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Starlight the Unicorn: Power of Intention ... And ... The Importance of Crystals on the Earth by Natalie Glasson...And...Finding the Violet Light Temple Within for Initiation By Sonja Myriel

Starlight the Unicorn: Power of Intention

Greetings, young one. It is Starlight of the Unicorn race, and I greet you all with warmth and love from the fairy realm where we reside. In the misty meadows where tomorrows and yesterdays intertwine, there I am. Come with me, sit with us for awhile and become refreshed. For all is fresh and new here with ripe potential for astonishing creations.

You humans need to realize the power of your intention. For your words, your thoughts – just as much as your actions – create. And they create even more quickly now with the rising tide of the energies that circle and encircle your planet, Gaia. The saying “Actions speak louder than words” is of the old way, the old thinking. The new way of thinking shall “Be careful what you think, for there it is!” And we unicorns wish you to see and truly take this deep lesson of truth into your hearts, for when you embrace this fact, your world around you changes into whatever you wish it to be so.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. We are many, yet we are few at the same time, for we have been hidden for so long, just out of reach from humanity’s control, tucked in the recesses of the dream of the collective. You all intrinsically know us, yet we have remained hidden, for you were not ready for our light, our purity, our power. For you were not yet ready to understand that these same attributes are within you, human child. It is true. And the child within you is growing now into that of a galactic human and your world, your bodies, your environment, your energy signatures are all gloriously rising into that of a brilliant white light.

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race. We see you developing into more of what you already are but have forgotten. You are here to rediscover and re-remember. Isn’t that delightful?

Ride with me in the misty fields and allow the cool breezes filled with the laughter of the sylphs to clean your lungs and fill you with delight. Talk with the fairies as they are so eager to become reacquainted with their human friends. Ride on my back. Feel the silky whiteness and purity of my mane and be lulled into a deep peace by the rhythmic galloping of my hooves.

Meditation can be whatever you want it to be, can it not? Can you see this yet with your third eye? I touch my horn to your third eye. For it is time, high time, that you see this truth with your heart.

You can be fully awake and functioning and loving your children – your foals, and joyful in your place of employment and yet carry that peace of meditation, of inner peace within you wherever you go at all times. Whether you gallop with me in the in between spaces of dimensions and find peace with the fairy folk, or sit in your favorite chair in your living room, or imagine yourself on your favorite star ship with your long lost (but found!) star families; think about whatever and wherever it is that brings you joy and go there. Focus on a beautiful setting and imagine yourself being there, so that even though you may not be able to afford the ticket to go, you are already there in your mind.

For if this is a matrix you are living in, why not? Why not embrace the freedom in this malleability? For all is thought, and thought begets creation. And you are creators. Stretch. Open up to new possibilities for they are are all within, inside you. You are limitless in spirit and encased within the fragile confines of a human body. But this body, my children, is morphing, and your powers are coming online. Rejoice!

I am Starlight of the Unicorn race and we rejoice with you, humanity, in your potential growth and self discovery. We touch our horns to you in friendly greeting and depart now into the light.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl

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The Importance of Crystals on the Earth

It is the divine will and power of the Creator that I channel through my being to you from the source of All That Is. I am a guardian of these sacred Creator qualities and wish to develop your own experience of the divine will and power of the Creator. This is not something to fear, in fact, it is the very truth of your nature and essence. I, Master El Morya, wish to return you to your truth and divine innocence so you may experience fulfilment on all levels of your being.

The divine will and power of the Creator pulsates through all beings on the Earth and the inner planes, especially through the Crystalline Kingdom. Crystals upon the Earth are physical manifestations and expressions of the inner planes Crystalline Kingdom.

In the same way that you are a divine spirit incarnate within a physical body, crystals are vehicles of expression for the Crystalline Kingdom. The consciousness and purpose of the Crystalline Kingdom is to deliver the divine will and power of the Creator; this manifests with qualities of magnification, cleansing, purification, activations, healing, clear vision and focus, alignment to the Creator and generally supporting all aspects of ascension upon the Earth.

The Crystalline Consciousness awakens the divine will within your being, therefore, opening your being to receive the divine guidance of the Creator. This encourages you to receive the full support of the Creator in all areas of your life and experience the divine flow, where everything unfolds with beauty.

The Crystalline Kingdom harnesses the power of the Creator and gifts it to anyone who connects into their essence. They hold the purity and bliss of the Creator, the innocence that is at the core of the Creator and remind those they connect with that the same exists within their being.

In many ways, the Crystalline Kingdom are akin to the Angelic Kingdom or the Unicorn Kingdom. They are expressions of the Creator and beings of service. They are not really present to learn and grow although all aspects of the Creator are focused upon expansion, their purpose is to serve others in remembrance of the Creator. They also hold space for any soul wishing to remember and reconnect with the Creator to do so in a safe and sacred environment.

Physical Manifestation

Physical crystals upon the Earth manifest in diverse, unique ways and forms. The expansive and powerful consciousness of the Crystalline Kingdom is filtered into the physical crystals, each crystal expressing a different quality and consciousness of the Creator.

This means that you can access certain aspects of the Crystalline Kingdom and Consciousness through certain crystals. This is similar for humanity who each express the different aspects of the Creator through his or her physical being. Each crystal plays a specific role upon the Earth while being a part of the whole consciousness that is the Crystalline Kingdom.

When you connect with, hold, or are in the space of a crystal, you have the possibility of absorbing the qualities the crystal is expressing in order to activate the same within your own being. With a clear and pure focus, you have the opportunity to access the Crystalline Consciousness, downloading their wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment into your being to inspire your spiritual evolution upon the Earth.

There is a further possibility of connecting directly into the core of the Crystalline Kingdom to experience the pure energies, wisdom and light that the Crystalline Kingdom receive directly from the Creator. With a special request, you may also access the healing abilities and energies of the Crystalline Consciousness downloading and receiving these sacred energies into your being. There are many levels of communication that can be achieved with the crystals.

With a request or intention, you may invite the crystals to magnify positive loving qualities within your being, energise your creations and manifestations, heal and cleanse your being of negativity, reprogram your being at a cellular level, act as an anchor for the Creator’s light and love, ground your being, relieve physical symptoms and so much more. Crystals are expressions of the Creator which can be used as tools to aid your ascension in whichever way you choose.

Crystals and the Earth

The physical body of a crystal is born from the Earth; it is a creation of the divine consciousness of the Crystalline Kingdom and Mother Earth. The Crystalline Kingdom in manifestation upon the Earth has a contract and purpose with Mother Earth. Not only do they hold the role in assisting humanity in their spiritual evolution, but they also hold the role of stabilising the energies of the Earth.

The crystals maintain the energy vibration of Mother Earth so that harmony can be experienced as Mother Earth and all move through ascension shifts and constant evolution. Even when crystals are removed from their place in the Earth they still act as stabilisers for the Earth’s energy.

As souls are evolving at different speeds, creating and manifesting different intentions and still investing in illusion, this can cause a lack of equilibrium and even a sense of chaos. The crystals work to maintain a balance and bring into the awareness of those awakening, areas that require healing. In truth, the crystals create equilibrium until humanity can create equilibrium, harmony and balance for themselves upon the Earth.

When in meditation while connecting with a crystal, you have the opportunity to request to access, experience and embody the highest energy of equilibrium created by the Crystalline Consciousness for the Earth. In doing so, you will experience and embody the possibility of awakening the same energy of equilibrium and balance within your being. This will create an activation within your being of the energy of balance that is required to emanate from each soul upon the Earth to create and maintain balance for all upon the Earth.

You may even receive guidance or inspiration of how to nurture your inner balance and the equilibrium of the Earth’s energy as all souls move through ascension. During this process, you may wish to invite the crystal to demonstrate to you how humanity can work together to create harmony within and in the reality of the Earth and what this would look like.

There are some crystals focused upon cleansing and purifying the Earth’s energies to release the presence of illusion and strengthen the presence of truth. These crystals can be called forth in energetic form to wash away illusions that you may be holding onto and empowering the truth already activated and present within your being.

Guardians of Earth’s Ancient Knowledge

While all crystals have the ability to retain knowledge and wisdom across many civilisations, it is only some crystals that hold the role of protecting and securing the ancient sacred knowledge of the Earth. These crystals safeguard wisdom such as how the Earth was created, the mission and purpose of the Earth, the role of the Earth in the Universe of the Creator, the purpose of all beings upon the Earth, the laws of creation of the Earth and the ascension process of the Earth.

The answer to any questions that you could create regarding the Earth, Mother Earth and all in existence upon the Earth can be discovered within these crystals. The crystals are retaining this knowledge to ensure the integrity and truth of the Earth as she evolves, while also waiting to reactivate the same wisdom within all upon the Earth with divine timing.

The crystals and Mother Earth do invite you in meditation or quiet time to call forth the most appropriate Guardian of the Earth’s Knowledge Crystal to connect with your being and allow you to receive and experience the energy and wisdom the crystal holds. You may wish to make a request that the crystal imparts and activates within your being the same wisdom it holds.

The most appropriate crystal will come forth to you in energetic form and will deliver the wisdom that will support your spiritual evolution and expanding perceptions of truth. You have a divine right to activate this ancient knowledge within your being; the crystals are simply safeguarding the energy until humanity is ready to understand and accept the truth.

In the divine will, power and love of the Creator,

Master El Morya

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Venus, Sun and Moon - Finding the Violet Light Temple Within for Initiation By Sonja Myriel

Dear Violet Light Tribe,

How are you doing? Are you noting the changes in emotional patterns and automatic responses same as me? Have you entered this new room together with me? Old patterns of behavior are finally falling apart, repetitious emotional responses lift and give way to PEACE and FREEDOM of thought and emotion.

We are anchoring these changes in our DNA. This is important, because WHAT WE LEARN, FUTURE GENERATIONS CAN BUILD UPON. Those areas of your personal life which are interwoven with the family’s ancestors are automatically healing ALL the family members, past, present and future, at the very moment that you YOU SURRENDER and let HEALING take over. This is the seed which will bear ripe fruit everywhere around you where people, you get into contact with, are ready to climb one stair higher in frequency with the help of your natural vibration of love and acceptance.

You are reading this and do not know what I am talking about? Well, never mind, with the coming New Moon we are starting into a brand-new cycle, opening with the Moon of FREEDOM. Freedom through FORGIVENESS is the message of the first round – and if you have participated in our Easter Resurrection Ceremony, you are entering the second round now and you will FEEL much FREER NOW than you have felt in years – or decades … or actually never before?

Only YOU can tell, but if you have not noticed any changes as of yet, begin to consciously observe your automated emotional response .patterns and start from there. Observe the direct connection between your thoughts and emotions and how all your well-being depends on them, plus the health of your body. And here it is – the TRINITY of mind, soul and body and it holds the clue for MASTERSHIP: Through the perfect union of all three components.

This Trinity is also reflected in the three days of the week on which we have been invited by the Beings of the Violet Ray and Light to consciously INTEGRATE and ANCHOR the Divine Qualities in flesh and body: VENUS (from body to LIGHTBODY) – SUN (Sunday – SPIRIT and mental inspiration / healing) – MOON (Monday – the integration of our SOUL into conscious awareness (SUN) and direct ACTION (Venus – lightbody – body connection)


Venus, Sun and Moon – Friday, Sunday and Monday. These are our CONNEXION DAYS until the SOLSTICE in June, whence a new quarter of the cycle of the year begins with the first New Moon after the solstice.

What to do on those days? Choose a time when you would like to connect to the Violet Ray and Light with the help of Saint Germain and Lady Portia, AA Zadkiel and Lady Amethyst and the Elohim Arcturus and Diana.

Take your time to bathe and take in the Purifying Fire of the Violet Ray before you expand your vision and see yourself as part of a network of LIFE ENERGY or, as you may term it, LOVE-LIGHT-GRID … see the grid? …. Feel the grid? … It is of ALL the colours of the rainbow … and the Violet Light Tribe is incarnate here on Earth in order to sound the bells of the Awakening of the NEW HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS.

Humanity is awakening through us! We are the FORERUNNERS. The Violet Light announces the Paradigm Shift to the New Golden Age. It is the Quality which will accompany us for the coming 2000 years throughout the Age of Aquarius after the Age of Pisces, hence the FISH having been the symbol for CHRISTIANITY.

The RAY which reigned during the last 2000 years was the 6th Ray, the Ray of SERVICE and DEDICATION. A lot of dedication and service of many unknown martyrs and saints, witches and wise men, of leaders and people who had reached initiation and were willing to pass on their knowledge to future generations was necessary throughout this historical “Time of Christianity” to withstand the power of the “One God” who would not accept any other Divinity around Him …


The VIOLET FIRE is the TORCH OF FREEDOM on our hands now.

The Violet Ray holds the Frequency of Liberation through FORGIVENESS

The Violet LIGHT is the Ray of Light which FIRST illuminates the darkness, right before the sun’s first rays begin to light up the EARTH with the dawning new day.

The coming New Moon this Sunday / Monday signals the beginning of the Moon of FREEDOM. During this period we become conscious of the many possibilities of the UNION of the Silver Platinum RAY and the Violet Ray. The Platinum Ray enhances the Violet Ray’s purifying properties so they can impact the world of MATTER.

Changes in DNA are anchoring the new programs in our body cell structure. NOW is the time for profound decisions which we need not consciously stay aware of in our day to day lives, we may forget – but our bodies re-MEMBER the VIBRATION of what it was like to be elevated, make decisions, and return in consciousness to our 3D conditioning where all remembrance can be lost – or part of it, depending on where we stand. Does that sound familiar? Well then, WELCOME on BOARD J


To sum up:

My Fridays, Sundays and Mondays since the Easter Full Moon have been full of Healing through the overlightening powers of Arcturus and Diana who wish to WELCOME you all to the Violet Temple of Light inside your Heart Flame on these days so we can WEAVE the VIOLET LIGHT CHARM all around our planet in order to sound the trumpets that LOVE –accompanied by all its Divine Qualities as there are  Compassion, Truth, Peace, Divine Justice, Power and Wisdom and more – is the path to Divinity!

Whatever the above words may mean to you in specific, this is the Truth. WELCOME to the Violet Temple of Light teachings WITHIN!

Let us enter the Moon of FREEDOM through FORGIVENESS together as each of us chooses a time and place for Sunday and Monday, to INVOKE the Violet Light and Ray and go inwards to find the Temple of Violet Light within our Heart Flame. We shall meet there, my dear friends and family, each of us in their Divine Light Form.

And from that time onwards, when you have found your inner Violet Light Sanctuary, visit it regularly, directly overshadowed by the Masters, Archangels and Elohim of the Violet Ray of Transmutation.

Every FRIDAY, SUNDAY and MONDAY let us light this Inner Temple Fire, ready to SHARE it with the WORLD! Like beakons of light whose light is drawn to each other no matter how much physical distance may seem to be between them.–Connexion is a matter of RESONANCE; thus, let us first turn to our I AM presence to find our Violt Light Temple within – and then we connect from this purified FIELD of FREEDOM through FORGIVENESS to ALL HEARTS who are open to RECEIVE.

At the end of your meditation, close the Sacred Space and consciously return to your Everyday consciousness. If you can, WRITE DOWN the essence of your experience afterwards – do not forget to mention colours, mood, scenery … and please SHARE if you get the impression that we should all know about your experiences because they might be important for all of us!


Thank you from the bottom of my HEART to all my friends here at lightgrid, most of all, all who I have come to know in person and my dear Admin team! Without you, these messages would never reach outside as they are intended to do!

By your sharings you tell others what you like. Maybe it’s time to step forward a bit more? But like it or not – what REALLY counts is YOUR DEDICATION to fulfill YOUR Divne Plan and Mission and to learn DISCERNMENT along your path. Is this message for you? No? – Well, be blessed and move on! You have another plan, another mission – FULFILL it b est you can!

If your answer is YES, however, then go within and look for the Violet Light Temple.

I wish you all a most magnificent weekend and week ahead, which will start out with a most miraciousl MONDAY if you so make it BE!


LOVE eternal – from ALL my HEART,


Sonja Myriel

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