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The Seed Of Incarnation By Natalie Glasson & Lord Melchizedek ... And ... Lord Kuthumi's Call To Action By Linda Dillon ... And ... Expand Your Magnificent Light & Divine Gifts By Anrita Melchizedek

The Seed Of Incarnation By Natalie Glasson &

Lord Melchizedek

Greetings and love, I am Lord Melchizedek, a collective consciousness and overseer of the Universal Level of the Creator's Universe. I come forth expanding and radiating my energy to connect with all aspects of the Creator.

I expand my energy so that I become incarnate within everything merged, synthesized, and embodied within all that is the Creator. I am an expression of all that is the Creator and my purpose is to connect with all that is the Creator. This is the same for you as well.

Today I come forth to alert you to an energy wave anchoring through the Universe of the Creator, into your being, into all beings upon the Earth and Mother Earth herself. This energy wave is known as the seed of incarnation.

It supports embodiment and grounding, allowing you to bring the Creator into incarnation upon the Earth. It allows you to bring all that is the Creator into anything you wish to create as well as your own embodiment.

This is a beautiful energy and it is much needed now upon the Earth. It supports and facilitates all that you are thinking of and focusing upon in becoming fully manifested upon the Earth. This also means there is a need to bring your attention to that, which serves you.

To think thoughts that bring fulfilment, health, joy, love, and ascension to you, to focus upon creating experiences and manifestations that generate success and all you wish to experience upon the Earth.

You are constantly in a cycle of receiving the Creators energy, your focus, intentions and your attention supports and facilitate the energy of the Creator in becoming embodied and manifested upon the Earth, whether within your being, through your expression or in physical objects or situations upon the Earth. You are constantly in this cycle of receiving the Creator's energy and expressing the Creator's energy.


Why Do You Need the Seed of Incarnation?

The energy wave and the seed signify a very pure and innocent energy from the core of all that is the Creator. It is the purest vibration of manifestation and incarnation upon the Earth. Not only does this pure energy support you in bringing the Creator’s energy into embodiment, and all you focus upon also advances the embodiment and manifestation process.

You become more sensitive, aware, and alert to the embodiment and manifestation process you are moving through. It makes it easier for you to manifest, and allows you to bring higher, pure vibrations of energy into manifestation upon the Earth at a physical level.

It is important I, Lord Melchizedek, share this with you. There is an opportunity through the seed of incarnation to manifest your higher self and your Ascended Master self fully into your physical body since the seed of incarnation makes it easier to manifest and allows you to manifest pure vibrations.

This means that by working with the seed of incarnation you allow yourself to embody your higher self and your Ascended Master self through your focus, intention and through receiving this new energy wave.

Allow yourself to contemplate this for a few moments. It is like a window in time that allows you to accelerate your ascension so dramatically allowing your Ascended Master self to become embodied within your physical being. The seed of incarnation prepares your physical body and your energy bodies for this manifestation, in truth for any manifestation at a pure higher vibration.

Video - "Light & Sound Bath Meditation With Archangel Michael" By Melanie Beckler


To achieve this process there is simply a need to call upon the seed of incarnation to download and flow over and through your entire being.

Then it is appropriate to state, ‘My purpose with the Seed of Incarnation is to embody my higher self, my Ascended Master self, and the Creator within my physical being now, appropriately and guided by my soul.’

Then allow yourself to imagine the flow of the Seed of Incarnation, its energy flowing over and through your being. It increases and quickens your energy vibration, so you may feel, sense, or acknowledge more light flooding into your entire being.

Focus or imagine your higher self, Ascended Master self, and the Creative energy is flowing into your being. Maybe you will connect with it as a pillar of light, a light body merging with your own or a seed awakening from within your being. Allow yourself to be open-minded as to how this activation takes place within your being.

Continue to focus on experiencing the merge of the Seed of Incarnation and the higher energies within your being. You will need to focus upon this for several days until you feel the integration is complete.

If you wish to manifest something in your reality, then you can achieve the same process using the statement, it is my purpose with the Seed of Incarnation to manifest ……… (then state what you wish to manifest or bring into embodiment within your being or your reality.)

Your soul will be observing everything, the shifts, transformations, and embodiment that take place. Everything will be guided by your soul. Sometimes it may not seem that the incarnation and embodiment you desire has taken place, while other times it may feel far greater than you could possibly imagine.

It all depends on your readiness and openness as well as your level of ascension. It is such a fabulous window of opportunity, it is important to make use of this energy wave, known as the Seed of Incarnation, whether it is to advance your own spiritual ascension or to manifest something that will serve you in your reality. Maybe you could achieve this activation for both reasons.

The purpose of the Incarnation is to bring light into manifestation and embodiment, the light of the Creator. The more that each person increases their energy vibration, the easier it is for humanity, Mother Earth, and the Earth as a physical body to achieve the transitions, transformations and ascension process that is so necessary and important at this time.

I, Lord Melchizedek, encourage you to work with the Seed of Incarnation. It is an immensely powerful and potent energy. Remember it brings light into manifestation. Please ensure that your intentions are true, pure and will serve you in your reality.

I thank you,

I am Lord Melchizedek

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To watch the video of Natalie's message and get a free audio download of her message - click on this link:

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in every moment,

Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Super Quick Self Love Meditation" By Steve Nobel


Lord Kuthumi's Call To Action By Linda Dillon


Greetings, I am Kuthumi. Welcome beloveds, sweet angels and beings of light. Welcome to this community. I do not just mean this gathering here this day. I mean this community of love, this community of the Mother, Father – the infinite One, the source of all to which you are and always have been integral.
I welcome you. I welcome you as I have welcomed you to Zahara, as I have welcomed you to Egypt, as I have welcomed you to Tibet, to the great White Brotherhood, The Council of Love, and to this reunion of One.
I am bringer of the future, anchor of the past, and the spirit of the presence in all meanings of present and presence. I am keeper of the Golden Flame. Yes illumination, ascension, enlightenment and action.
And that is why I come this day to echo, to repeat and to personalize the call to action.
Sweet angels of Light, humans of Love – don’t forget that. Humans, whether you are starseed, earthkeeper, hybrid, there is no such thing as nationality.
Yes, you have the convenient labeling, identifier as Gaian as Nova Gaian, but you are infinite. Not that you are becoming – you already are infinite. This is one of the awakenings. Yes, I am calling you to awakening, and, let me speak to this because awakening is action, meditation is action, eating, drinking is action, prayer is action.
But it is also times sweet ones in the current reality within the Mother’s infinite time, which you occupy, to step forward in action. I have heard so many of you say, “but Lord, what actions should I take, how should I proceed, what should I do?”
Oh, I could make suggestions. But let me speak to your heart, your mind, and your soul. I do not presume to be above you. But like Yeshua, like Jesus Sananda, like my brothers St. Germaine, El Morya – I wish to be called friend. I wish to be called ally; I wish to be called brother. And yes, sometimes sister.
Do not separate yourself from me, from us. Allow us the sacred intimacy of love, the familial – to be a sibling by privilege, to be friend by honor.
So, when I say to you that I do not presume to tell you how to proceed, which actions to take – that does not mean my beloved that I am not available, ready, willing and able for full consultation. Of course, I am. That is my joy – my golden joy. And that is my sacred purpose.
Video - "Etheric Light Body Meditation With Zarathustra"
But what I wish for you to know, is what we already know – is that your heart, your being, your consciousness, your subconsciousness, your unconsciousness – the veil is gone – stop pretending.
You know what to do.
So truly, often, the question you say to me, “Kuthumi, Lord, I’m not sure I’m ready. I’m not sure which is the first step and which is the last.” What I say to you is two things. First of all, it doesn’t matter. Do not believe that you or we are guiding you erroneously. And make this action walk, this jaunt, this adventure, this exploration exciting and filled with wonder and awe, inspiration and joy. Otherwise, what is the point?
You did not incarnate during this time of awakening and action, ascension in the fullest meaning of that word to be martyred, to suffer. That is the paradigm, you are literally smashing to smithereens. You have delicately and indelicately said ‘no’, to which we praise you, honor you. You have very little concept of how deeply you are cherished and adored.
I have walked your planet in and out of caves and deserts. I know the challenges. But there has been no greater challenge than ascension in form at this time, of ascending to the 13th Octave, of not only anchoring but living in the 7th dimension and then manifesting into the 3rd. We do not wish, the Mother most certainly does not wish to deny you the joy of physicality, of flowers and trees and grass and sands and oceans and streams.
But we also know that this (life) is simply an experience, an expression of love. Not only an expression of the Mother’s creation, but also Mother Gaia’s creation that she offers you.
The challenge is saying no to distraction, to detours, to actions that are self-limiting, self-defeating, that are not of love. It’s a waste of your time in your understanding of time.
What I ask of you and what I offer, not only my sacred self but all of us, is our company, our assistance, our support. And yes of course our love.
And in this, this day, I reawaken, I reinsert, I reignite my Golden Flame within you. Within your heart, within your cells – they are mighty action takers, within every atom of your being.
In your understanding beloveds the future is not what lies ahead. The future is right now. Embrace it. Embrace it with the golden laughter, with the glee, with the excitement of a child and the wisdom of an elder because you are all of it. Let us go exploring, the universe beckons.
I also wish to remind you, each of you are pillars, each of you are lighthouses, each of you are beams of light, be it gold or silver, magenta, emerald, blue. Do not forge that! Go with my love. Farewell.
Video - "Blue Sun Transmission - Shifting Into A Higher Octave of Love" By Steve Nobel


Expand Your Magnificent Light & Divine Gifts

By Anrita Melchizedek


Beloved hearts,

This is truly a unique time in our collective Soul’s Forward Evolution as we deepen into the One Heart of All That Is. With the recent Leo New Moon energies, we are being taken ever deeper into our Heart’s Dreaming and Service work, co-creating the New Earth Templates through the Heart of Passion and Purpose, Courage, Empowerment, Manifestation and Love.


While we may still be experiencing the healing of core wounds for the next level of Soul embodiment, particularly around relationships and empowerment issues, we are further  integrating the Cosmic Blueprints of the One Heart, with the Light Codes of Divine Inspiration, Creativity, Passion and Manifestation anchoring and activating through the New Earth Templates in this Now.


Additionally we are deepening into Self-Love through the witnessing presence of the Beloved I Am, observing misalignments, judgments and false beliefs, and with tenderness and Love, acceptance and understanding, embracing within the Loving Heart every sub-personality aspect of Self needing our Love.


As we amplify our collective Heart’s Dreaming, as the Flames of Divinity we are, we are offering this beautiful invocation to expand our magnificent Light and gifts upon this sacred earth through the Stargate of our Loving Hearts.


So get yourself comfortably relaxed as you now state:


I call upon the Overlighting of Beloved Mother/Father God,

and all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High I personally acknowledge,

as I merge now with my Beloved I Am Presence,

the Highest Light I Am within the Cosmic Heart of God.


As I align to the Inner Earth Sun, the Sun within my heart, the Sun,

the Central Sun and now the Great Central Sun,

I am surrounded in a beautiful Pink-Gold Flame of Light,

amplifying my Heart’s Dreaming with passion and purpose,

abundance, wisdom, knowing and magnetization.


This Pink-Gold Flame now expands from within the Stargate of my Loving Heart,

moving into each one of my cells, organs and body parts,

releasing any false beliefs, judgments and confusion I may have around my Heart’s Dreaming,

as I breathe deep into my body.

Breathing in Love,

and breathing out Love.


I now feel this wave of joy, of passion,

of purpose and manifestation move throughout my body,

as I breathe in passion and manifestation,

and breathe out passion and manifestation.

I breathe in passion and manifestation,

I breathe out passion and manifestation.


I feel this wave of Love now within me and around me,

as I continue to breathe deep into my body.

I take a moment now to feel my love, as I place my hands upon my loving heart,

and say to myself:

“I love you,” giving my full name now, “I love you, I love you.”


My Beloved I Am Presence now opens the doorway of my loving heart

to the blessings and gifts of the universe,

and to the great blessings and gifts within my own life.

As I accept my own unique gifts and talents,

without comparing myself to others, or competing with others,

my loving heart shines brightly upon this sacred earth,

and golden opportunities and divine synchronicities present themselves to me.


I am ready now through my magnificence and Light and commitment to service,

to experience the blueprints of the New Earth in abundance,

co-creation, unity, and community.

I AM an abundant blessed Being of Light,

a Flame of Divinity, a co-creating Master Being,

able to magnetize and manifest and bring into my reality all that I need

at any given moment in this flow of Universal Abundance,

through my Heart’s Dreaming,

and service to Mother Earth and all her Life.

And so it is. And so it is.


I now find myself coming back centered and grounded,

and firmly in my body,

as I bring my focus to the Unity Grid of Divine Love,

linking in as One Heart

with the hearts and minds of all the numerous Lightworkers and starseeded ones,

celebrating this deep alignment of Unity and Community,

through the New Earth Temples of Divine Love.

All is well, all is Love. 

Video - "Miracle Flow Meditation: Inviting a Higher Vibrational Fluidity into Being"

By Steve Nobel -


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