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The Crystalline Sound & Hope - Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

The Crystalline Sound & Hope
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn
 Greetings Masters, I am Metatron, Angelic of Light, and I am joined in this session by Tyberonn of Crystalline Service.
Dear Humans, among the creative artistic works available to souls in the Cosmos, the Living Omniverse and Omni-Earth, none offers more benevolence than that of music expression. Certain forms of what may be termed as classical & 'new age' music, in your present vernacular, actually stimulate and regenerate life force and the synchronicity of cells within the human brain and body physical.  In so doing, this form of musical crystal-patterning will actually entrain the 'trinity' of body-mind and soul. These patterning's will also balance and stimulate the chakric system in ways far beyond your current understanding.
We tell you that humans who regularly listen to perfected forms of music, which may be termed as crystalline patterning, will actually remain healthy and mentally vibrant longer than humans who do not. Such musical rhythms are actually codes of creation which revitalize the very cells of the human body, and embellish cognitive response in the human brain. Indeed as the human body ages, visuo-spatial memory oft declines, short term memory becomes less fluent, less functional. Certain forms of music will preserve cognitive function of the brain, lessen neuro-degenerative conditions throughout ones physical biological journey.
An extraordinary 'classic' example of the perfected musical patterning is represented in Beethoven's 9th Symphony, the 'Ode to Joy'. Not simply in the harmonic flow of musical notes of the orchestra, but in combination with that of the human voice, the chorus. Within the Ode to Joy, is contained the full spectrum of life creation codes. If one were to 'see' music in the physical dimensions, Beethoven's 9th, would tangibly appear from beginning to end, displaying the complex momentum & full realm of colors & shapes of Universal Creation codes, and we assure you in higher realms, music is not only heard, but seen in both colors and geometries.
Music and pure sound, will balance the human trinity, and synergistically blend the 33-chakras into greater alignment, improved communication with what may be termed other realities and higher consciousness.
Insert: When asked about the attributes of classical music, Edgar Cayce responded as follows in Reading EC 5265-1:   "Know that these (classical symphonies) are of the realms of creative energies."  
The knowledge of aesthetic music as a regenerative and healing force of geo mathematical vibration was well known to more advanced ancient societies.
Greek mathematician and philosopher, Pythagoras, taught clearly that everything in the Cosmos was composed of geometry, mathematics & sound. We assure you this includes human biology and physical as well as non-physical matter. Music and sound is trans-dimensional, multidimensional. Sound has a correlation to both light and color.
Aesthetic Music, as you know it, in 3d matter, is an external expression of a far more complex vibratory essence, a frequencial resonate complex form of 'light-sound' that originates from what may be termed Creator source. It is a source of energy, of life force and accordingly, as we have stated above, is a great, yet vastly unutilized therapy available to you.
Most humans only recognize music according to the emotions it brings, and music absolutely has the vibratory ability to stimulate and evoke emotional reaction. It is life-source, sound can be life giving...certain patterns of music will actually attract &  influence a secondary magnification or pull   drawing to you, bringing into your essence  additional 'Akash' or Consciousness Units. So understand, sound is vibration and the vibratory resonance effects every cell of the human body. Accordingly you do not simply perceive sound only with the ears, rather with cell, organ and component of your physical (and non-physical or auric) body.
Forgotten Attributes of Sound
Ancient more advanced societies recognize the myriad utility and complexities of the power of sound. Atlanteans understood the ability of sound, projected through crystals to perform tasks that are well beyond the accepted mainstream science of your current academia.
As Tyberonn of Atlantis, and the scientist priest & priestess of the Atla-Ra were well aware, there is in fact an intra-connection between sound and epochs of linear time. By tuning a specific form of the 'music' of certain celestial spheres' through complex attuned crystals, eras of linear time can 'appear', can be isolated and entered into via time gates.
Edgar Cayce vaguely referred to Atlanteans operating 'portals', and these were indeed complex, diverse 'gates' utilizing crystals, specialized prisms, light and refined sound to reach not only through dimensions but through space & time.
 Refined 'crystalline sound rays of concentrated coherent sound waves' can be used to both attract and separate certain elements from others, to isolate them from others. In Atlantis sound 'rays' were used to attract moisture, as both aquifers and rain into certain agricultural regions, which otherwise were too arid to support plant growth.
Sound was used in the antigravity application for building the Atlantean pyramids, and indeed the Egyptian Pyramids were of Atlantean technology. Sound 'rays' can be used to open up pathways within dimensions, both microscopic and macroscopic, and can be applied to change the very atomic and molecular structure of matter.
The Atlanteans used a type of 'sonar' to not only identify elements, gases, minerals and water, they were also able to use this sound ray to transform, condense, collate and re-locate fluids, gases and certain metals. It employed what your current science terms as 'Laws of Harmonic Oscillation'.  Edgar Cayce indeed referred to the Atlantean use of 'invisible' metals and elements' in advanced crystal technology.  These were made invisible thru sound-light 'Acoustic-Ray' technology ... and that process indeed was part of the forces of technology unfortunately misapplied that led to two of the three 'breaks ups and destructive tsunami floods leading to the sad demise of Atlantis. (But to be clear, it is a technology, when wisely applied, offers enormous benefit.)
Sound, indeed, has quite a variegated hierarchy, a vast complex spectrum far beyond what you think of as the 'musical scale'. Certain sounds bind elements together, certain acoustic waves can be utilized to act as tractor beams.
The Pyramids in Egypt and certain of the Central & South American Pyramids, as well as undiscovered pyramids in present Turkey still project an inaudible sound wave technology, which would appear (if visible) as steps, particularly in the terraced forms of pyramids. 'Heavier' sounds are at the lower portions and these progressively increase into 'Higher or Lighter' frequency toward the top. These sound vibrations played a key role in the construction as well as the 'inter - intra' & multi dimensionality aspect and purposes of pyramids. 
The complex crystal ray sound ray waves projected by the combinations of sounds were managed & employed in such a way that an anti-gravitational effect was created at the 'center' of sound-ray focus and around the periphery through which the building stones of crystalline granite and crystalline limestone were lifted & intricately placed. In these applications, specific octaves or structures of 'sound-rays' went vertically, up or down, and other engineered sound-rays were applied to bind & adhere the compounded elements of the stone-blocks together. (Which is how many structures of the ancient megalithic world did not require mortar or cement). Each sound wave utility had a clear application, an understood technical utility and 'consciousness-expanding' purpose.
Points of Interface:
There are certain points that are differentiated in the Earth-Plane as having enormous fields of vibration in which realities are interconnected & life force is uniquely concentrated. The Atlanteans, recognized these points of interface, as did the Sirian-Pleiadian-Arcturian Alliance, who are guardians of your planet. We have referenced & alluded to these in other channels of the Arkansas Crystal Vortex. These include areas you recognize as Minas Gerais Brazil, the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, portions of the southwestern USA, Spain, Tibet and certain other areas.
These are regions in which specific light-sounds are established and allow for quicker manifestation of thought into reality, as well as gateways into other realities. There are indeed, what may be termed as 'standing waves' in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, that create myriad anomalies in the planetary gravity field thru forces of crystal acoustics,  piezo-electricity and  piezo-luminescence. Your main stream science are yet many years away from re-discovering many fascinating aspects of crystalline acoustics. Crystalline light-sound is the key that enables many portals, time gates & star-gates on your planet.
We tell you that sound plays a key role in certain planetary points of power. We tell you that when crysto-sound-light combinations occur within such complex frequencial energies, as those in Arkansas, Brazil and others of this combination, an energetic induction of both bio-regeneration and creative thought manifestation is available to humanity in these areas. Indeed the Atlanteans knew this, and utilized these areas accordingly! Not only for technology were these energetic amalgams utilized, but also for mental stimulation & health revitalization, but also for rejuvenation of the body physical. We will speak on these in greater detail in part two of this channel.
Natural Healing Through Sound
We tell you, and please note, your current society utilizes chemicals for much of the medical treatment of physical and mental imbalance. We assure you that more advanced civilizations of the duality phases of Atlantis, Rama and MU utilized sound for such healing. Natural sounds, and most of you recognize this, bring about a state of well-being. You feel more tranquil, calmer, more relaxed when you are at the sea shore listening to the rhythm of waves, you sleep better & more 'soundly' when it is raining.
The healing of 'nature', of natural sound occurs when you take time to walk through a forest, with a backdrop of wind through trees, and hear acoustic tapestry of melodic birdsong, with the tranquilizing murmuration of chirping frogs and crickets. Truly, humanity does not require drugs, to achieve balance. In such acoustic environs, the mind will free itself and naturally allow for deep soul-therapy. In such an indigenous process the conscious mind, will not redirect thoughts away from anxiety, but will trigger an individualized liberating flow of 'tailored' thoughts and images which will provide resolution, customized therapy for each individual's scenario, for each person's healing.
We realize, that for many of you in 'current' culture & times, walks thru natural settings are not as easily fitted into daily activity. And if this applies to you, music such as 'Ode to Joy', can offer many of the key benefits, as achieved thru walking in 'nature', as well as benefits of a different sort, found only in this extraordinary symphonic composition.
We tell you that when you feel out of sorts, anxious or depressed, the music of aesthetic classics and nature are far more beneficial than any 'artificial' chemical therapy. For left alone, these sounds will allow you to confront the source of negative feelings and beliefs which led to the imbalancing anxiety or depression. Your current medical and psychological mainstream approaches often avoid this procedure by avoiding source confrontations. These therapies offer a temporary remedy, by changing the vibratory rate thru chemical ingestion, and do not allow true remedy of facing the issue and mentally working through the problem.
Sounds of specific music and nature more effectively enable an individual to be raised into a mental state that allows you to think through ones issues, to travel through them, and arrive at personal solutions ... and thus achieve a more lasting resolution and more sustainable balance.  Sadly, most humans in the present are programmed into the belief of drug therapy, in which 'problems' are chemically, temporarily painted over, denying the individual the natural resolutions available in confrontational mental processing available in the acoustics of sound and nature..
We urge you to find the healing available to you in sound!
Maintain the Sound & Hope!
Dear Human, sound therapy is powerfully beneficial, potently and uniquely effective because it poignantly influences your auric field and what may be termed as the Mer-Ka-Na, the Crystalline Lite-Body. Masters, the understanding of Auric Maintenance is tantamount to merging and growing into the increased planetary dimensionality and the requisite multi-dimensional awareness, now available in the 'New Earth' of 2017 and beyond.
Dear Humans, in this new time, in the dawn of the Crystalline age, you must be vigilant and move forward in hope. For as you enter into 2038, the 5th 'root race' of crystalline biology is beginning to transform humanity. This will necessitate MerKaNa access, and accordingly, your disciplined effort is required in this shift.
 Dear Ones, it is imperative that you grow into the understanding of the crystalline field and 33 chakric system. Crystal sound is an ally in this transformative shift & part of the growth. Pure sounds benefit your emotional bodies as well as your physical bodies. Bio and emotional imbalances are ever at the source of many physical diseases and when you learn to naturally heal your emotional bodies, the bio-physical symptoms will not only evaporate, the sounds will entrain your shift into crysto-silicon base biology.
A wonderful era is before you, do not give up hope, for as chaotic as the current time may seem in this era of cleansing, a Golden Age is indeed coming, and it is much closer than you may realize.
Masters, in the second portion of this channel, we will speak in more detail of the acoustics of the earth plane as they relate to the future of humanity and the coming 'Golden Age'.
I am Metatron with Tyberonn of Crystalline Service. We are ever with you! You are deeply & dearly beloved...
And so it is...And it is So....
© All Copyrights Duly Reserved 2017 to James Tyberonn & Earth-Keeper ©

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