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The World Needs Your Peace - Now ! By Ann Albers & The Angels ... And ... Unwinding Belief Systems & Wormholes By Jenny Schiltz

The World Needs Your Peace - Now ! By Ann Albers

& The Angels

Hi Dear Friends!

Now more than ever before, the angels encourage us to "Be the Peace we wish to see in the world." We can stop the bombs and heal the heart of the Earth with our own peaceful vibration. It isn't hard, but it is needed right now...

Love you all!

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We know your beautiful hearts. We see your beautiful light. We know how deeply you want to love and be loved, for that is woven into the very fabric of your being and is the purpose of your existence here upon the earth. You are here, hoping to witness your Self – your true Self – in your human self and in all of creation. You are as the waves upon the ocean wanting to know the ocean – within yourselves and all others.

Imagine that you are a peaceful wave, and you see a very large tidal wave coming your direction. You fear you will get swallowed alive. You fear you will die. You fear chaos and disruption of your peace. Suppose you tried to rise up further and fight that angry wave. What do you think would happen? Most of you know the answer. You would be swallowed up in the struggle.

What if, however, you sank back into your Source, into the ocean, and allowed that angry wave to pass right over you, only to rise again stronger, more peaceful, more confident in your ability to weather any storm because you know you are more than even that angry tidal wave. You are One with the vast power of the ocean that sources you.

This story applies to your lives. Think of those you fear – your world leaders, your ex's, your boss, the "powers" that be... and remind yourself that each and every one of you is given life by the very same Presence of Love. Those who forget are like the angry waves. Those who remember are the peaceful waves. All are sourced from the same deep Presence of love.

When you fear someone or imagine someone has more power over your life and circumstances than you do, remind yourself...

"I am sourced from and given life by the Power that creates universes! When I align with that Love, no one on earth, nothing on earth has more power over me than this Love. I surrender to this Love. I give myself to this Love, knowing it cares for me, protects me, expands and elevates me."

Breathe. Imagine there is a beautiful fire of white light that burns within you. As you breathe, it becomes larger and larger and burns away any fear, negativity, or pain within you. Allow this light to consume you, illuminate you, and radiate from you in all directions. You are this light. You are this love. You are nothing less.

Then go out into your world each day and see if you can imagine and love the light within every one you see. Make it your mission to be loving, kind, peaceful, and to "turn the other cheek" – to turn away – from unloving behavior. Simply ignore it when you can. Correct it with love when you are inspired.

Pray for the wounded hurtful souls, but don't dignify unkindness or unloving acts by trying to fight them in your heart. Do what you must in the physical world, but in your heart, focus on the light of those who are hurt so badly they hurt others.

Remember the little wave. As you sink back into the Ocean of love, the angry waves pass by you and you rise up again in peace and love.

Every day dear ones, sit with the Divine. Breathe deeply. Receive this Presence of Love, and the love of your angels. Give your fears to the light.

Thus aligned with your Creator, there is not a soul upon this earth that can harm you, for only fear can be harmed by the fearful, whereas Love is the greatest protection of all.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Clearing The Mind With Golden Light" By Melanie Beckler

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I posted a video on YouTube - last week inspired by a channeling by Summer Bacon. Summer is one of the clearest trance mediums of her time. The angels came through her with a pretty urgent message." Bombs are about to go off on your planet. You can stop them. Stop the anger. Stop the anger. Stop the anger..."

For weeks I saw clients coming in anxious, and it rose to fever pitch right before the earthquakes. Next I saw a huge rise in angry energy. Tempers were running high. A large number of people were uncharacteristically irritable. The energy seemed volcanic and explosive. Sure enough last weekend volcanoes blew... and the angels came through my friend talking about the probability of bombs going off.

Rather than falling into fear, I felt motivated to spring into spiritual action. I went out in nature, and to places of peace, and in each case went into a deep meditation. I imagined my light spreading out over the entire earth.

I prayed for the world, the world leaders, the people in fear, the people in anger, and the people in pain. I prayed that our dear Mother earth be healed from her broken heart. With each prayer the light got brighter and the energy got stronger until my entire being became a silent, unspoken prayer – Love. Only love.

An hour later when I came out of it dripping with sweat and pouring with energy, there were tons of people around. Somehow they had gathered, not knowing what was going on, but nonetheless drawn to the energy.

Most of humanity wants peace. We want love. The few that don't are the loudest, but happily most of us want to live in a higher, happier space.

So what can we do? The angels, through Summer, said we need to stop "bombing" ourselves with criticism. We need to stop "bombing" each other with judgment, anger, and hatred. These are the same messages they've been sharing in this newsletter the past several weeks.

If you want to listen to Summer's talk and have a computer to download it onto, it is available for $5 here. (Some devices have trouble downloading, but you can always contact Summer via her contact page to check, or download to your computer and sync to devices)

I have resolved to be an ambassador for peace, not by trying to get everyone else to be peaceful around me, but by embodying peace, and choosing love. We can all make this effort. Together we can keep a war from starting. We can heal the very ripped up heart of our Mother Earth. There are angels supporting us and loving us and helping us in every moment.

Every single one of us makes a difference.

Can you imagine that with a single choice to love you might be the one that tips the vibrational balance of this planet towards peace instead of chaos? Why not you?

Here are some pointers to keep the peace in your own heart, and stop the "bombs" from going off...

1. Stop the Self Criticism

It is a sad habit to look in the mirror and judge. It is habit to criticize ourselves when we make so-called mistakes. It is habit to call ourselves a number of names we don't even notice we're using at times; yet like any habit, we can change it.

  • Start by surrounding yourself with positive reminders. Put up signs that say, "You're a beautiful soul" "You're perfect even as you grow into more." "Be Nice to Yourself. You're doing your best."
  • When you make a "mistake," hug yourself and say, "It's OK dear one. You're doing your best!" Talk to that inner child with love.
  • When you catch yourself in self-criticism, stop and apologize to the sweet soul within you.

Don't "bomb" yourself.

2. Flip the Judgments to Prayers

Every time you catch yourself judging or criticizing someone, pray for them.

"Dear God let the light of your love rise up within them. Help them become their best self. Help them heal and cast aside hurtful behaviors. Let them know your love. Let all souls know your love. Let me feel your love so strongly right now that all I want is love."

If you need more help dealing with anger and frustration you can watch my video here.

3. Take time to connect Divine Love

It is SO much easier to be loving when you feel loved. The world cannot promise us love at all times. Even the most loving souls can't be perfect all the time. There is one perfect love however, and it is available all the time. All we have to do to receive it is sit with an intention to receive, breathe, and open.

Specifically, how I do this is to pray first. "God let the light of your love rise up within me. I open to receive your love. Help me feel your love. Angels help me feel this love and amplify it within me. Let me be a beacon of this love."

Then I start to breathe slowly and deeply. I imagine opening my heart to receive the light pouring into it. As I start to feel the love I try to see if I can open to more and more and more... until eventually I melt into it, become one with it, and feel as if I'm floating in it. This bliss happens more easily the more you practice.


It is a time on earth when our love is needed. Our love can change history. Our love can stop wars. These are not idle words. They are vibrational reality.

Who knows... perhaps your one kind, loving, choice will be the one that stops the bombs from going off. It might be the purpose of your life to do so. What a gift you are to this world!

With love and gratitude for your Peace and Presence,

Visit Ann's Message Archives -

Video - "Angelic Code Sound Healing" -

Angelic Code Sound Healing

This transmission is to bring you back to your soul light and power; remembering the Divine love and light that you are. 

Your love and compassion is so necessary on the planet. As we unite with our intention to raise humanity into a place of wholeness and peace, we can create the change we wish to see in the world. 

Everything in your life is serving it's purpose. When we trust this, it allows the release of breath to flow into our experiences and the highest outcome to come in. 

Let the love of the Divine be alive in your heart.

May all beings be blessed with peace and grace. 

From my heart to yours.

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Healing, Peace, & Abundance, Steve

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