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Last night, I met with a group of men seated at a very generic table, in a very plain room, and having looked relatively similar, very matrix like in nature.

They told me water was going to run out on Earth for 2 years. They said I should save as much as I can now, because soon it's all going to be gone. I asked them why, and they told me its going to happen, we don't know why. And then I was informed to tell my friends and family, led out of the room and immediately awoke in my bed this morning.

Any thoughts?
I've got one...
Recently my roommate and I have been talking about water on this planet and how (here in America) we use so much, not to mention what "they" are putting in our tap water etc etc etc.
We have been talking about collecting empty water bottles and just storing massive amounts of tap water for emergencies just like the one in my dream last night. SURE it would not be clean water in a sense, but light a fire, boil, and you got clean water in a matter of minuets.
So I think my sub conscious is just having some fun with me and kicking the DMT into full force letting my imagination really get the best of me.

But it was pretty shocking when I woke up, which is why I waited several hours to post so I could let thoughts boil over in my mind. Sorry, horrible pun lol

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i enjoyed that, thought you were telling a story at first, all I could think was a SOE whistleblower and I was stoked and then you said you woke up haha, got my hopes up lol
water is a chemical bond of oxygen and hydrogen. And since our planet has an abundance of both, I dont think we will run out any time soon. The planets gravity is keeping all these gases in our atmosphere.
Now the amount of drinkable water is at an alarming level due to that fact only about 10% of all water is drinkable. There arnt enough desaltation plants on the coasts to provide for everyone. that's why desaltation plants are fastly becoming a necessity. But they are expensive cause you constantly have to boil and collect the steam. In dubia they waste a ridiculous amount of fuel keeping these plants running.
So we have to figure out a way to use the suns warmth to boil the sea water and extract the salt! simple!...... but nobodies doing it :(
Think of the irony. 70% of our plant is made of water, but we cant drink it.
Dreams can be a lot of things- views of parallel realities, alternate timelines, or lower astral planes, leftover imagery from your day as your mind processes through it, etc. Or they can be taken as symbolic and interpretted. Its up to you to decide which type of dream this was, and only you can interpret knowing what's going on in your mind and your life.

Symbolic definitions would be as follows: 2 in a dream symbolizes duality, and water symbolizes experience. Some also say water symbolizes emotions. It can be interchangeable really, as experience often brings on emotion. This dream could be about the coming end of duality indicating the end of experiencing such.
thank you all for your input - very insightful and thought provoking - love to you all

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