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You Cannot Avoid the Contract

Posted: 27 Mar 2011

Consider this: one of my dear ones cannot let go of her choice to leave her country to get away from one of the next disasters. On the way to the airport she walks in front of a car. Was this an accident? No. She had chosen to die during that disaster and cancelled that contract with her goal to go away. As a consequence, another condition arose to complete her most important contract. I am describing this scenario because those of you who are going to other areas to avoid a crises are not avoiding the contract, only the general cause of a death that was already determined.

Are all deaths already determined? Yes. Can anyone alter their contract? Yes, but not the content, only the lessor details. Could another death scenario, much later, be controlled by the one being on the brink of death? No, only the means of death could change. What this means is: In a life contract, all of the choices are made before incarnating, including an approximate time of death. No absoute death method can be guaranteed, but numerous possibilities are available. One of them will be the cause.

Now, what this means to you is, no one can avoid their time to leave an incarnation. Running to another area is not going to command a different destiny. Go to give another dynamic to aliveness, not to avoid death.

No one can avoid their death contract. But they can grow to the awareness that they never die. As this awareness becomes their "truth", they choose to ascend instead.

Clandestine operations are not today's message. Acceptance of the inevitable is. Can you be glad to be alive and not concerned about choosing the best way to avoid death? Close the mind about having to avoid death and have more aliveness in this moment. Face the ascension vs. death choice by choosing to ascend or dying as an ordinary death contract calls for. Bring all your disturbance to life and be less afraid, because there is no avoidance of what is contained in your contract.

Be a container of light for others by ascending.. No other way to get out of a body can do as much for others. Close the fantasy about avoiding death - it cannot be avoided if the contract is delivering an end that is contained in it.

Are these messages clear? No death has cancellation as an option. Near death means another contract was offered than what was contained in the original contract. Change nothing about a life because of a concern about death. Choose a new area because your heart calls you there to deliver a different condition to live!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna
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What if it was in her contract to escape the disaster. Dont  dare let people think they cannot change their fate! WE live on a free will planet!


we have no free will , we getiing back . there are  No contracts or  destiny only choices. You're safe. just take a deep breath. you're an eternal being. even if  you die You're safe.

I dont like the feeling that im not in control. even if i had previously decided something, i should have the choice to unchoose it


again, but now in good English ;)
Live in the NOW with all your Love for Life itself (^L^)

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