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The Time You Are Walking Into Now Will Change Everything Forever ! ... And ... Direct Divine Connection By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Pleiadian Reunion Of Heart Attunement By Anrita Melchizedek

The Time You Are Walking Into Now Will Change Everything Forever ! By Blossom Goodchild & The Federation of Light

Greetings to you. Blossom Goodchild reporting for duty! (I know it’s not a duty!)I just thought I'd see if you had anything to say to us today.

Dearest Blossom … Dearest Lights that Brighten you Planet Earth, allowing those who are not of it, to see the Energies of those who are completing their mission as you LIFT YOUR MOTHER EARTH INTO HER RESPECTED, RIGHTFUL POSITION.

Yes, we are aware of much that is proving difficult to contend with. Yet, we KNOW that the winning streak is around, above and within Each One.

As White Cloud said (this morning) KNOW, KNOW, KNOW THE LIGHT HAS WON.

I try hard to hang on to this. Truly, I do, because if I didn’t think so, well then, who knows what would befall us. Yet, there just seems to be such negativity all around. With respect to all … I know there is A DIVINE PLAN. Yet, at the moment all we can do is TRUST that, for there is little concrete evidence. Much speculation, yet, no concrete evidence as such.

Yet, this is soon to change Blossom. It will not be too long (in your timing of days) before evidence to the contrary of that which is being broadcasted on your mainstream media will be brought to Light.

Exposure of the deepest darkest secrets are to be revealed and so much so, that there will be no question as to whether or not your world has just turned upside down!

It is then … although one will be confused and ‘disturbed’ … that A STRONGER YOU shall emerge.




You have mentioned before that there will not be mandatory vaccines etc. because the plans of the dark ones will not come to fruition and Divine Intervention will have stopped this from taking place. Is this a certainty?

IT IS. We say this boldly to you, Blossom, and yet, is it that you are questioning …?

I feel you are wanting to add some term of endearment to me like ‘little one’ or ‘our Loved one’ or something like that, but cannot find the term you want. White Cloud has called certain souls ‘little one’. Shall we just skip that and I’ll just take the warm feeling coming through? Thank you and yes … I am questioning a little, because how is it that you are so sure?

Because it is a Divine Plan that is playing out and that … doesn’t/wouldn’t … include souls of Earth being ‘held against their will’ to do anything …

Yet, already the ‘control’ is taking over and many falling for its reasons. And we are to go into another more ‘sinister’ lockdown you have said … so more control?

Let us reiterate that ‘sinister’ when ‘you’ checked it’s meaning read ‘Giving the impression of something harmful’. This is what it shall be … for it is necessary to keep one inside to discover all that is to unfold.

Yet, this next step/Phase will not be able to take you into the depths that many are assuming it might. For there shall be far too much taking place and many cracks in the walls, enabling the Light to let itself through and reveal what IS actually taking place and what HAS been taking place behind the scenes.

‘Perhaps’ it may be that the Phase Two lockdown, which is not far away now … is a double-edged sword?

‘Perhaps’ it may be conducted as a ‘safety strategy’ for a time, as mayhem … if it were not in place … would certainly become rife and much emotion from souls could spin out of control?

I know you can’t spill all the beans, yet, do you mean this could possibly happen because of that which is to be revealed to us?

Yes. Eventually, as the lockdown progresses, so much more will become apparent.

Yet, it will start under the guise of the ‘virus’ … as you have said before?

Yes. Yet, know it is indeed, a dis ‘guise’. Eventually, as Truth comes out of the woodwork … more and more will come to the understanding of the reasons and necessity behind it.

You see, Blossom … this time that you are walking right into NOW, is to CHANGE EVERYTHING FOREVER.

An explosion of emotions from all sides is to come to the surface and Each Soul must go within to connect with their Truth.

There already is such a divide … is it to get even more confusing?

To a degree … for a while. Yet, as more and more is ‘shown’, more and more will accept the Truth and therefore, more and more shall Awaken unto themselves and the Light shall get ever Brighter.

Take your meditation times to be filled with PEACE.

PEACE within your own Beings …

PEACE within and without your Planet …

 PEACE around your Planet …


Can you imagine, Dearest Souls … a world where there is no fighting … no war … no greed … no animosity … no hatred?




There are many who … know this /feel this … yet, wonder if it will be within their lifetime, as many have been serving upon the Planet for many long years and are in their late 80’s and more.

Yes, they shall see Great Changes. As we have said, this change cannot happen overnight. Yet, the Energy transference from Dark into Lighter times shall certainly be most apparent and those whose ‘time’ it is to leave, will leave in PEACE … KNOWING they played their part and that all is going according to plan.

That’s nice to know. Thank you.

Allow your KNOWING that this Divine Plan is on target, to fill your Beings with HOPE.

Allow your KNOWING that this Divine Plan is why you came. In all Truth, would you have volunteered if there were possibilities of it being otherwise?

Well, I guess yes, we would … where there is a will, there is a way. So, did we KNOW then, that the LIGHT was definitely a winner … and that outcome would not change?


HOW was it known it would not change?

Because it is a Divine Plan, Blossom.


The Game has played itself out. The LIGHT-LOVE that is … cannot be beaten.

Sure has seemed like it on this Planet.

Yet, have we not said many times ‘It is all a Game’?

Yes, and many who do not yet understand that, get infuriated by that statement, for it makes us feel like pawns.

Because they do not understand THE GAME. Because you are not in a position to see it for what it is, whilst living within it.

Yes, I get that and we have discussed this before.

Blossom. Blossom. Blossom.

Yes. Yes. Yes.


Then, with respect, heaven help the weaker ones!

‘Heaven’ is nurturing the weaker ones.

‘Heaven’ sent the stronger ones to finish The Game.

So, when we have moved everything up into a Peaceful Lighter Brighter stance … will we no longer be in The Game?

A NEW ONE … Of a very different sort.

Blossom … EVERYTHING is a Game … Depending on how you interpret Game …

You are asking me to look it up and I usually go with what I am presented with straight away … in this case:

An activity that one engages in for amusement or fun.

A complete episode or period of play, ending in a final result.

Eager or willing to do something new or challenging.


Love is never-ending … in order to experience Life and Love in all of itself, it will play games. It will experience ALL that can possibly be experienced … in order to BE ITSELF and it shall continue to play out Games FOREVER.

 Think of that!

 To be honest … I’d rather not!



Couldn’t have put it better myself chaps! Love you … We are hanging on by tooth and nail … and SOON … very SOON … we shall KNOW the next step of the way … shall we not?

Without question.

Oh! I doubt that … as more unfolds the more question shall arise! In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of The New Earth Ascension Blueprint & of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You every day, Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Super Quick Daily Gratitude Prayer" By Steve Nobel


An Awakened Woman By Seraph Knight
Time to Rise All Goddesses
Deep Gratitude to a Earth Angel for she deeply loved me and showed me this five years ago:
An Awakened Woman is a Warrior/Goddess of the Heart. She has heard the deeper calling. She is conscious of Her True feelings and speaks the language of Love.
She sees the Beauty of the world around her, is present-minded, and knows the ways of the Divine.
She is Compassionate, Authentically cares about people, and has the highest respect for the Masculine
She adores the man who calls to her soul, knows how to listen and communicate to his heart, and understands how to satisfy his deepest desires.
She is comfortable being Vulnerable, Authentic, Honest and Real, looks for the Answers within, and is not afraid to Surrender to truth. She knows no Fear and Embraces her Divinity. And Speaks Honestly and Lovingly to the one's she Loves without Fear.
She learns from the Pain that each life-lesson teaches her, Admits when She is wrong, and is always Accountable for her Actions.
She actively uses her Sword with a dual purpose - to strip Away her Own Ego, Goes WITHIN to seek deeper Truth, so the light can stream in whilst protecting those she Loves.
She is a Champion of those who do not have a Voice, Strength to those who need Encouragement, Support and a Light to the Ones who have Lost their way. Whilst Supporting herself and her Growth.
She is Confident, Independent and Strong but she is also a Promoter of Peace, and a Gentle Heart, an agent of Humility, and a model of grace and Forgiveness.
She calls to other conscious Women to join the Revolution, to lay down their Ego, and with true Divine Feminine energy, demonstrate what it means to be a Woman who is connected to her Heart.
To all Soul Sisters Rise into the Divine Goddess Essence you are. I Honour you all. Bless we are One
Video - "Breaking Through - Seeding Divine Change & Self-Revelation By Judy Satori"


Direct Divine Connection By Natalie Glasson &

The Andromedans

Greetings beloved beings of light, we are the Andromedans. We travel far to connect with your energies, to distribute and transfer our light and wisdom. We are known as one of the most evolved civilisations within the Creator's universe and yet we simply listen to the Creator, we connect with the Creator and distribute all that is the truth of the Creator through our beings. This is our purpose, and it is our way of being. 

We come forth to you today to speak of a direct connection. A direct connection can be described as enlightenment, advancing your spiritual evolution, ascending, or being as one with your soul. A direct connection is a divine communication with the Creator that allows you to perceive yourself, the truth within you and the Creator vibrations within and around your being.

Each person who embarks upon their spiritual evolution will seek to have a direct connection, whether it is a direct connection with their soul, soul group, guides, a specific ascended master or with the Creator. This direct connection is akin to a clear communication with guidance that offers tremendous clarity and understanding.

Many seek to receive the guidance of the Creator, in whichever form, so they know they are walking their divine and spiritual purpose on the Earth, feeling fulfilled and that they are achieving what is necessary, therefore not wasting their time on the Earth.

To Receive Guidance is a Co-Creation


A direct connection with the Creator in whichever form is a co-creation. You have the ability to listen, to interpret the divine and sacred vibrations and energy flow of the Creator. Your guides will encourage this, and whoever you wish to form a direct connection with will encourage this.

You have free will upon the Earth to make the decisions that feel appropriate for you, to cause the choices, to create the opportunities, to embark upon the healing that feels appropriate to you and will guide you forth along your purpose and mission upon the Earth.

It is important to trust in the understanding that whatever you do, whatever action you make and whatever you choose to create, you are walking your purpose on the Earth. When you trust in your own abilities to walk your purpose on the Earth, you absorb and embody your purpose more fully. Your guides and the Creator will support you in this.

Receiving guidance from that direct connection is actually about co-creation, and even more so about developing your own instincts, your own inner perception, understanding, and guidance. It is a co-creation with your guides or whoever you have a direct connection with, encouraging you to blossom the light, the love, the wisdom from within your being. 

This is because of your free will. One of the most beautiful and most powerful gifts you are given as you are born upon the Earth is your free will. Now as you move through your reality it may feel like your freewill does not exist or that others take away from you your freewill, maybe even that leaders or governing bodies dampen or diminish your freewill. Yet you have free will in your reality, and this is granted to you by the Creator as an expression of the Creator. 

It is important that everything you do, everything you perceive and express comes from the love and truth of the Creator within your being. This is your natural way of existing when you allow your expression and creation to come from the love and the truth within your being.

It is when you are at your most powerful, connecting and receive the love and truth of the Creator, deliver it and being in your power. A direct connection with any form of the Creator is actually you being in a space of freewill, expressing and creating from love and truth, therefore being in your power, co-creating with the form of the Creator that you wish to connect with.

Receiving and experiencing that direct connection means you will receive encouragement, energy, love and even inspiration from a guide, the Creator, or whoever you are connecting with. These beings will magnify, enhance, and develop everything you are and everything you are expressing.

If you wish to create a direct connection with your soul or soul group, it is exactly the same. Many beings often seek guidance from the beings on the inner planes and yet it is actually encouragement that is needed, inspiration meaning a new perspective or an opening of your awareness so that you may embark upon a new way of thinking or exploring. We the Andromedans recognise a direct connection as experiencing the divine flow of the Creator moving throughout your being, being expressed through you, and created through you.

Video - "My Eternal Essence Is A Great River of Flowing Golden Light" By Steve Nobel



You are a Direct Connection in Manifestation 


You may imagine that to have a direct connection is to experience the light of the Creator or the words and guidance of the Creator flowing through you, and this may be the case for some. However, you experience the Creator flowing through you, you are experiencing empowerment, encouragement, inspiration, awakening, activation, and energy.

You have an inner instinct and natural ability to interpret and express the Creator. Of course, you are the Creator and you are pure expressions of the Creator, you are already in direct connection with the Creator. There is no need to seek the direct connection with the Creator because you are already present, there may need to be some focus, some redirecting of your awareness or your attention in order to experience this fully. 

We, the Andromedans, invite you to simply sit peacefully, acknowledge and repeat:

‘I am a direct connection with the Creator.’

We use the word ‘I am’ rather than ‘I have’ because ‘I am’ is an embodiment, whereas I have symbolised something that can be taken away from you. Your direct connection with the Creator cannot be taken away from you. Our words in many ways are not necessary and maybe they do not explain enough, we simply wish to encourage you to contemplate this:

You are a direct connection with the Creator already manifested on the Earth, meaning there is nothing to do, nothing to say, you are already an experience, an expression of your direct connection with the Creator.  It is important to acknowledge that everyone else is a manifestation of a direct connection with the Creator.

When someone appears in your reality and they are angry, you may ask yourself how can this being be a direct connection with the Creator, an embodiment of the direct connection with the Creator? Remember each being holds and is an embodiment of a direct connection with the Creator, but they may or may not choose to use or express it.

What we the Andromedans are inviting you to achieve at this moment is to choose to be a direct connection of the Creator and to choose to acknowledge that each person is the same, holds the same and is a direct connection with the Creator.

Therefore, when someone enters your reality with the energy of anger or any other limiting vibration, you are able to see through, as if it is a smokescreen, to perceive the truth beyond. We might say perceiving beyond the habits and the reactions of the personality.

When you recognise that everyone has a direct connection with the Creator, instantly no matter what their actions, or what they say, you begin to see the truth that is present within your being, all around you and within every being, which is deeply enlightening. 

It can also be deeply inspiring and fulfilling to choose to recognise yourself as an embodiment of the direct connection with the Creator and others in the same way. The recognition, choice, and the contemplation of being a direct connection with the Creator creates an immensely powerful awakening within your being, a tenderness, connection, and completeness with the vibration of the Creator.

This is something to value deeply currently, remembering that the Creator exists within your being, that you are in an experience of co-creating with the Creator and receive divine guidance and wisdom from the Creator. Remember you have free will; you can decide what you wish to experience and what you choose to create in your reality, and this is the most powerful tool you have.

We, the Andromedans wish you to contemplate:

What is your free will?

What does it mean to have free will?

How can you interact and use your free will in your ascension process and everyday life? 

When you begin to contemplate these questions, you open yourself up tremendously and allow much baggage to be released, especially connected to power, responsibility, lack, blame and judgment. All of that simply dissolves and you become free to be the direct connection with the Creator.

It is immensely important that we, the Andromedans, share this with you now because it gives to you the responsibility and power that you need. It awakens you to the fact you have the power and truth within your being, and this will ignite and guide you forth, in ways you may expect and in ways you do not expect. It is time to trust in yourself, it is time to trust in the Creator and it is time to trust in your co-creation with the Creator and the world around you.

We, the Andromedans, love you deeply,

And we thank you,


More wisdom from the Andromedans -

To watch the video of Natalie's message, or get a free audio download of her message, click on this link:

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of The New Earth Ascension Blueprint & of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You every day, Steven Hutchinson

Video - "How To Remember Your Soul Purpose & Mission" By Melanie Beckler


Pleiadian Reunion Of Heart Attunement By Anrita Melchizedek

Beloved hearts, we invite you to join Anrita Melchizedek in this Galactic High Vibe New Earth Frequency Attunement and Activation. This beautiful Galactic Stargate of the Heart Attunement - the Pleiadian Re-Union of Hearts, is a Light encoded attunement and invocation along with Light encoded sacred geometry templates to take you ever deeper into the Stargate of your Loving Heart.

Overlighted by the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light and your Beloved I Am Presence,  we deepen into the New Earth Templates, we come ever deeper into the stillness of our loving hearts and the wisdom of our higher minds, with the recognition of our own unique preciousness and Light and what we bring to the collective field of Unity Consciousness.

With this, we step out of the old karmic or shadow mate relationships, and through our inner work, draw upon the support of the universe to expand our service work in community, unity and Love.

The pathway of Divine Love then ignites in a Divine Re-Union of Hearts with our Soul Light, as well as our Soul clusters; Soul brothers and sisters, Soul mates and Twin Flames, who truly see us and appreciate us, as we do them.

In this beautiful attunement, you are offered an opportunity to rebalance your inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits as well as release false beliefs and judgments related to men and women.

You further work on releasing any issues of unworthiness, fear of intimacy, or lack of self-love as you deepen into intimacy and appreciation of Self through the Stargate of your Loving Heart. Following this, you call upon and merge with your Soul Family and Twin Flame energetically.

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of the New Earth Ascension Blueprint, and of God's Love & Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You every day, Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Pleiadian Reunion Of Heart Attunement" By Anrita Melchizedek


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