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Some of you may be wondering what happened to the S.S.C. group and event. Well thats just it, those who arent missing it is quite a large percent of this site. I couldn't get 2 people to come to the meeting..So I will be working on this solo for now. I will be putting together a Community Business Plan so-to-speak. Until that is ready, and my flow starts coming in, I won't be posting anymore on the SSC.

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well crap. I would been there but i had work then :(
good luck with the business plan. I still wasnt clear on what kinda community you were creating.
And if you posted the event on ventrillo you'd only get the ventrillo regulars attending.If they new about it in the first place.
Not alot of people on this site has ventrillo. That and not everyone has mics either. Plus its a hassle trying to get ventrillo to work on some pc or macs, People with windows visa have been having problems.

So dude dont take it too hard that nobody showed. Im on ventrillo alot and ive never even witnesed an event yet.
Am in Africa bro, and that means wise. This is the easiest most convenient communication tool thus far available. Let's keep it easy.

Keep me posted on what happens to yours. Am also thinkin I will put together mine here and see how it develops.

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