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The Peacemaker By Natalie Glasson & Archangel Uriel ... And ...The Mahatma Energy & Your Ascension By Steven Hutchinson ... And ... My Gift To You - A Prayer For A Daily Practice - By Steve Farrell

The Peacemaker By Natalie Glasson & Archangel Uriel

I, Archangel Uriel, bring forth to embrace you angelic vibrations and sounds. Please know the Angelic Kingdom is present to support, love and inspire you. Whenever you ask us, the Angelic Kingdom will act as a foundation encouraging you to discover and journey into the powerful selfless love of your being.

When you feel you cannot love yourself, call upon the Angelic Kingdom to be your foundation of love, until you can connect with your inner well of love again. When you feel it is impossible to love another person or even the world around you, call upon the Angelic Kingdom to be your foundation of love until you can find the expression of love within you once more.

You don’t always have to act and react in loving ways. Knowing when you are not connecting with the love of your being, your core, is the key. This may be due to feeling hurt, judging yourself or another, being fearful or another reason.

Demonstrating your spiritual mastery is to recognise when you are not coming from love and to make a change, such as calling upon the Angelic Kingdom to be your foundation of love, thus leading you back to the loving truth of your being. Please know you have my/our support eternally.

As I, Archangel Uriel, greet you, I bring forth the Angelic vibrations of peace. We are existing in an era of light magnification because of the 2020 Blaze of Light which continues to powerfully journey throughout the Earth and the Universe of the Creator. As light magnifies light, so numerous creations reveal themselves.

The presence of peace is building within the light which offers every person a powerful opportunity to fully awaken and activate their embodiment of peace. A journey and exploration into the presence of and creation of peace is available within your being now, and can powerfully impact the ascension process of all and weaving peace into each person’s spiritual awakening.

Peace is needed in each person’s creations, whether these creations are for themselves or the world. When peace is present you allow your entire being to vibrate at a different frequency. This frequency is akin to an alarm or magnet that not only draws into your being the greater presence of the Creator, it also further awakens your awareness of the Creator within you.

The awakening of peace creates a new, higher vibration and expands your awakening, creating a new reality for you. Are you ready to explore and embrace the presence of peace within you?

Video - "World Peace Meditation - Neutralizing The Dark And Amplifying The Light" By Steve Nobel -


In order to connect with the presence of peace within you, there is a need for contemplation and inner focus/reflection. Your connection and embodiment of peace is a journey of discovery. You can talk about peace, you can focus on generating peace within you or even ask us, the Angelic Kingdom, to support you in experiencing peace.

However, you will not truly connect with your own inner peace until you realise your inner peace is a constant journey and voyage of discovery. This is a process of seeking and realising yourself as new levels of peace; recognising peace in everything you are and do.

And also realising that peace is not the same in each situation or person. Therefore, peace requires your inspection with a focus on synthesis. I, Archangel Uriel, wish to share with you some questions, which I invite you to ask within, in order to encourage and further inspire your journey with your inner presence of peace.

  • What is the presence of peace and how do I experience it?
  • When do I currently experience the blossoming of peace from within my being? What am I doing when I experience peace?
  • Where do I currently create and experience peace in my life/outer reality?

With each question and inner reflection, I, Archangel Uriel, invite you to recognise the vibration of peace, its impact and how it serves you.

Peace is a powerful tool of creation.

When you hold the focus and intention to create and manifest peace, you are dancing in harmony with the vibration and sounds of creation. You become the Creator’s energy of creation; an anchor and designer inspired by the Creator.

Creation flows through you, meaning anything is possible and can be manifested. The vibration of peace empowers your abilities to create the reality you wish to experience; this is due to a deepening clarity in your mind and a connection with the truth of your being.

If peace is a powerful tool of empowering your creation abilities, there is a need to recognise that creating more peace in your life will empower your ability to create and manifest your dreams. Therefore, I, Archangel Uriel, invite you to ask within in order to encourage and further inspire your journey of creation with the presence of peace.

  • Where is the creation or blossoming of peace required within my inner being/inner world?
  • Where is the creation or blossoming of peace required in my outer world/reality?

These questions invite you to recognise where you can plant seeds of peace within your being and life. Remember you are the creator of peace; you cultivate and inspire it for yourself and others. You are being encouraged to recognise peace as a creative force within your being and reality.

Peace is to be at one with all.

When you are the embodiment and creation of peace, you experience a beautiful harmony as if you are in sync with everything within and around you. This harmonious synthesis empowers your creative abilities.

Peace and life become a dance of unity with the Creator, recognising the presence of the Creator in everything within and around you. Thus, you wield the power of the Creator, bringing thought and energy into fruition.

In order for this to become your reality, there is a need to make peace with yourself and the world around you, including your own creations, which means your past. To make peace is to create peace.

In order for peace to be created forgiveness, acceptance or trust/gratitude is needed. You may discover that other qualities or energies are needed, although, it is often the three mentioned which aid the manifestation and blossoming of peace. I, Archangel Uriel, invite you to ask of yourself the following questions to further your journey with peace.

  • What would be beneficial to make peace with within my being?
  • What would be beneficial to make peace with within my reality, outer world, past, and creations?

Peace is the recognition of fusion with and as the Creator.

One of the most powerful and transformational questions you can ask yourself is:

  • Am I ready to make peace with the Creator?

This implies that there is a need within you to forgive, accept or trust the Creator. Many people may feel that this is simply not necessary for them as their deepest desire is to be as one with the Creator. In many ways it is not your connection with the Creator which requires healing, it is your connection with yourself as a reflection of the Creator.

Such healing can create shifts at the very core of your being which impacts your entire existence and reality. Often there is no need to know or understand the details of what requires forgiveness, acceptance or trust in regard to the Creator.

Simply stating you are ready to make peace with the Creator and holding this focus can create a powerful awakening within you. Allow yourself to follow that awakening if it occurs as it will lead you into a space of peace deeper than you may have previously experienced.

You are the Peace Maker; the creator of peace for yourself, all and ascension. It is the time!

With Angelic love and peace,

Archangel Uriel

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Here is the link for a free audio download of Natalie's  message, or to listen to the video of her message -

Infinite Blessings with the Highest Divine Energies of God's Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance Divinely Perfect for All of You, Steven Hutchinson​

Video - "The Feminine Sun Meditation: Invoking The Divine Rays" By Steve Nobel

The Mahatma Energy & Your Ascension By Steven Hutchinson

The word Mahatma in the east means Great Soul or Great Father.  The Mahatma is an avatar of synthesis, a cosmic being who embodies all 352 levels of creation. The Mahatma also embodies the energy of the galactic Logos And Adonis (teacher Vivamus heart center of the universe). This is an amazing Being, actually representing a group consciousness. His energy is available to every person on planet earth to use in all aspects of your life.

The Mahatma Energy also includes the energy of the presence of Father/Mother God. The Presence of I Am God, the Father-Mother is Love — and the Mahatma Energy includes the Source of Father/Mother God's Love in all dimensions. Now this energy is available to you.

The Mahatma Energy of Light activates the structure of your cells. The ascension process through which many human beings will pass is not a process of accelerating the molecular or subatomic structure of the physical body until it becomes light. Ascension is achieved by increasing light and love in your cells. This light and love comes from the source. In fact, there are 352 initiations between the earth and the Divine.

Calling upon The Mahatma Energy allows people in a sense to build the antahkarana directly to the Source itself. In the entire infinite universe, there is no higher frequency energy than the Mahatma energy currently available to people on earth. It is available to everyone, and the only thing people need to do is ask for it. This energy of the Mahatma can accelerate the process of ascension and the building of the Body of Light.

Mahatma energy comes to people through the Galactic Core and the Solar Logos. And there is no danger that someone’s body will burn out in such a high-frequency energy, because it can also be carried out through the monad and soul of a person, if necessary, to make it suitable for use by an embodied person on earth.

I want to repeat once again: of all the energies that you could turn to, there is no energy with a higher frequency and vibrations, and it is available to each of the people, not just the chosen ones. I highly recommend that you turn to this energy. It can help people in ascension, in building the Body of Light and in any other task that you wish to solve.

The idea is to fill the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies with this energy. Ascension of the earth and ascension of the cosmos is nothing but the integration of God's Consciousness & Love/Light with matter, soul, monad, Mahatma, God. This is the goal towards which the Divine plan strives: to unite all these levels together in consciousness.

Fixing the Cosmic energy of the Mahatma on Earth helps to facilitate and to the highest degree accelerate the process of personal ascension of everyone. You can simply turn to the Mahatma by this name and ask him to help you receive and fix his energy. The Mahatma Energy is much more energetic than a combination of all twelve rays!

Turning to his energy helps to destroy the crystallized, ossified structures that have settled in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Your highest goal is to raise these bodies to the frequency of Light, which happens during the ascension. It is thanks to such a high frequency of Mahatma energy that turning to it can greatly accelerate progress in this direction. All that you need to do to invoke this energy is to turn to the Mahatma and express your request. When you connect, you feel how your body begins to warm up from the energy flowing into you.

The energy of the Mahatma has the ability to create a certain means of expression and dissemination of thoughts, as a support, so that in the event of a sharp expansion of consciousness, people are not too overwhelmed. The energy of the Mahatma takes people beyond their individuality.

As soon as the bridge of Light to the Mahatma is established, energy flows quite naturally without much effort. People who allow the energy of the Mahatma to enter their consciousness become part of his great army of cosmic lightworkers.

This energy can be used for healing on the mental and physical level, both ourselves and other people. The Mahatma is here, in fact, in order to eliminate the disconnect between God and his creation. And the most amazing thing is that this time for the first time a person has the opportunity to eliminate his separation from God Himself, and not just from the soul or monad (spirit). The Mahatma gives people the opportunity to heal this separation in the seven cosmic dimensions, and not just on the seven subplanes of the cosmic physical plane.

If you compare the whole universe with a ten-inch ruler, then most people are now focused only on the first inch. And the Mahatma is the other nine inches that they have not yet come close to. Ascension unity with the monad is actually only two-thirds of the first inch.

The invocation of the Mahatma is access to energy and awareness of the other three hundred forty-six initiations. The more the energy and consciousness of the Mahatma will take root in the earthly plane, the greater will be the degree of transformation of this planet. Human beings are the bridge between the Mahatma and the earthly plane.

People need to fully integrate this energy into themselves so that the long-standing separation of God and his sons and daughters will disappear and people will be able to reunite with him. The invocation of the Mahatma into itself allows you to build such a Body of Light, which could never be received earlier in the history of the Earth.

The energy of the Mahatma has such a high frequency that it creates a Body of Light, similar to a spiritual or monadic body. With the onset of Harmonic Convergence and the arrival of the Mahatma energy, it was even possible that an embodied person can now evolve from a second-level initiate to a galactic avatar in just one earthly life.

The coming of the Mahatma is a special mercy of God. For the first time in the history of the earth, a closed chain was created from the deity to the earth. Mahatma energy activates your cellular structure. It also activates the stellar tetrahedron fields - static and rotating in opposite directions fields around your physical body. It activates the sacred geometry of the crystalline structure, both liquid and solid. It transforms the chemical structure of blood, as a result of which blood from a state of liquid crystal turns into spiritualized light. The key codes will be encoded in it, the keys of Enoch will be encoded in fiery letters of the five sacred languages ​​and sacred geometry.

Thanks to this, you will very quickly acquire a connection with everything around you and consciously realize your spiritual nature and Spiritualize the chemical structure of your blood. Activate DNA. With love and compassion, be aware of your birthright. It covers everything, and all this is Love.

Use the energy of the Mahatma for this. Let it go through your heart. May the Mahatma energy flow through your presence of I Am through your higher system of chakras to the physical body in accordance with the will of your Presence I Am. This energy has never been used for evil in your world. Therefore, your cellular structure does not resist it. This energy is not related to fear.

At the same time, the rest of the energies that you can work with have not always been used for their intended purpose. Since the energy of the Mahatma is new to your planet, it has never been manipulated and no one has controlled it. The Mahatma is this energy of the Source, therefore it cannot be manipulated. It will be easy for you to work with it - just let the energy flow through your molecular structure. Use affirmation to attract this energy.

Affirmation - This is a powerful way to evoke the Mahatma energies and use them constructively to heal the earth and its inhabitants. Make affirmations of this kind — I allow the Mahatma to pass through me into mother Earth, in accordance with the will of my I Am Presence.

I think everyone in this room is ready for abundance, love, truth, beauty, harmony. Do the affirmation that all these things are the flow of your life with the Mahatma and then you will not have any problems. Show and create whatever you want, and you can use the affirmation “I Am Mahatma”.

And call forth God's Light & Love from all the levels of the Creator's Universe along with the corresponding Mahatma Energies that are Divinely Perfect for you in manifesting for yourself and for Gaia and every human being healing and spiritual upliftment.

I ask for this Rainbow of Light to melt into my Whole Being and merge with every cell in my body, and with my soul and raise my vibrations and light quotient and release everything not of God's Love & Light in my with my every breath.

The Mahatma Light and Diamond Consciousness now enthuses my Whole Being - anchoring The Mahatma Energy in me and converting my whole Being into Light! My Whole Being now embodies and shines with the Pure Consciousness, Love, and vibrations of Mahatma. I Am, and we all are - a new and higher level of Mahatma Energy Now !

Infinite Blessings with the Highest and most Divinely Perfect Mahatma Energies for your spiritual growth and ascension for All of you Now.

Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Manifesting Love, Healing, & Christ Consciousness In You By Steven Hutchinson"


      My Gift To You - A Prayer For A Daily Practice 

                                By Steve Farrell

I often speak about the importance of having a daily spiritual practice and how that practice sets the tone for my day, giving me strength and clarity to face whatever comes.

I talk about biking to Wonderland Lake near my home, my dog Sadie running along next to me.

I share how looking out my office window at the glorious view of nature gives me a sense of open-heartedness and meaning.

And I open up about my daily prayer practice, about how it helps me feel deeply connected to the Divine and empowered to serve humanity with commitment and integrity.

Over the years, many have asked about my confirming prayer and how it differs in practice and in meaning from prayers I learned as a Catholic child.

This prayer is actually a form of spiritual activism, one that supports my basic worldview and the way I choose to live each day moment to moment.

I created the prayer for my own personal use, not for publication. It was created from my own inspirations, sacred text and other materials I’ve gathered over the years.

What makes the prayer powerful is that as you speak, think, feel the words, your DNA is imprinted with the Word of God that lives deep within.

When I speak the prayer—when I share it with Divine Mind—I feel God’s presence. I am clear about purpose. And I’m certain about outcome, not in my time but in God’s time.

Each word shared is felt deeply, and if not—if my mind wanders and I become distracted—I start again, from the beginning.

This way my words act as metaphysical confirmations, not simply intentions, though intentions are also a part of my spiritual practice.

I believe that when I share my prayer in the full presence of Source—the Divine—all of God’s resources are close by, in a sense waiting for me to align with their pure energy of Love.

Just like everyone else, I experience moments of difficulty and challenge. But with my confirming prayer, I’m always able to return to a feeling of optimism and hope that I’ll be shown the right path to follow.

For the times of contrast that lie ahead in your life—or maybe those times are with you today—here is my confirming prayer written with you, with Humanity’s Team, and with all of humanity in mind.

Video - "Healing Meditation With Angels" By Melanie Beckler -

Dear Lord, Bring me my daily bread. Help me to feel your inspirations, wisdom & support. Guide me on my Uncommon Journey, my God Job, in my own life, with my family, my friends, Humanity's Team and all of humanity.

Thank you for this moment of acceleration. Thank you for this watershed moment and year, for healing, for health, prosperity, abundance and more.

Thank you God of Breakthrough for bursting forth with healing, prosperity, mercy and more. Thank you for coming in like a flood. Thank you for healing illness, dis-ease, any thoughts of lack or victim hood. Thank you for soothing those who are hurting, for being close to the broken-hearted. Thank you that Your light is overtaking darkness.

Thank you that even now the violet flame is enclosing me, my family, friends, humanity and Humanity’s Team. Thank you that this violet flame is burning brightly and is encompassing the whole of the Earth.

Thank you Father/Mother for taking me further faster. Thank you for turning my water into wine. Thank you for giving me hidden prosperity found in secret places.

Thank you that wealth is finding its way into the hands of the loving and conscious: my hands, my families hands, my friends hands, humanity’s hands and Humanity’s Team’s hands. Thank you God for the goodness of God!

Thank you for giving me beauty for ashes. Thank you that all things are working together for my good, our good. Thank you for delivering me, my family, friends and Humanity’s Team from all our afflictions. Thank you that victory is in store for the loving and conscious.

Thank you for burning off my impurities…taking me from a clay pot, to wood pot, to sliver pot, to Gold/God pot. Thank you that Spirit is taking root in me…your Unity, Oneness, abundance and blessing, your grace, your transformative power. Thank you that Spirit is flourishing in me.

God you said the path of the loving and conscious is getting brighter and brighter.

God you said no weapon formed against me will prosper.

God you said you are a very present help in my time of trouble, my families time of trouble, Humanity’s Team’s time of trouble, humanity’s time of trouble.

God you said the power of evil is being cut off but the power of the conscious is being increased.

God you said we would manifest the New Spirituality in this generation. You said you would help us. You said nothing is hard or challenging for God and so it shall be done.

Thank you God for bringing me, my family, friends, humanity and Humanity’s Team strength when we are weak, healing when we are sick, favor when we need a good break, a way maker when we don’t see the way, restoration when something has been stolen.

Thank you God for putting all challenges and obstacles under your feet: sickness, disease, lack, limiting belief, temptation, crooked way, sense of: victimhood, despair, stuck, can’t won’t. All things are under your feet. These things are being crushed. They are no match for you. They are not permanent. They won’t keep me from my destiny. They are already defeated and it is just a matter of time before you walk it out.

Thank you for arming me for strength for every challenge. You said I can do all things through Christ who infuses inner strength into me. You said I am more than a conqueror, I AM a victor, not a victim.

This may be hard but I know I am well able. I’m equipped. I’m empowered. I AM strong in the Lord. I AM anointed.

Father, thank you that you are overcoming my challenges. Thank you that answers are on their way. Thank you that you are bigger than these obstacles. Thank you that you are bringing my dreams to pass.

Thank you that I am Your candle being placed on Your stand to give light to all in the room and that my actions are glorifying You, my Heavenly Father/Mother.

I AM the head and not the tail.

I AM being transformed by your grace and beauty.

I AM a masterpiece.

I AM God’s presence in the world.

I AM receiving God’s favor and fullness in the world.

I AM healing and prospering all that I see and touch that I may bring glory to God in the highest, my Heavenly Father/Mother.

God, I AM in your hands. God you said the number of my days you would fulfill, you are fulfilling, bringing me to my destiny in this lifetime.

God, my family, Humanity’s Team and humanity are in your hands. God you said the number of our days you would fulfill, you are fulfilling, bringing us to our destiny in this lifetime.

I AM my I AM presence. I AM one with my I AM presence of all humanity. I AM invoking the violet flame in perfect alignment with every person’s divine plan and the highest good for all concerned. I ask my I AM presence to transmute every electron of energy that is less than heaven on earth. So be it and so it is.

Video - "Solara An-Ra's Triple Heart Portal Ascension Meditation"

I hope you’ll accept this gift from me in the spirit of love and appreciation in which it’s given and then allow the prayer to change in form, but not in content (or substance), until it feels like your own.

Breathe quietly for a minute or two and let inspiration rise to help you find the words that best suit your circumstances, your dreams, and your desires to serve humanity.

Don’t rush through your confirming prayer. Take your time and do as I do. Let each word course through your body and your mind slowly and deliberately, and if you become distracted, start again, from the beginning.

In this way you and the Higher Being or Energy which you entrust your life to will be perfectly aligned in purpose, intention, and truth.

In Oneness and in Love,


Steve Farrell
Worldwide Executive Director
Humanity’s Team

Video - "Expand God's Love Within Your Heart By Melanie Beckler"


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