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For starters talking to someone is getting awkward, i'm sensing two of me now one who is talking and one the observer which is quite weird. I'm getting so sensitive i almost can't handle it. I'm also picking up other people's thoughts right before they speak. I might be getting telepathy, and i'm also seeing alot of colors as of lately. My manifestations are coming at me at full speed now like you couldn't even imagine and they are getting faster and faster, some things i can manifest and some things i can't. I understand the concept of Law of Attraction Putting it into practice is a bit different.

I'm also seeing energy in objects every now and then. Like i'll look something and all of a sudden i would see these little tiny Lights swarming around and they are inside and outside of the object. My perspective and sight has really changed like seeing objects in 4d instead of 3d, this just started like this week. I can't explain what i see when i see them in 4d but it is a little weird though. It's like seeing a 2d picture with an image within the picture that is 3d and you have to keep looking at it and get the 3d picture except i'm seeing 4d in a 3d world.

I still have my ego and my habits which are mainly food habits that are a problem, also i still have alot of fear that i have to release. I don't feel you can just ignore fear, but watch it like an observer without letting it affect you in any way.

My cats have been acting a little differently and they have a little more energy as of lately. I believe we will be in 4th density by the end of the year , then 5th in Dec 2012

I believe the Sacred G that i have all around my bed is having a huge effect on me. So i totally recommend S.G. I just bought another set of Love Chargers which i will be placing all over my home.

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Hmmm.. It seems that I've experienced similar thnings - aura, weird violet orbs flying in front of me and also the telepathy you're talking about. I also think that each day seems going faster I usually keep thinking it's tuesday when actually it's thursday. I understand very well your situation with the food habits as my brother has also big problems with that, I can only tell you that you should keep strong and believe you can change it and remember that there's at least one person from Poland (me :) ) who wishes you all the best and thinks you'll win with those habits.

All best to you Aaron!
Dear Aaron,

Thank you for posting your experiences, it makes me realize I'm not in fact going insane. Lately I've had the experience of 'not being entirely awake' and seemed to observe myself from behind my own eyelids. While meditating before going to sleep, I can clearly see orbs of light hovering around, and sounds like the sonar calls of dolphins echoing around my head.

As for feeling another's thoughts or feelings, I've had the mixed blessing and curse that I've been able to do that for pretty much my entire life. Surface emotions I can read like an open book, and quite often I can extrapolate a person's train of thoughts long before the actual thoughts begin to form as words or expressions.

I'm glad to hear the sacred geometry you have constructed is working for you, but I've been doing this entirely without such aids. This is not to diminish anyone's accomplishments in any way, but just as a gentle reminder that such things are wonderful tools, but by no means mandatory ;)
During this night I suddenly departed from my body, and i was moving toward the beautiful one Light, the Source, but halfway I made a decision: NO, Stop, I want to get back, I don't know why I made the decision, perhaps a fear of not returning any more. Then I continued my out of body experience, but only by astral travelling and it happenned near my body, my childhood, my past and present mixed totally, time was as if it were paralised, so i was entirely out of time wih a very intense, yet a calm envirionment, your senses, oh, the beautiful scenery colurs, odour, voice. And what is fantastic you can control your direction. I was going through walls, but the dimension was very different, a sort of greater degree, perhaps 360. I also remember I wanted to fly to the UFOs who are around the Earth, but I couldn't. And now I remember everything, usually i forget my experiences. So Astral Travel is now much more easier and try it, because that's fantastic,
Hey Aaron !, what you have said it`s pretty interesting. Waoo! you have accelerated your ascension. keep it that way. Thanks for sharing.

In my case, this past night i was sleeping, ant then i awaken from nothing and felt a strange force inside of me, like you have said an observer. I was a little scary about that, but then i say myself that was my Higher self. I mean what this could be for all, i think, is that our higher-selves are trying to merge with us.
I have to also say that my emotions have been sky rocketing and very difficult to control right now. That might have to do to emotional clearing but i'm not sure. My sexual energy has also sky rocketing which is another thing i would like to control a little better. Dreams are getting a little easier to remember but i still tend to forget.

It's been one of my problems all my life is my memory. Forgetting all the time about something. I also have to mention i'm beginning 4th density sounds and has anyone noticed how the birds sound different. I suppose you wouldn't notice if you weren't listening.

Another thing that is very difficult to handle is Sound, each day it's getting harder and harder to handle noise except for nature sounds and noises i can handle those. I'm talking about trucks and motorcycles on the road.

On the upside The sky has been incredible lately even with the chem trails, just the sunsets and the golden rays. Just wow

I believe the sky is also getting more colors as well. I still don't see too many auras but every now and then my eyes will start adjusting and i will see someone's aura without trying that just happens just a few times.

I don't smoke or do any drugs but i can i feel very high at times, maybe it's being high on love but i don't know it feels good.

I really hate work though, everyone there is always so stressful and sometimes negative and i truly wish i could quit but then wouldn't have an income coming in to support my life. There is definitely no new jobs around and i havn't found anything that i want to do or should i say i havn't found my true passion in this life. Volunteering and servicing others is very rewarding but it doesn't seem it's enough for me. I hope i can find my passion soon because everything in this life doesn't matter to me anymore well of course all of you my family and my 2 cats, which one of them has run off for a while. So i now only have the one cat living with me.
yesterday as I got to bed, a sound in my head went DIIIINGGGG!! like a radio switch taht was thrown and then quiet. then a while ago, I would get breathless as we were talkin with family or friends, and then images that are so unfamiliar my mind could not put them together, but I could tell that I was a participant in those images. they made me feel blind, and something told me that it was such friendly, lovely even that I was actually debating whether to let it take me over completely next time it comes to me. but I couldn't imagine leaving my family and friends so with time, it disappeared. two months now but am happy, I felt something so spectacular. am happy it's finally here. home sweet home.

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