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The 144 Healing System By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Appreciate Your Self In All of Creation By Ann Albers ... And ... Dying To Love By Elijah David

The 144 Healing System By Natalie Glasson &

The Council of 144

Message From The Council of 144 .....

Greetings, we are the Council of 144, as a collective we represent every member of the Universe of the Creator. We exist at the cosmic level and yet are often recognised as the Council of 12 (the 12 core energies that are first expressed from the Creator, of which each of you pass through and are an expression of.)

As the Council of 144, our purpose is to maintain the energy, frequency and vibration of creation as born from the Creator. The frequency we emanate as the 144 synthesises into many dimensions and even civilisations upon the Earth.

During major ascension shifts the 144 frequency is present to support the necessary manifestations. When the 144 frequency is present in whichever form it manifests, you can be sure a powerful shift and transformation is presenting itself for all to experience.

The frequency of 144 at a cosmic level is the vibration of manifestation and creation of the purest nature. It is with this vibration we greet you, activating the same within you. As we connect with each other and through each other, so we recognise the purest vibration of the Creator.

Our purpose in coming forth to you today is to share an insight from the Universe of the Creator and our conscious awareness. We wish to share with you a vibration and frequency known as the 144 Healing System. This is the healing frequency present within our vibration, known as the 144 frequency, born from the cosmic level.

Our frequency represents the wholeness, completeness and oneness of the Creator. Therefore, our healing frequency represents and promotes the same. It is labelled the 144 Healing System because calling upon this energy and attunement begins a cycle of attuning your entire being on all levels to the wholeness, completeness and oneness of the Creator.

The result is that gradually, although at an accelerated rate, you shift your energy vibration to exist in harmony with the 144 frequency with special focus upon healing and transforming that which separates and withdraws your energy from the Creator.

Your harmonisation with the 144 frequency will support a process of discovering your inner truth, dissolving inner wounds, rediscovering the Creator within you and accepting liberation throughout your entire being. Energies that seem to be stagnating will have the opportunity to blossom into the beautiful and blissful energy of the Creator.

The 144 Healing System supports your own special journey of rejoicing with the Creator while allowing you to remain in your power, at the forefront of your internal healing and awakening process. The journey is different for each soul that connects with the 144 Healing System, making it difficult to describe the full presence and purpose of this powerful vibration.

The 144 Healing System holds 144 stands of healing energy, each stand or energy wave was created by the Council of 12. When each strand of healing energy is combined it creates a complete and  ultimate healing shift which impacts all levels of your being. Calling on just some of these healing stands of light could support the healing you desire in your life, reality and being now.

However, when you anchor the 144 stands of healing energy you create a vow with yourself and the Creator of seeking unity with the Creator, beyond the current experiences of your existence on the Earth. A unity that sings to every aspect of your being and re-establishes your intimate relationship with the Creator.

Within the 144 Healing System are codes and divine imprints which represent and emanate the purest vibration of the Creator and the Universe of the Creator. Each code and divine imprint promote oneness and harmonisation with the Creator, supporting you in bringing the same into creation within your reality upon the Earth and the inner planes.

Souls throughout the Universe of the Creator, such as Star Beings and Ascended Masters, download and emanate the 144 Healing System, recognising it as a transformational pathway to remembrance of the Creator on all levels of their being. This is not a new energy, it is a frequency at the very core of your own being and at the foundation of the entire universe of the Creator, as well as the Earth.

Within the Ascended Master Schools on the inner planes, there is an opportunity to access and reactivate the 144 Healing System at which every dimension you are vibrating. Many choose to decipher and express teachings and healing techniques from the 144 Healing System, and yet at a cosmic level it is simply light which shifts your being into complete harmonisation with the Creator.

We, the Council of 144 wish to make you aware of the 144 Healing System now so you may be conscious of this energy within your being, thus beginning a unique healing journey for yourself in co-creation with the Creator. It is essential now due to the Blaze of Light anchoring in 2020 from the Creator with the purpose of creating more light and the magnification of light. If the frequency and energy of the 144 Healing System is recognised within your being and activated, then it will be magnified and further distributed throughout your being by the Blaze of Light.

It is important to recognise that the 144 Healing System manifests the completeness, wholeness and oneness of the Creator for all aspects of your being, reality, creations and existence on the Earth and the inner planes. Take a moment to connect with and embody this understanding:

  • Imagine the presence of wholeness within your being and reality that the 144 Healing System creates.
  • Imagine the transformations the presence of wholeness on all levels of your being would create within you and for your reality.
  • Contemplate your presence and existence in the world with the vibration of wholeness.

Video - "The Ultra Violet Fire & Grace Elohim Meditation" -

Reactivating the 144 Healing System

‘I call forth the frequency and vibration of the Council of 144 to be present with me and ground into my being. I invite the 144 frequency to penetrate my being with the purpose of activating the energy and presence of the 144 Healing System within me. Let the frequency of the 144 Healing System blossom into my entire being, transforming all that I am and create. Support me in accessing and emanating the wholeness, completeness and oneness of the Creator. Let this activation begin now. Thank you.’

The activation will create whatever is needed and appropriate within your being now, thus encouraging your intimate relationship with the Creator.

Magnifying the 144 Healing System with the 

Light Blaze of 2020

This activation can be achieved now or at any time during 2020.

‘I call forth the frequency and vibration of the Council of 144 to be present with me and ground into my being. I invite the 144 frequency to penetrate my being with the purpose of activating the energy and presence of the 144 Healing System within me.

I open my entire being to receive the appropriate vibrations of the 2020 Light Blaze to magnify all that is the light of the Creator. I invite the 2020 Light Blaze to touch every cell of my being, my energy vibration and reality, bathing me in the most supreme light.

I invite a synthesis and reconnection to take place within my being. May the Creator’s 2020 Light Blaze ignite, amplify and reactivate the presence of the 144 Healing System within my being now. I allow the presence, sacred codes, divine influence and guidance of the 144 Healing System to radiate from the core of my being.

I am an embodiment of the 144 frequency and healing vibration; the presence of the wholeness, completeness and oneness of the Creator. I open my mind and heart to recognise truly and purely how the 144 frequency will serve me now in my life and journey of expressing the Creator. Thank you.’

Allow and hold the intention of a synthesis taking place within your being, rest and enjoy the presence of the energy.

Infinite love,

Council of 144

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To see the video of Natalie's message, and/or download a free audio of her message - click on this link:

Video - 2020 Activation Meditation" By Solara An-Ra -


Appreciate Your Self In All of Creation By Ann Albers

& The Angels

Happy Thanksgiving week! The angels remind us to be thankful for the exquisite experience of being in human form and I'll share my deepening perspective on the Oneness of all and how you can experience that Love more frequently.

With love, appreciation, and gratitude for our journey together!

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Can you imagine, dear ones, that the creator of universes imagined you? The Source of all being wondered what it would be like to be the unique soul that you are, and in that one moment of dreaming, your soul was born.

You, and we, exist within the Divine mind. We are thoughts molded into form. We are the vehicles through which the Creator experiences itself and all that it can become. You and we are as fingers on a hand, waves upon an ocean, and colors within a spectrum of light.

You were gifted with free will. Imagine a hand allows the fingers to move independently, or an ocean that allows the waves to move as they please and you will understand the very great love that is present for you at all times. As a mother or father loves their children and shares both their joy and pain, so too the Source lives in you and loves you, feels your joy and your pain.

Take a moment and ponder the fact that you are Divine Love in form. As such, you have free will and the chance, in this body, to experience your true Self in the diversity of all creation. You are given the ability to love, to touch, to taste, to smell in ways that feel far more tangible and real than the virtual reality you experience in the heavens. You can see your light in the setting sun. You can experience your vastness in the expanse of the sky. You can know your turmoil in the storms, and your peace in the stillness of dawn.

Dear ones, being human is a gift. Touch your own hands with love and appreciate the sensations that you feel. Taste your food today and marvel at the explosion of pleasure in knowing your Self this way. Look in the eyes of a beloved and realize that God is looking at itself in both of you. "Mind blowing," you might say. "Heart opening," we reply.

Drop into your heart and feel the appreciation of the Divine for the experience it is being given, through the way you choose to live your life, and through what you choose to create.

Many of you celebrate Thanksgiving during this season. Many of you give thanks for family, food, and friends. The beauty of your light and gratitude tipples into the cosmos and into the heavens. We feel it. We appreciate you.

Perhaps this year you can also take time to drop into your heart and feel the appreciation the Divine has for the experience of living as you.

Perhaps you can take time to be very present, to taste, to touch, to smell, to see, to feel the amazing diversity that you are all around you.

Look into the eyes of another and witness the Divine. Look into the beauty around you and know Divine love. Look into your own eyes in the mirror and witness the Source itself looking back... for each one of you is that and only that.

It is there upon your earth that you can both experience the great diversity of the true Self, and as well, experience yourself as an individual embodiment of Divine love. You can interact with others as unique souls, and yet you can also dive deep within – through love, through appreciation, and through Presence – to know yourselves as One.

Give thanks for this gift of life. Whether easy or challenging, energizing or exhausting, loving or not, you are always, as is all of creation, the One in the many.

We, the angels, love and appreciate you and your work to find unity in the diversity, far more than you can possibly imagine. As the healthy cells nourish the body, so too, your joy, your love, your kindness nourishes the entire "Body of the Divine." We love you. We feel you. We appreciate and give thanks for each and every one of you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "Higher Light Decree - Realignment With Sovereignty" By Steve Nobel


Message From Ann .....

Thanksgiving has been one of the few constants in my life. The people around the table have changed over the years. The places have changed. Even the menu has changed a bit over time as so many of us have significantly reduced sugar and now eat gluten free. What remains constant is the joy that I feel in sharing with friends and family, in preparing food that will delight, and in setting a table that makes my dear ones feel Divine. Love is the constant.

As I go deeper into the mystery and travel farther through time in this lifetime, I have pondered the fact that I've lost many people in my life, not so much to death, but to growth. Some have gone kindly, simply veering off along their own path. Others have left unkindly. In some cases, I've been glad for the change. In others I've grieved.

Over the past few years my perspective and experience of these comings and goings has shifted dramatically. "All beings are windows into the Divine," the angels have taught me. "If one window shuts, another will open. You can find the Divine, the love, the bliss, the true Beloved in all of creation, Ann." The angels are right. I have. I do.

I feel the grass beneath my feet and fall in love with the softness of the greater Self. I watch the pinkish clouds turn glorious gold then white in the sunrise and I feel the pleasure of God witnessing its own brilliance through "my" eyes. I scrub a dish and in a moment of Presence, feel the sponge loving the dish through its service. The Divine is everywhere, in everything, in you and me and even in those we aren't so fond of... There are no exceptions.

Can I maintain this focus all the time yet? No, not yet :) I'm still human! However, the more I make it a practice to drop into my heart and feel love, then to look at life through love's eyes, the more I see nothing but love trying to rise up – as surely as a spring bubbles up through the earth to reveal its nourishing waters.

How I feel gratitude is shifting too. I used to be thankful for things as if I was granted favors by an external God. Now when I feel appreciation, it is more often a sense of pure joy in knowing I Am the Infinite experiencing itself... and so are you. And what an amazing, exquisite experience it is when you know yourself to be unbounded energy getting to experience itself as a cup of warm tea, a fragrant rose, or a pair of comfy socks! What an incredible joy to see your deepest Self looking back at you in the eyes of those you love, and to know that even in the eyes of those you do not like, this love lives patiently, lying in wait for the moment it is allowed to surface.

I look at creation and smile. In moments of spiritual lucidity, I see my Self. I feel as if I am in costume, the Divine masked as Ann, looking at itself masked as well in all of creation. The rose and I have a secret. We are One, connected indelibly by the Ocean of Love that sources us all.

And while this isn't a traditional Thanksgiving letter, perhaps we can all tap in a little more deeply into that sense of appreciation that bubbles up from the Divine when we allow love to rise up within us and witness its glorious self in all that we see, touch, taste, hear, and smell.

The scent of the Thanksgiving dinner baking in the oven is Divine Love. The sweet potatoes are Divine sweetness. The people around your table are embodiments of this love... whether they know it, act it, or not. The autumn leaves are fabric in the cloak of the Divine... All is love.

Witness, feel, enjoy, and give thanks for the experience of witnessing your Self in all creation. You may just well up with tears as you feel God's overwhelming love and appreciation for being able to experience Itself within you.

Here are some pointers to help you experience your true Self...

1. Take time to witness Love around you

When you have a few minutes, find time to be in silence. Simply become present. Look intensely at everything around you. Tell yourself. This is love in the form of my yard, my furniture, the cars on the road, the people. Imagine that love – pure light and energy – is shaped into all these beings and things.

Bear witness to, and acknowledge the countless forms of love and the boundless ways life offers its love to you.

2. Take time to witness or feel Love in yourself

Look into your own eyes in the mirror. You are looking into an endless Ocean of Presence and love. What lives behind those eyes is the love that sources universe, rising up within you.

Breathe. You are feeling the movement of the Source dancing with itself in every cell in your body – light moving through life within you.

Pray, "Dear Divine Source, let me see the light of your love rising up within me. Let me feel your love rising up within me. Let me experience Your Presence with me."

Truly, sincerely ask for this, and then quietly watch your own eyes. Feel your breath moving throughout your body. Move past judgment into silent Presence... and then feel the heart of God beating within yours.

3. Take time for self-appreciation

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, take an hour or two and spend the entire time, contemplating your life. From the earliest memories focus on all there is to appreciate about your life, your tenacity, your grace, your love, your intelligence, etc.

Appreciate the fact that you kerned to walk and tie your own shoes. You made it through school even if you were shy. You fell in love or survived loss. You got sick but you healed, or at least chose to live in spite of it. You have grown.

List – either mentally, or on paper – every achievement in your life that comes to mind, great and small. Take time to feel proud of all you have achieved, then pray with thanksgiving, "Thank you dear Divine Source for living through me and in me."

I pray often, "Dear God help me be the best Me We Can BE." I give thanks for all you on this journey. Your hearts and lights inspire me to keep growing and going onward. Your stories of finding deeper self love, self awareness, and joy delight me.

The farther I go and the more I grow, the more I know... that your success is mine, and mine is yours. I give thanks for the beautiful experience of living in this human form, experiencing life as an individual even as we collectively spiral into a deeper and more intimate dance with Life and the Love that we all truly are.

Happy Thanksgiving dear Lights of Love. I treasure you.

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Infinite Blessings of God's Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance for All of You every day,

Steven Hutchinson

Dying to Love” By Elijah David

The yearning to love can be deeply felt, but also frustrating. The most profound issue is our need to let go of any agenda or regret by living in the present, in a state of "allowance". When love is illusive, or we are lost in reaction, we tend to overthink issues, when what we really need is solace and quiet to release the incoherence of our thought & feelings.

There is a paradox, you have to let go of your need for love to embrace the Source of Love which is your true nature. In other words, you need to merge with the formless first, in order to be conscious of the dynamics of form.

A desire for love will always be compromised when you are acting, or feeling, from the viewpoint of an assumed self. This falsity is created by parenting, schooling, your religious persuasion and culture. These conditions are inherited first, and then developed, they comprise your identity which creates your sense of separation from others.

If you wish to evolve to the frequency of unconditional love, you will need to identify with “Beingness” by flowing with the life force, the energy that sustains you. By doing so, you become the Witness to your thoughts & feelings.

You can’t solve issues with your mind, for the mind is the same program that keeps creating them. Emotions require movement, but Mind requires "Stillness" before you merge with eternal presence and transcend the limitations of time.

People have a deeply repressed fear of surrendering their assumed self, the one with which they have identified since their earliest childhood memories. This is an existential fear, a final wall that prevents a love affair with the eternal, and it includes the fear of dying. The door of the cage may be wide open, but you can still be loath to fly out.

The “gate-less gate”, and the “pathless path”, don’t allow excess baggage - so you must lose yourself to gain the Self. Once such a profound act of faith occurs, the demand of relating to what’s “out there”, particularly others, disappears.

Your inside & the outside become One, the Lover merges with the Loved, and the One perceiving & the perceived are One. There is nought to gain, and nothing to defend, you are One, the Presence of Unconditional Love. This may occur suddenly or gradually, but in the end, the final thought, is to surrender the idea that “I am not already there"....

Elijah David

“Alchemy of the New Earth”

Video - "I Am The Embodiment Of My Divine Self" -


Infinite Blessings With Energies of God's Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect For All of You,

 Steven Hutchinson

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