affects not only oneself but also to the people you love?... I know I'm still not ready for the final answer... otherwise I would not be doing so many questions... I respect my time... and I'll be ready to remember... We all will be...

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Yeah Clint... I have more and more and more stuff to work with lol, thank youuu lol

Clinton Doherty said:
Don't worry Ant :D. This loss of rememberence was there for you to be able to grow, if you remembered everything then what is there to discover! Love you angel always Clinton.
Thank you so much Patricia... Its really nice to hear you had those revelations about me, I have to say it happened the same with me about you... =) Thank you for your words, you have a lot of wisdom in your heart, its beautifull... Much love my friend

paTricia T. said:
You have such a gentle and beautiful soul Antonela. We have never met on this site before. Although I followed Brad's blog before the big did not come to this site until a year ago. But when you returned here your energy is very familiar to me. I was immediately drawn to your posting of return. You have special gifts. A healer.

Yes it is very frustrating not remembering. I am a creator and I cannot "remember" how to manifest on command like I "once could". It is like being a magician that pulls out everything but the rabbit from his hat while the crowd laughs at him. :o)

It seems that we are all getting just bits and pieces at a time. Perhaps that is why we are all here together....together we all bring our pieces to create the big picture. Together we can remember.

Yes, the changes can be very intimidating, but think of where we have all come from and the eons of changes we have already been through. And although we are not sure how... the loved ones always come back together. Separation is the illusion. We will all be reunited at the end of this game.

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