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The Power of Love And Words of Power ... And ... Your New Monadic Blue Print Body By Tercy Logan ... And ... A Christmas 2018 Gift For You From Steve Nobel

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You throughout the New Year,

Steven Hutchinson


The Power of Love And

Words of Power By Yael & Doug Powell

Beloved ones, come into this moment with Me, the moment where life is fully alive in you; the moment where you are breathing Me and I, you; the moment where the truth of Love is revealed perfectly as the only power and the only true Reality.

When you feel the power of Love as it resonates through your heart, you recognize that it IS what is Real about you and that nothing can stand before it – certainly, not the world that the mind has made and not the experiences of being without this power and perfection, this Love.

I have been speaking to you about the power of Love and now I am asking you to claim it, not in some abstract way but as part of your daily experience, that you might release this dream of reality – that you might recognize that you are already free – that you might experience your heart, beloved ones, as the only power in the universe.

And so, I bring you within, into the silence in which all things begin and grant you with this breath the true beginning of your life -- all power, all grace and all Reality that bring you such joy, such excitement, such life, that you realize that you are the source of everything, beloved ones, that you see and all that you experience.

If the world that you see is not perfect, then I ask you to apply the power of Love, to recognize that it is only a reflection of that which you have believed is less than perfect about you. Because you are the perfection of Love, how can anything come forth from you that is other than good?

There has been a mistake that has allowed you to believe otherwise, but, dearest ones, it is time to reclaim the truth. The I Am gives you this unique experience that brings forth your perspective of the heart of God that allows Love to be amplified, magnified, multiplied and extended. This heart is the heart of perfect Love and contains the one true power, the power of Love.

You have believed through your experiences of the world that things outside yourself can affect you, and you have come to feel immersed in this ego dream, this drama. Many times you feel that you are powerless.

I Am here to show you otherwise and to give you the key to your freedom. It is recognizing that anything that you have seen as less than perfect, that you have perceived as less than Love is simply the expression of the Light pouring through your mind and creating the world before you.

You are reclaiming the truth that I Am this Love that powers you, that you are the very forces of Creation and now you are ready to speak forth the truth and to allow the true power of Love to transform every false belief -- to bring your experience of the One Love I Am as it is expressed as you into the experience of your daily life, giving you the keys to the Kingdom, that you might live what your heart knows.

We have spoken often, you and I, about releasing judgment and about your hearts beliefs, the things you have taken in that have become part of you enough that when the Light of God I Am pours through your heart, what it projects is a life that is less than perfect and a world in chaos.

As you reclaim the truth of your heart, you reclaim Love's power, beloved ones, and you reclaim your ability to open up the fount of life and to let the resonance of Love pour forth to do its magnificent work of awakening all hearts from the dream of separation from the perfection of the One Love.

Therefore, let Me say to you that the intention to love, to stand in your truth as Love's power, instantly makes the connection to the truth of the hologram of God of which you are an integral part. It sets up the vibration of Real Love that can literally dissolve all old heart's beliefs. It can open up the power of life and restore your heart to the Moment of Creation. It can bring forth the power of Love to dissolve the veil that you have built that creates this experience of duality.

Since all hearts are one and the same -- the heart of God in all its beauty – then what Love transforms in you by the magnetic power of Love's resonance is instantly transformed for all humanity.

And so I say to you: make this your intention. Let Me give to you the simple words that will dissolve the hold of the false perceptions of the little mind, the ego's world that have become the veil before your heart. These words are "I LOVE YOU."

Video - "Let The Light Language & AA Metatron Spin The Metatron Cube For Your Spiritual Upliftment" -

Can it possibly be this easy? Beloved ones, it can and is. The moment that you say these three words, the power of Love is completely self-evident. It aligns you to the resonance of the truth of your being, the grand "I," the one "I," the single "I" of "God I Am." "I" followed by Love can only be one thing, the only power that exists.

And so when you say "I love," you are completely aligned with the truth of your being. You are open as the heart of God I Am. You are the conduit for the explosion of life. When you place specific intention, when you take the power of your focus and add it to this, you are bringing the true resonance of Real Love to bear on those things within you that are resonating with duality, resonating with less than the one power of Love and thus becoming your experience of the world.

When your heart is open, as it instantly is when you say the words of power "I love," than you become the conduit for the great forces of life. You become the entraining heart of God. By the power of the resonance of Love, the magnetic power of your open heart, you instantly and effortlessly return the world to its perfection, to the Vertical Life, to the Moment of Creation that is Love bursting forth.

I have said to you again and again that the power of your focus is everything, what you place your attention upon you amplify. When you add the power of Love to this, then you immediately bring forth the true power of God to bless, transform, to uplift and to dissolve every old heart's belief that allows you to even see less than perfection – allows you to perceive the world of two eyes rather than the single eye of the heart.

Because you are here in service, because you have given yourselves to Me with all you are, you can use these words of power with divine purpose as you listen to the Will of Love and let it guide you, placing your focus, your co-creative attention on the truth of your heart as reflected by the world – that even what you see with the little mind receives and is awakened to the truth of Love, for the heart, Love is always primary and lifts every vibration unto itself.

And so it becomes easy, beloved ones, to transform the world and your experiences into the expression of the perfect heart of God and into being recipients for the power of Love to create more of itself.

I have also said to you, have no judgment. Judgment is the foundation of the ego mind. Judgment is the matrix of duality, and however subtle, it brings the resonance of all life into alignment with the world of duality.

The open heart combined with these words, "I love you" instantly, powerfully transforms all judgment. To say these words while looking through the eyes of the ego seeing your heart's beliefs reflected brings to what you see the truth of your heart. You cannot say, "I love you" and feel it and still be aligned with judgment.

So I bring you these words of truth, words that create the resonance of God, words that align you within the power of your heart instantly and unequivocally, and will bring clarity to your experience of life. This will bring you, beloved ones, such joy and will bring you the ability to free yourself from the hold of the dream, especially the way that you've been entangled and haven't seen the way out. Love is the transformative power and Love is the Reality of who you are.

The intention behind speaking these words is important – because they are words of power, because they acknowledge the only truth – that there is one power, only one, and it is Love.

When you say "I love," you are this truth, the pure and living conduit of perfect Love, the expression of the one heart of God I Am brought into harmony with the truth. Whether or not you feel it on the level of the ego mind, you will always feel it in your heart.

The decisions that you make to be aligned with this truth bring you into harmony with Me and create in you the avenue, the circuit, the vortex that brings all life back into My presence and into the experience, by the Law of Resonance, of what it means to be the power of Love.

Thus can you look upon the world that you've believed in because of your agreement to live here, to experience how it feels to be cut off, what it is to believe that you are separate from Me, from this power, from God – the moment that you speak these words, you are establishing yourself in the resonance of God, in the truth of your heart, in the Reality of One Love, one life and one intention – the giving forth and multiplication of Love.

So those things within you that you have pushed away, things that perhaps are unconscious, things that are deep within as old heart's beliefs that color your perceptions and thus your experience of life... When you say, "I love you" to yourself from the heart, acknowledging that it is your intention to be your truth, then the power of Love works within you, opening the way for Love to transform every old belief in separation and every belief in powerlessness.

Beginning with yourself you will recognize that this is not the same as loving from the ego. It is not the same as using the mind and trying to believe that you are worthy, that you are perfect, that you are powerful.

It is instead the full presence of your open heart. The moment that you say "I love you," then all the power of Creation is brought to bear, alive in you in ways you can't imagine, for the little mind truly can't touch it.

Once Love is resonating within you, then each electron of your being must respond, must remember its perfection, its joyous life, its presence as the outreach of God – the power of the Twin Flame heart of Love I Am, the forces of Creation that are at this point that is your point of focus, that is your heart, each of you, beloved ones.

Once felt and acknowledged that what you see as the world is a reflection of what is within you, turn to Me and I will assist you in bringing before you those things needing Love, that they might be freed, released from your heart so that you might be the conduit of the power of God.

So the world outside of you becomes the perfect place for Love to guide you, to show you your reflection, that you might be aware of what is released, of what is transformed by the power of Love and brought into the resonance of God in alignment with the truth of who you are.

Anything to which you apply your focus and say these words of truth and power ... when you say "I love you" to the things that you have judged, oh, beloved ones, prepare for ecstasy as in one great pulse of living Love, all misperceptions are brought into resonance with the truth of God.

That which is within this perfect Love becomes the world you see and your heart becomes truly the entraining heart of God I Am, lifting by the Law of Resonance, every misperception about Love, every belief of the one heart that is humanity in being separate from Me, separate from Love, being powerless, at the mercy of what is perceived as outside...outside being simply a metaphor for that which feels and believes itself to be separate, separate from the one life that we share.

It is impossible to judge something and to love it, when Love is allowed in its true power. Certainly it is possible to say the words from the perspective of the little mind and ego, but when you shift into your heart and use these words, everything is brought into the Light, into the only true power that corrects all misperceptions, that restores the truth of life to the heart, dissolves the calcification of the ego, restores the flow, the flexibility, the zest and the joy and restores these things, beloved ones, instantly.

Nothing that is not the truth can stand before the power of Love. The power of Love is alive in you. It is your heart. You are the "en-conscious-ment" of Creation. You are the heart of Love that beats forth this pulse of giving, extending and making more of Love.

So use these words of power and use them freely. Restore to yourself all that you truly have and are. Let these words take root within you. Be in the moment and feel their resonance. Allow the movement of Love to register in your consciousness, to reshape the electrons that create "a body," and feel how Love opens the physical world and lets you feel the one true life that lives within it, that is alive as it and that is the experience of ecstasy.

Ecstasy is the power of Love. When you recognize that you are not only unlimited but that you are this very explosion of life and that the heart of Love is fully present everywhere... You have been pretending otherwise. It is time to reclaim the power of Love and I give you these words already charged and ready to bring to you the consciousness of what you are, to make of you the presence of the resonance of God fully conscious.

Let the Will of Love lead you effortlessly to those things that are waiting for you to say these words of power. Once you agree to become the open heart, to transform the world through the power of Love, the Will of Love, My presence, our communion, those beings who have lifted and guided you... everything begins to work to assist you to accomplish the dissolving of the matrix of the little mind that is your old heart's beliefs and that become the world of your experience.

The more you love, the less you can possibly be in judgment. When you say "I love you" with the heart, there is nothing else but this powerful resonance of Love. When you speak, beginning with "I love," you are the active principle of God and this is what you have chosen coming into this world – to be the active principle of the extension of Love. You are ready, beloved ones, to accomplish this. You are ready to be Love's power right here where your heart is. Right here and right now and I Am ever present to give to you the full, magnificent experience of your heart and what it means to say "I love you," to use the words of power.

As you do, "I" becomes the one "I" and you, the reflection of your own heart before you within the circle of pure Love, bringing you the experience of unity, that there is only God, and I and you are simply the continuum of the movement of Love that returns, when given, naturally as effortless prayers of gratitude to complete the circle.

I Am with you, just as I Am you. Together with all life, we are the celebration of Love.

Video - "Vlog 94 - A Powerful Cleansing Gift To Prepare For The New Year" By Patricia Cota-Robles -


 Most people’s etheric body has been tainted by trumas in this life or past lives. Many people do not heal from chronic illnesses because their etheric bodies have been damaged or because the blueprint off which they have been working has been tainted by all their incarnations on the Earth plane. This can be easily remedied by calling Ascended Masters Djwhal Khul and Vywamus.

Affirmation – say as many times as feels right:

My Mighty I Am Presence, I Call forth in meditation the full anchoring of my monadic blueprint body and ask that it replace the tainted physical blueprint that I have been using for many of my past lives. I call Ascended Masters Djwhal Khul(DK) Vywamus to help me bring in my monadic blueprint body on a permanent basis. I Ask that all healing from this moment forward be based on this blueprint and none other, as God would have it be. So be it and it is done. X 3. Wish you a Great weekend to You all my my Divine Friends with lots of love & light. Tercy

How To Repair A Hole In Your Aura By Tercy Logan

A general aura clearing technique allows us to effectively close holes in the aura. If your hands are sensitive, you can find breaks in the aura by scanning it at a distance of 10-20 cm from the body. These can be felt as a hole, a pit, a cold draught or other.
You can work with your hands or a crystal.

Take a quartz crystal in the shape of a pencil and apply longitudinal passes from top to bottom to clean the entire aura. The movements should be not quick, start from over the top and end at the feet. After each longitudinal pass flick the crystal over a bowl filled with salt water – to properly dispose of the negative energy you are removing from the aura.

Do this over the entire surface of the aura.

At the end of the session wash the crystal in salt water (but not in the container which you used for the disposal of "dirty" energy). It is important to clean the crystal too. Alternately, you can leave the crystal under the sun for a few hours.

How else can we clean and repair your aura?

There are countless methods for cleaning and restoration of the aura and the only limitation is your imagination.
The following DIY methods are used by various practitioners; they are provided here to give you an idea of what can be done.

In your energy work always remember the principles of bio-energy healing, these are cleansing, healing, energising, balancing, and protecting the treated area.

Before the start of the session, invoke to the Creative Order for blessing, guidance, assistance and protection; at the end of the session do not forget to give your thanks.

Salt water bath and rhythmic breathing
One very simple, yet effective way is taking a salt bath.
Water temperature should be around 40 degrees C. A bucket of water with a handful of salt would be enough.
While bathing, invoke:
"In the name of the Mother Father Creator God, I command: let all the negative and unwanted energy of other people and beings will be washed away from my aura completely and perfectly, redirected into the ground and disposed of properly. So be it! "

After the bath invoke:
"Mother Father Creator God, thank you for cleansing my energy field, thank you for healing it, for balancing and filling it with energy, thank you for spiritually protecting it. So be it!"

After the bath, practice 10-12 cycles of rhythmic breathing to recharge your body’s ‘batteries’.

Cleansing and charging through the elements
Swim in the sea, walk under the rain, stand in the sun or let fresh breeze cleanse you from all the sides. Imagine and feel that natural forces are cleansing you from negative energy and carrying it to the right place for disposal.

"A Golden Comb": Imagine a comb made of golden light, and mentally carefully comb your aura with it. Dispose the negatives into the Violet Flame. After the procedure, send the Violet Flame back to its place of origin.

"A Whirlpool": Breathe and imagine yourself in a vertical whirlpool of water-like energy, flowing from the Heaven. Imagine it picks up and carries away in a spiralling motion all the negative energy. It is carried into the ‘Universal Ocean’ to be dissolved there without a trace.

"Hole patching": Mentally inspect your aura. Locate a hole. Clean it in any manner, for example, "wash" it with luminous blue light. Imagine a needle and a thread of the right colour and patch the hole.

Then fill the treated area with golden light and smoothen the area with your (energy) hands.
How does this work? Through visual images, you give a command to your subconscious mind, a powerful healer, what should be done.

The effectiveness of these procedures depends on the power of your imagination, your belief in their efficacy and some degree of skill that comes with practice.

So, periodic cleansing of your aura is a good thing to do. Just as you care about the cleanliness of your physical body and clothing, it is very useful to pay attention to your subtle field, because, as mentioned earlier, the condition of your aura directly affects the health of your physical body and your psychological state.

It is also important to understand that the subtle body cannot be healed by physical means. For the treatment of subtle bodies, we need the healer's energy hands (which all of us have) and the life energy that is present in abundance in the environment. And, of course, we need a basic knowledge and understanding of the subtle world – a world that is invisible but affects us every second. Wish you a wonderful day with love and light. Tercy

Video - "Archangel Michael Clearing Meditation" -

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,

Steven Hutchinson

A Christmas 2018 Gift For You From Steve Nobel

My Christmas wish for you this year is twofold: that the consciousness of Christ be manifest in you through deep meditation, and that your exemplary actions will persuade others to abandon their evil or worldly ways and become spiritual.

"Both meditation and action are necessary on the spiritual path, for they contribute toward individual and mass evolution." Paramahansa Yogananda

The first part of this video offering comes in the form of a prayer from spiritual teacher Paramahansa Yogananda who was an Indian yogi and guru that introduced millions in the West to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga. In 1931 he established the custom of holding an all-day meditation service during Christmas. The aim was to foster the communion with the Christ Consciousness that he said constitutes the true celebration of Christmas.

Use this prayer to invoke Solar-Christ Consciousness for this season of goodwill on earth.

The second part is a version of the Carol 'O Come O Come Emmanuel' that originates back to the 12th century and possibly even earlier. You can use this carol at this auspicious time of year to tune into the light, joy and blessings of Solar-Christ Consciousness within.

"O come, O come, Emmanuel

And ransom captive Israel

That mourns in lonely exile here

Until the Son of God appear

Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel

Shall come to thee, O Israel

O come, Thou Day-Spring

Come and cheer

Our spirits by Thine advent here

Disperse the gloomy clouds of night

And death’s dark shadows put to flight

Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel

Shall come to thee, O Israel

O come, O King of nations, bind in one the hearts of all mankind.

Bid all our sad divisions cease and be yourself

our King of Peace.

Refrain Rejoice, rejoice, Emmanuel Shall come to thee, o Israel."

Video - "Dear Starseed, A Christmas 2018 Gift For You" - By Steve Nobel

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