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The Rainbow Upgrade By Natalie Glasson ... And ... It Is Time For Divine Truth To Shine Forth In The World Today By Marie Mohler...And...Visualize A Better World Into Existence By Ann Albers

The Rainbow Upgrade By Natalie Glasson &

Commander Ashtar

Greetings to all beings upon the Earth. I am Commander Ashtar, I am the overseer of the Airborne Ascended Masters and I have a spaceship which promotes the ascension process where many teams of ascended masters exist and are of service to humanity and the Earth.

Those upon the Earth can visit my spaceship for upgrades, activations, and discovery of their inner truth, all are welcome upon my spaceship when radiating the vibration of the Creator's love.

It is our purpose to not only serve the Earth to also move throughout the Universe of the Creator being of service to different planets, stars, and dimensions throughout the Universe of the Creator. We have much wisdom and knowledge to share, inspiration that flows forth directly from the Creator into our beings and our purpose in our ascension process.

I, Commander Ashtar come forth now along with the ascended masters and star beings, to support and to make you aware of an upgrade that is taking place. I have already grounded and supported the anchoring of an upgrade within your light body.

Your light body is the energy field surrounding you, it includes your energy bodies and houses your soul. When you travel without your physical body you use your light body. Your light body is like a library of wisdom and knowledge collected by your soul. It can activate the energies within your being and increase your energy vibration allowing you to become more sensitive to the vibrations of the Creator.

As there are many levels of the light body, I wish to speak of the Creator fulfilled light body. This light body houses the fulfilled energies of the Creator, the wholeness and completeness of the Creator.

When you access this light body, you can embody fully within your energy bodies, physical body, mind, and emotions the fullness, wholeness and completeness of the Creator. Therefore, accessing all that is the Creator and the eternal energy that is limitless without boundaries. When you access and embody this light body you may be aware of a rainbow energy as it often shows itself in rainbow light.

This energy downloading into your being and becoming fully active within your being supports you in achieving all that is necessary and needed for yourself and your ascension upon the Earth. It supports your work with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint which promotes your dreams and desires in manifesting in your reality now.

I, Commander Ashtar, have supported the activation and download of your Creator fulfilled Light Body. The Crystalline Kingdom have now stepped forth wishing to be of service. The Crystalline Kingdom wish to infuse your light body with its rainbow light and pure vibrations of the Creator.

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Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Enlightenment, Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every moment, Steven Hutchinson

The Crystalline Kingdom on the inner planes will amplify the Creator’s vibrations, and their cleansing energies returns them to their original essence, the original vibration of the Creator.

When the Crystalline Kingdom and your Creator Fulfilled Light Body integrates this will create a pure vibration of light. A cleansing and purification will occur within your light body on all levels and within your physical body/energy bodies, promoting a cleansing and purification within your physical reality as well.

You will feel more aligned with your original essence, your original vibration of the Creator. This means your thoughts, emotions and actions will also become more aligned with the truth of the Creator. With your light body activating the energy of fulfilment you will experience a greater fulfilment within your being and your reality.

Pocket of Purity

As this integration takes place, the Crystalline Kingdom will magnify and enhance the work we the Ascended Masters have achieved with humanity connected to their Creator Fulfilled Light Body. This will create a pocket of purity for those that are awake and aware.

Those not awake or aware will be able to access this energy when they are ready. The integration within your light body will create an energy akin to a pocket of peace, security, stillness, sanctuary, and blissful relaxation. It is a window into the purity, love, essence, and the original vibrations of the Creator.

  • As the Crystalline Kingdom energises and amplifies your Creator Fulfilled Light Body you can connect your thoughts and intentions into your Creator Fulfilled Light Body by imagining a rainbow energy all around you and within you.
  • Then imagine, sense, or acknowledge the Crystalline Kingdom surrounding you, sending pure and sacred vibrations of light and amplification into your Creator Fulfilled Light Body.
  • The more you focus upon the rainbow light and the energy of fulfilment and purity, a window into the essence of the Creator will open to you. You will find you can go deeper and deeper into your being accessing this pocket of peace, bliss, purity, and sacred vibrations of the essence of the Creator. You will feel, sense, or acknowledge this essence emanating from your being filling every aspect of your being, entering your cells, mind, emotions, and all aspects of your being. You may discover your thoughts and emotions clear and wounds of a physical and emotional nature heal. You may notice there is a deep-seated peace, contentment, and fulfilment the more you focus and the deeper you relax into the pocket of the essence of the Creator. This will magnify your being, fortify, rejuvenate, and create an upgrade for your light body and entire being. A greater synthesis between your light body, your soul and your physical being will manifest.

Your Service

This process is not only needed for your own ascension to bring clarity, peace, connection, and alignment with the essence of the Creator. It needs to be distributed to the Earth and humanity, being grounded into Mother Earth to create a pocket of energy which is akin to a moment of silence, stillness, and original Creator energy.

It will reactivate people; it is something souls have been waiting for. This reactivation will be akin to looking in the mirror, seeing the truth you have been seeking, which will almost kick start a new energy on the Earth of healing, fulfilment, wholeness and the original intentions of the Creator.

Not every soul will access this, some will access and experience it, then discard it, others will fully experience the energy creating a massive shift in their realities. What matters is that the vibrations are anchored into the Earth and beings can access this energy. Whenever souls upon the Earth wish or need to so the pocket of purity and original energy is available.

The more you access the integrated light of your light body and the Crystalline Vibrations, the less intense the integration will feel because you have embodied and become the energy, therefore, you may recognise within your being a greater stillness, peace, contentment, and fulfilment.

This is our focus now upon the Earth, the tools we share with you at this time of ascension are to create a clear intention, create healing, the release of unneeded energies and a greater sense of unity as well as the acknowledgement that anything and everything is possible.

We love you deeply and we thank you.

I am Commander Ashtar

Accompanied by the Ascended Masters

Thank you

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It Is Time For Divine Truth To Shine Forth In The World Today

By Marie Mohler

Our Deepest Truth Is Not That We Are Divided & Inadequate ~ But We Are Interconnected & Powerful Beyond Measure In Our Deepest Truth !

We have recently brought you some deep and powerful frequencies that activate your Awareness and your Higher Selves in a much Greater Consciousness that you remember well as the Unified Field and the Unity Consciousness that All of Creation is founded upon.

For these are the times dear ones where lightworkers all around the globe are being summoned more and more by the Core Heart in Mother Earth and the Core Heart of the Central Suns’ Energies to Rise, Shine, and Stand in their Divine Truth.  It is Time to Rise, Shine, and Stand in the Knowings that you have held and prepared to share through lifetimes . . . through many multidimensional experiences . . . in these times.  And the Time to Live Your Truth, to Speak your Truth, to Honor your Truth, and to Embody your Truth is here. 

This is an essential part of The Great Awakening unfolding on your world. And that Great Awakening Process is requiring Conscious Participation now, in your own individual lives, in your local communities, and in the global and collective consciousness.

In this message today, we wish to take a deeper look at the Energy of Truth, and what Truth is really all about, for Humanity at this time and for the Greater Cosmos and Realms of Infinite Creation. 

And to do this, we are calling in our sisters and brothers in the cosmos . . . The Lemurian High Council and 5D+ Collective, the Atlantean High Council and 5D+ Collective, the Telosian High Council and 5D+ Collective, and the Galactic High Council and Higher Dimensional Collective of Unified and Unifying Light. 

There are many, truly countless, Warriors of Light gathered here in this conversation and divine connection today.  Because 2020 is a year, a bridge, a gateway, and a portal like no other ever before seen and truly that will ever be seen and witnessed again in this way. 

Together, we are streaming One Collective Voice . . . through the Universal 5D+ Throat Chakra, that speaks for the Power of Truth, the Wisdom of Grace, the Gifts of Oneness, the Generosity of Union with Source and with Creation, and the Blessings of Owning your True Power, your Divine Sovereignty, your Clear Soul Sight, and your Infinite and Timeless Abilities to Consciously Create a world that works for All People and All Sentient Life on your world and in the greater cosmos. 

And we welcome you to this galactic and multidimensional sentient council meeting together, and we invite you to pay special attention to your own Throat Chakra right now.  Notice how it feels as you direct your gentle attention and conscious vision to it today. 

Does it feel open and safe?  Does it feel small and constricted?  Does it feel worried and anxious?  Does it feel ready but unclear as to the path ahead? 

If your Throat Chakra could give you 1 emotion, or 1 word, or 1 color illustration of how it feels right now, what would that be?  Pause, and take a Deep Divine Breath In, feeling Pure Source Energy and Light bathing you in Unconditional Love, Profound Divine Acceptance, and Warm and Welcoming Feelings of Being Perfect exactly where you are, exactly how you feel, and exactly who you are in this moment with us today. 

As you breathe consciously in this way, and allow your attention to simply feel and notice your Throat Chakra’s message for you today, just let it come to your conscious awareness.  Let your Throat Chakra know your appreciation for its communications with you that are speaking not only to your conscious awareness but to your own Sacred Heart Center as well, so that you can receive any support you need from your Higher Self and Higher Dimensional Operating System that resides in 5th Dimensional Frequencies and Higher . . . to Speak Your Truth . . . right here and right now in this moment . . . to yourself.  To your cells.  To your conscious awareness.  

For in the Throat Chakra, on your world, this is where Divinity in many ways gets expressed, for the Throat Chakra is the Seat and Seed of Divine Self Expression.  

How many lifetimes have you clearly felt yourselves as one of the two wolves?  Fighting for the Light?  Defending the Darkness?  You don’t have to remember specific details as we ask these questions of you . . . we are really inviting a feeling and a conscious connection right now between your Throat Chakra and your Awareness of its Role as a Medium, a Vessel, and Instrument of your Divine Expression.  

And we are inviting a conscious awareness of any blocks you might notice or feel from this lifetime or another . . . where you were not consciously able or allowed to speak your Truth, to live your Truth, to claim your Truth, or to share your Truth, for fear of censorship?  Discrimination?  Oppression?  Enslavement?  Retribution?  Public Shaming?  Persecution?  And even Death? 

We can tell you that this is DEEP in the Conscious Collective’s Akasha . . . Each of you has your own versions of Internalized Shame, Internalized Blame, Internalized Trauma, and Internalized Fear for speaking out, speaking up, and even, a willingness to peek behind the curtains of things you most fear. 

That is a searing trauma.  A searing pain.  Which impacts your Soul Sight.  Your Vision.  Your ability to see with Clear Soul Sight.  And your ability to access the Zero Point Portals that offer Wholeness Vision on a much greater and quantum scale than you might presently know, feel, or comprehend.  But yet it is there for you.  It is there for ALL OF YOU.

Often, in the Higher Dimensional Realms, to look at the Higher Truth of any Energy, Event, Relationship, Person, Being, Emotion, Circumstance and more, requires us to see slightly beyond it...

In the circumstances on your world today, there are people seeing through the lens of Fear, and through the lens of Duality Vision, and through the lens of Shame and Blame, so much so that they too are defending some deeper and darker agendas that they can’t quite see, hiding under the masks of the masks being worn . . . and they too are participating in the censoring and shaming of others with opinions different than their own, and of those with a desire to explore or uncover the Truth of those behind the curtain who might not have the best interest of the Whole at Heart.  

Video - "It is Time for Truth in the World Again: Our Deepest Truth Is That We Are Powerful Beyond Measure" By Marie Mohler -


When one seeks clear sight, it often pulls the curtain back on those around them.  And that can create tension, and intensity.  And this is ultimately, helping you all to see the fabric of your 3D reality. 

The fabric that exists in 3D is one of tension.  One of division.  One of separation.  And one of collusion interestingly.  For the only way a world of illusion exists, is if “all of the villagers” are willing to say the illusion exists. 

If neighbor one says they see the emperor’s clothes that aren’t really there, and neighbor two is activated in her fear of differentness or shame or blame etc ~ and in turns says she sees the emperor’s clothes when they aren’t really there, and neighbor three gets activated in that same collective fear program of their own internalized shame and trauma, and in turn says he sees the emperor’s clothes when they aren’t really there, before long, the illusion of the emperor wearing clothes without actually wearing any clothes becomes the illusion and the truth that they see, for the dissonance and the original gap between what they see and what they don’t see is filled in and remedied by the collective belief to see what most needs to be seen, rather than the Divine Awareness that Truth Still Timelessly Withstands Scrutiny Really and Perfectly Well.  

And do you know what happens when people begin to speak their Truth again, when the curtain is pulled back on the illusion they once participated in?  A Song of Truth emerges.  A willingness to be an Instrument of Change and an Instrument of Divine Truth emerges.  A clarity to be the Instrument and Song of Source Energy and a Frequency of Light for the Light . . . as one who stands, opens, and allows themselves to be a channel of the Light . . . emerges.   

And this is The Way of The Great Awakening!  

For in Truth, each and all of you are a Child of God.  Each and all of you are a Voice and Instrument of Clear Soul Sight.  Each and all of you are divinely designed as Expressers of Divine Light, Truth, Gifts, Talents, Grace, Creativity, Co-Creation, and more.  

And if we return to our original question that we posed in the beginning of this transmission ~ What Is Truth?

Truth is the Energy of Source Perfection Shining in its Organic Resplendence as it is, as a Divine Ray of Infinite Potential, Infinite Goodness, and Infinite Creationary Light that knows itself as always and infinitely the Light of Source Energy at its Core. 

True Truth is Self Evident.  True Truth shines with Clarity and Grace, amidst a sea of confusion and a sea of vibrational soup.  True Truth is a Cosmic Lighthouse that has guided weary travelers in countless dimensions for lifetimes.  For eons.  For millions of years of time, throughout time and space.  

What is Truth? 

It is your Cosmic and Quantum Lantern.  It is your Guiding Light in a realm without conscious soul sight.  It is your ability to stand with Source and with the Great Mother in unconditional love . . . when your best friend, your worst enemy, your antagonistic family member, or your entire collective culture believes differently than you. 

For True Truth Knows Itself As All That Is Through Time, and it will never be tarnished by anyone.  It also does not judge anyone or judge any thing.  True Truth is impartial at its root, for it is what it is.  It shines through time the Divine Essence of the Heart of Source and the Perfection of Pure Divine Light.  

Even the Greatest Darkness holds the Essence of True Truth Within It. 

Because at the end of the day, it may have worn hundreds of costumes, it might have caused endless wars, it might have tarnished many people’s hearts and belief systems and values etc., but there is an eternal quantum field in any and all creations and that means any and all people, places, events, beliefs, actions, words, and more.  And when it is time for Truth to reveal itself, it stands strong as the day it was birthed as a Seed of Source in any realm in the galaxy . . . for all to see.  

What you might see . . . is the unraveling of illusion, that can be very painful.  You might witness the layers of the costumes coming off, and that can be extremely challenging to see.  They might be odorous, noxious, toxic, nauseating, offensive, fear-inducing, etc.  But these are layers of illusion.  Not Truth Itself.  

And those that have excitement in these times, those that believe in Truth setting people free, those that claim their right to Sovereignty from a place of Truth, and standing with and for Truth, know this.  They know that the toxicity that must resurface as the layers of darkness are peeled away is part of the Excavation and Emancipation of the Timeless Truths that exist in all realms.  Including this one.


Those that feel a great deal of fear, and those that might presently be defending layers of truth as they know it, we invite you to pause.  If you feel a need to defend, remember, this isn’t on behalf of the Truth. 

For Truth needs no defense, at the deepest levels.  The Truth is what it is.  It has always been what it is.  And it will timelessly and eternally be what it is. 

And so we invite you, with the support of some conscious breathing, what is it that you are defending?  What is it that you are engaging the darker dramas and divisions to defend?

For Truth IS Light.  And Light Is Truth.

That’s why sometimes, when people tell the Truth, they FEEL Lighter.  Because Truth is Enlightening.  Truth is Liberating.  

Lies, Illusions, Shame, Blame, Division, Persecution, War, Anger, Hate, Ridicule, and more are much heavier, denser vibrations.  They carry a weight and density within them.

And they must be perpetrated on another to have any version of power.  They live and thrive from taking power from another.  They cannot stand on their own, for they do not have the essence of Truth shining in them.  They wear masks.  They wear costumes.  They wear accusations.  They shame.  They make others feels worse, for them to feel better.  They are frequencies of deception and they are frequencies of duality.  They require a division, in order to exist.  

And this is what you are seeing on your world at this time.  

Is there division presently on your world?  Yes.  We see many of these vibrations and creations.  

But is division an illusion?  Perpetrated by those who use it as fuel to power an old, dematerializing 3D earth they are trying to keep alive on life support, through the fear energies of many still engaged in that Duality Game?  Yes.

So we are here to remind you that you each and all are the Instruments of Source.  You are Instruments of Truth.  You are Instruments of Light.

Even the dark wolves, some of them, might be tiring of wearing their deceptions and dark agendas and costumes . . . and be ready to de-robe . . . to find a Lighter Way of Life.  Villains get tired too.  And always, eventually, in the Timelessness of Creation, find their Way Back to the Light.  


But is that what you see with your 3D Vision today?  Living Light on your world as far as the eye can see?  Not likely.


For a vast illusion is being pushed to the surface of humanity’s consciousness now, to be seen for what it is.  And was.

And that creates tension, within people, between people, between groups of people, within families, and more.  

What can one Trust?  When there is such a sea of vibrational soup and a sea of disharmony and division?

One can first remember . . . that Truth Is Timeless.     

Christ Consciousness Is Timeless.

Unity Is Timeless.

Source Energy and Divine Love ARE Timeless.  

Creation Is Timeless.  

And Eternal Light Is Timeless.  

One can also remember that you each and all are an Instrument of the Divine.

Not all use their power AS an Instrument of the Divine.  But it is important to remember with Zero Point Vision that each and all have the POWER and the POTENTIAL to be an Instrument of the Divine.

How are you using your Instrument?  Do you find yourself living, embodying, shining, and sharing Divine Neutrality?  Zero Point Vision and Wholeness?  

Or do you find your instrument is pulled this way and that, that it wrestles itself and others, in your own confusion?

If you feel confused right now, you are not alone.


Do you know what is going to help you?  Find your Inner Truth?  Find your Alignment with Source Light at this Higher Dimensional Soul Sight again? 

Truth.  Truth is your ally.  It is your friend.  It is your partner in these times.

What is the invitation from us today?  

Keep Seeking It.

Do not take your own belief systems as fact.  As right.  As righteous.  

Be discerning.

It is a Time of Great Revelations.  It is a Time of Vast and Global Storms.  It is a Time of Chaos and Disorder. 

All are part of the birth process unfolding, as the Earth Mother rises to take her first new breaths of life as a 5D Shining Star Planet re-aligned with Source Light, Source Truth, and Source Divinity once more.  

This is a time to witness fear. 

If you feel it, don’t judge it.  Understand that it is part of the fabric and thus the very fiber that keeps the 3D illusion alive. 

When you do feel fear, see if you might find yourself taking a few deep conscious breaths.  Inviting the Light of your Instrument and your Team of 5D+ Guides and Avatars to help you breathe through that moment in a way that creates space for your Higher Heart’s Vision, your Zero Point Vision, your Avatar and Higher Self’s Vision within you.


Source doesn’t judge. Creation doesn’t judge.  Light doesn’t judge. 

People do.  The ego does.  Wounds do.  Pain and drama does.  Beliefs do.  3D Operating Systems and Lenses of Duality Vision do.  

The Light is aligned with Wholeness Vision.  Clear Soul Sight.  Empowerment.  Perfection.  Beauty.  Grace.  And Oneness.  

Notice what lens you are seeing through each day.  

If its 3D Vision, just notice it.  Its part of your wiring and the duality game’s matrix supporting duality vision.  This is falling away.  And you can help it, by witnessing it, and then . . . simply choosing a brighter Light, a happier thought, a clearer soul sight, a willingness to see fear and what brings up the fear, and compassionately choose a Lighter, Aware, Awake, and Wholeness Lens through which TO see it.  

On your earth, at this time, you have a Human Self and you have a Divine Self. 

Thus you have 3D Vision and Ego Vision that supports your 3D Human Self and Operating System.

And you have 5D Vision and Zero Point Vision that supports your 5D Divine Self and Operating System.

It is a reconnecting with yourself as a Child of God, as an Instrument of the Divine, as a Child of the Cosmos again, where you will be able to . . . more and more . . . merely witness your 3D ego’s fears and distortions . . . without judging them . . . and continue to move yourself vibrationally into an Integrated Wholeness Vision where you see through the Lens of 5D Clear Soul Sight and 2020 Clear Vision. 

You have been a wolf dear one.  You have lived as a Light Wolf and a Dark Wolf.  In this and many realms.  All Have.

Those that are still embracing their Darkness, their Dark Wolf Beliefs, Agendas, Actions, Lies, Deceptions, Perpetrations of Pain, and more . . . are being dismantled.   

Why?  From a much broader perspective and lens of time, this is not because the Light is judging them.  But it is because the Light is restoring them.  Resurfacing in them that which is out of alignment with the 5D New Earth Codes of Light that are required now.  That are required planetarily and galactically.

There is a 3D essence and operating system in you and a 5D essence and operating system in you.  There are both.

And both have voice through your throat chakra.  The question becomes . . . which version of you is speaking right now more of the time? 

If you are ready for more Light, invite the Light to speak through your 5D Operating System and your 5D Throat Chakra.  The World needs more Truth Speakers, Truth Tellers, Truth Embodiers, Truth Shiners, and more.  

It Is Time for Truth in this World Again.  

If you are still in the Sea of Vibrational Soup, that is okay too.  More revelations will come.  Keep inviting the Light.  Keep summoning your Spiritual Fortitude.  Keep listening with Discerning Ears. 

And continue to witness your Fear Circuitry and your Ego Circuitry as it activates and when it activates.  And see if you can consciously breathe and invite the Light of Source Breath, Source Light, and Source Soul Sight into your vision in those times.  Ask for support from Spirit to Live in Greater and Greater Energies of Truth, especially when it is challenging.  

These are not easy times.

But they are Luminous Times!

And you are Luminous Instruments of the Divine.  

What you say, how you say it, how you believe it, how you live it has great power.  

Use your power well and wisely.  

You will witness more odorous, toxic, dark, swampy, challenging, and even painful costumes surface in the next weeks and months to come.  

You will have the Profound CHOICE as to HOW to use your Divine Instrument to Participate in the Planet’s Divine Excavation and Emancipation right now, in these times.

Those willing to rise in more integrated soul sight will have the eyes to see a Brand New World emerging through that immense courage and that divine fortitude to expand to see it.  

Those resisting the revelations may experience more fear.  Do not fear fear itself.  Fear is simply a 3D cue to change out your lenses and to see in new ways . . . the darkness, the Truth of the Darkness Releasing, as well as the Light, the Truth of the Light Rising, in all its many forms.

You have this Power, Strength, Resilience, and Spiritual Fortitude within.  

You have this Clear Soul Sight ~ Already Within You ~ that 2020 is cultivating and requiring.  

We, the Arcturian Collective, the Lemurian Collective, the Atlantean Collective, the Telosian Collective, and the Galactic High Council appreciate you and love you ~ One and All ~ for the Tremendous Vibrational Work, Clearing, and Rising you are engaged in right now to liberate this planet and to Be Who You Truly Are.

Keep rising.  Keep shining.  Keep believing.  

The Instruments of Light that you need and require now, shine within.

For you Already Are ~ What You Seek ~ and What You Desire to Be.  

It is simply time to claim it!

You are loved, dear ones.  
You ARE Love.
All Our Love.

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Pleiadian Message August 2020 By Christine Day
Beloved ones we greet you, We bring to you a series of transmissions that carry light elements of creation. As you choose to align within your Heart, these transmissions will naturally reconnect you to your Higher Realm Self. Each time you hold your Heart you become more empowered through these realignments.
We are holding the Platform for the Earth and for humanity to move into another level of transmutation. The Network Grid of God light is expanding daily, opening the doorway for you to enter a new realm of consciousness. This is a time for you to reclaim your heritage of light, which has always been an extension of your natural makeup.
This is your time to thrive within a new arena of consciousness. Through your heart you can navigate your way Home. Through your Heart you bypass the 3rd dimensional chaos and become stabilized within a peace and clarity.
All is in hand within the reality of Truth. Reach within your Heart and reclaim moments within the peace and understanding within your Heart.
Be still. Take moments within the stillness of your Heart to build a new equilibrium within yourself. This is your time to create change within yourself.
Love exists within your Heart. Love heals and fortifies your Spirit. Align to the love within your Heart and celebrate in the moments of stillness. We witness you!
The Pleiadians
Video - "Pleiadian Broadcast July 2020" By Christine Day -

Visualize A Better World Into Existence By Ann Albers &

The Angels

The Angels Message .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Imagine your world in the distant future. Imagine people working in harmony with Mother earth, building Eco-friendly buildings powered by the sun, wind, and waves. Imagine plants growing on rooftops, and energy-efficient clean transportation. Imagine parks and natural preserves that give human beings an appreciation of the vastness and beauty of creation.

Imagine that well-being has replaced sickness, and that people understand the quality of their thoughts creates the quality of their entire lives.

Imagine in work environments there are meetings where for several minutes, participants are guided to visualize and feel the desired outcome. Then connected with the Source within, participants share to bring forth a glorious cooperative outpouring of ideas that creates a better solution than anyone could create individually.

Imagine that there is a recognition between all human beings, that when they look in one another's' eyes they see their very own Self at the deepest level. Imagine life on earth is recognized as a dance of creation, a dance of harmony, and a dance of love. Imagine that earth is once again recognized as the diversity of the Divine embodied in conscious co-creators who love to live, and love and create.

Dear ones we humbly thank you, for as you just imagined these things you sent forth waves of creation and you will someday look upon this reality from the higher dimensions knowing that you were part of a group of human visionaries who "seeded it" into existence.

Now, let us work on a creation that you would all love to experience in a future much "closer to home," so to speak.

Imagine your world this time next year. Imagine that there are numerous new businesses that arose up to honor, care for, and work in cooperation with your dear Mother Earth. Imagine that those who wish to do so are working from home, freeing up more time to be with family and friends, while others who like to work in communal situations are thrilled to be reunited with their peers.

Imagine a world of people unmasked, hugging, holding hands, kissing, and loving one another once again, relieved and overjoyed because their love for a world that is well once again has freed them from the fears which once fed and hosted the viruses of this world – both physical and emotional.

Imagine a world which is settling into a new normal, a better normal, a kinder, more aware, more diverse, more kind, and more caring normal.

Dear ones, this is the vision we are holding for humanity. This is the vision we ask each and every one of you to empower simply by looking forward to it. As you do, you become a mighty force in the quantum reality, calling forth this reality into being.

Within this vision, your personal dreams exist as well. Within this vision is your healthy, your vitality, your abundance, your joy, your love, and all you desire. As you focus upon a world filled with love, and love that vision, you elevate your vibration. As you focus on your own dreams with love you, you elevate your vibration. As you focus with joy and expectancy, you elevate your vibration. As you focus on your here and now with love and appreciation you elevate your vibration, whether you are grateful for your life, or the pillow you lay your head upon at night.

When you elevate your vibration, no matter how you go about it – whether by dreaming a better world into existence and feeling good about how that feels, or by simply enjoying your here and now – you allow Divine Love to flood into you and through you and out into your world.

You are God's arteries dear ones. In a high vibration you are "unclogged." You are God's nervous system. In a high vibration the signals are clear. You are God's heart, beating with love for yourselves, your lives, and creation. In a high vibration you are strongly pulsating this love out into the cosmos.

You are the life and breath of the Divine in human form, dear friends! You are not separate. You are moving into a 5D reality in which this becomes more and more apparent. The power that makes the universes dance in cooperation, lives and breathes within you. When you raise your vibration, you feel it, you aim it, you fall in love with feeling in love and you become nothing less than Love!

Yes, dear ones you can feel it in our words. We celebrate You! We celebrate your love! We celebrate your intense desire for more love, joy, abundance, well-being, diversity, harmony, cooperation and so much more. It is YOU who will bring about a kinder, better, happier, holier, more harmonious, and healthy world! It is your dreams that fuel a beautiful future. It is your unwillingness to settle for feeling bad, and to reach for thoughts that feel better, that gives you the power to aim the Power that creates worlds.

The 3D world you see in front of you hasn't yet caught up with your dreams of a better world. Nonetheless, if you could see the undercurrents of energy beneath the choppy surface waves of what you call "reality" you would a huge current, a powerful stream of love moving you towards this vastly improved reality. The more of you that empower it by going within and imagining it, looking forward to, indeed expecting it, the more powerful this current becomes, and the quicker you will find yourself in the new and improved reality.

We encourage you to be Present, but what we witness in your hearts in this Present moment is that you are longing for this future. So right here and now, sit quietly and empower it... just for a few minutes.

Then dear ones, get back to your life here and now. Find things to love and appreciate, knowing all is well, all is moving towards a brighter future. Even those who are leaving your planet are destined for paradise. Even those who have lost jobs are destined to find more meaningful ones. Even those who are afraid, are destined to face and conquer their fears. Why? Because your souls are all seeking an expansion, and a re-birthing into greater truth.

You are courageous beings, to be here upon the earth at this incredible, momentous time. You are strong, capable, loving, and no matter the fact that you slip from this reality from time to time, you are the ones empowering a bright and beautiful future.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Heart Chakra Healing Meditation With Angels" By Melanie Beckler


Ann's Message .....

So, seriously, how do we go about creating not only a better future for the earth, but also ourselves? It is simpler than we've all made it out to be – just get your vibe as high as you can in a given moment, by looking for things, imagining things, or making up things to feel good about.

Kids know how to do this. Animals do it. We humans, somehow have been conditioned to think it's OK to feel bad. That stinks ! Instead I'll focus on how awesome it is that we're all learning a better way.

The angels say that the creation of one truly happy, high vibe soul is more powerful than a million unloving creations. These days, I feel it is my duty as a human being to keep my vibe as high as I possibly can. I want to be part of the unfolding reality, instead of empowering the reality I see in front of me. I want to "be the change." As a result, I've been on a mission to find things to be happy and grateful about in my life, and in the world... no matter what.

The minute I wake up I appreciate my bed. I appreciate my soap, my shampoo, my shower, my music, whatever stretching I'm able to do that morning and so on. I appreciate my breakfast, my plates, my eggs, my spinach, and my coffee. I appreciate my clients ahead of time, my technology, and my office.

This radical gratitude discipline spins me into a very happy and grateful state of being. I am, by nature, appreciative, but I've taken it to a whole new level. I've been appreciating colors, textures, and even challenging myself to appreciate people who are sad or angry because I see their souls trying to find love for themselves.

A wonderful thing has been happening inside of me as a result. My body is getting more vital every day. have more energy to give. I have more love to give. I have more optimism to share.

I've been spontaneously imagining a world where people are throwing off their masks (courteously), hugging, and celebrating. I imagine newspaper headlines, "Where did Covid Go?" "Not a sign of the virus remaining!" "The world enjoys unprecedented health" "A world in celebration." and you name it. I feel joy like I've never felt it before... all generated from the inside out.

Am I being "realistic?" In 3D perspective, not at all. In 5D, Amen, yes I'm focused on the real reality behind the illusions of this world – love, joy, peace, harmony, health, etc. I'm empowering the world I wish to create.

Do I see the change in the 3D world? Not yet, but I'm not giving in or giving up. until I do. It may take time, but there's a timing to everything in the universe, and given the right conditions growth and expansion will happen. That's just the way the universe works – always has, and always will, but we are just awakening to this reality en masse.

So while we deal with a world that is yesterday's creation, why not do our best to create something better right here and now, by raising our vibe however we can, and then by imagining a better life for ourselves and our world. Our dreams, nurtured by the right conditions (belief, anticipation, a high vibe) are  guaranteed to grow and expand in proper timing.

Here are a few pointers to keep your vibration high:

1. Play the Gratitude Game - Practice Ridiculous, Radical Gratitude

Take one hour or one day and challenge yourself to be thankful for everything you see and use that day. Even if you want a better bed, be thankful for the one you have. Even if you want a better car, find things to appreciate about the one you have. Even if you want a better job or don't have a job, find things to appreciate about the current situation in your life.

For some of you this will be very easy. For others, it might be difficult, but do it anyway. Make it a game. If you don't honestly feel grateful, pretend you are.

You will feel ridiculous at times
. I felt ridiculous thanking God for the fact that my dropped mug shattered and sliced my foot, but I appreciated the healthy red blood cleaning out of the cut, the fact that I had bandaids, antiseptic ointment, and knew what to do. I was so ridiculous pretending to be grateful for something that would usually bother me, that lo and behold, it didn't faze me, barely hurt, and was healed in a day.

That's the "miracle" of a high vibe. It works on things far more serious too. A dear woman I know has covid. I'm giving thanks for her impending health, for the time she is getting to rest, for the sun to shine upon her, the brew Amma Karunamayi (a Hindu saint) shared*** that helps to heal, and the fact that her spirit is already whole. She is healing quickly.

The gratitude game may seem silly but it is a powerful way to get in a powerfully high vibe, where intentions manifest more powerfully.

2. Don't feed your mind junk

Think of everything that you put into your mind as food. Feed it what nurtures it. Read a little something inspiring each day. Listen to uplifting or beautiful music. Be around positive people as much as you can. Look at the beauty of nature. Listen to the birds. Focus on who and what you love.

Eliminate mental "junk food" which is anything that drags you down. Spend less time with negative people or if you are with them focus on loving them, sending them compassion, or on their good qualities. Don't get sucked into their negativity or become resistant which is also not so good-feeling.

Turn off programs, ads, or news that depresses you. Switch channels if something you find unpleasant comes on the TV. If an article you're reading starts to irritate you, toss it or switch to a better website.

Within you can choose thoughts that make you feel better a little at a time. If you feel lousy, ask yourself, "How can I comfort myself?" Then when you feel a little comforted, ask, "How can I inspire myself a little?" Maybe read something good. You get the idea... slowly but surely pick thoughts that give you better feelings.

Think of your mind as something which needs to be fed "nurturing food" instead of "junk" and treat it accordingly.

3. Spend time in silence or Sit, breathe, Receive

Yes, we come back to the angels' favorite way of raising your vibe - let them help. Sit. Breathe. Intend to receive their love. Put on some favorite music and drift away while they do. They love you so dearly. They want to help shift us.

Simply doing this can take you out of fear or misery and bring you peace.

4. Move your body in a way that pleases you

Moving the physical body in a comfortable, healthy way can actually move your energy. If you can, dance, walk, stretch, or do yoga. If you can't do that, move what can move slowly and gently in a flowing manner to some good music.

Physical movement always helps get the energy moving, and energy in motion is higher vibe.

The 5D solutions don't seem all that useful until you start putting them into practice and realizing that feeling good DOES connect you with quicker solutions, better guidance, a happier now and a happier later. Just as importantly, when you feel better, you become a more open conduit for the Divine energy and solutions to flow into a world in need.

Love you all!

Video - "Solara An-Ra's Triple Heart Portal Ascension Meditation"


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