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Spreading Our Wings By Emmanuel Dagher... And ... There Is An Inner Awakening Blossoming ... And ... Support Of The Universe By Natalie Glasson & Archangel Michael

Spreading Our Wings By Emmanuel Dagher

It’s such a blessing for me to connect with you in this way. We have so much to catch up on, so let’s get right to it!

March will serve as a highly active month when it comes to our personal growth journey. The inner shifts we’ll experience will help us spread our energetic wings, so that we can transcend the previous limitations we’ve unconsciously created.

By the end of this month, we will feel like a completely different person.

During the month of March, our inner strength will be renewed in a way that lends us the energy and willingness to shed the lingering heaviness and protective armor we’ve been carrying.

Creative expressions, ideas, and projects we had previously put on hold will make their way to the forefront of our consciousness.

Healthy connections with the people, places, and experiences that are important to us will also be strengthened and increased at this time.

From the beginning of March, we will be guided to reflect on the things we are ready to release, so we can make room for the new blessings life is creating for us.

Yet often when we decide to move beyond the habits, behaviors, patterns, and stories that are no longer aligned with our path of growth, the mind can become sensitive and unsure about these changes, because it thinks it is losing something.

If you feel that your mind is acting more sensitively than usual this month, know that the mind is just doing the best it can to protect you from change.

It will do this by using primal, survival-based coping methods, such as going into fear, doubt, and judgment. Know that the mind does this just to feel safe.

There’s another, better way to help your mind feel safe, and that is to consciously show up for it, as you would for a best friend. This means that instead of being hard on your mind, you’re even more understanding, loving, and gentle with it.

This helps the mind move into a greater sense of peace and trust that you are always there to support and protect it. The mind will then begin to realize that it is not losing anything by moving beyond the habits and limiting patterns it has long identified with.

Instead, it will recognize how much more it will gain when it no longer reverts to previous coping methods.

The human part of the mind simply desires to receive love, care, and acknowledgement.

As the mind receives these from us, it becomes much more open to embracing personal growth and healing.

Choosing Love

As the empowering energies of this month offer us the opportunity to renew our inner strength, we will find it easier to connect with the core essence of our Divine nature, which is love.

Love allows us to see the wholeness and perfection within all of life itself. It allows us to see beyond the veils of illusion that convince the mind that separation and fear are needed.

Choosing to be and express love on our daily path is a powerful practice.

Some days it can be a challenge to choose love, yet know that you are not alone in that. The important thing to remember, is to be gentle and easy with yourself as you experience what happens when love is not chosen by you or another.

Collectively, we all grew up in a world that valued intellect over intuitive feeling and inner realization.

Yet some of the most visionary figures in history, who have helped to progress the evolution of humanity throughout time, knew that the greatest advancements in society occur when we personally and collectively choose to embrace feeling as equally if not more important than the intellect.

To feel is to expand, and to expand is to love. These visionaries knew that love is what’s helping every living being to progress and evolve.

It’s important to understand that emotions are not the same as feelings. Emotions are responses the mind makes from a space of defining something as being either Good or Bad.

Of course, it’s important to honor, love, and be grateful for our emotions, because they are an important part of the feedback needed to help us recognize how we are showing up for and loving ourselves.

Intuitive feelings differ from emotions, because they do not operate in the duality of labeling ideas or experiences as either Good or Bad.

Feelings operate in the realm of discernment. They help us intuitively recognize what is expanding us and what is contracting us inwardly.

Those inner realizations also teach us that just because something is expansive for us doesn’t mean it will be expansive for someone else. This helps us release the idea that something has to be labeled as either Good or Bad, and moves us into a much more neutral way of being.

Love itself is neutrality. Love does not operate in duality.

As we choose to be and express love—living from the heart and discerning inwardly what is right for us—life rises up to meet us in love, nurturing us every step of the way.

When we choose love, life rearranges everything in our outer world so that we can experience more love.

The more we become aware of these opportunities and move into them, the easier it becomes to anchor love into our reality as a way of life.

It is important to realize that though we were taught otherwise, real love does not have any conditions placed around it. And its neutral stance does not indicate weakness.

Love does not judge, and does not cause us or another pain or hardship. Love does not require us to give up or hide any part of ourselves.

When we choose love, we choose to be in the natural rhythm and flow of life.

Dreaming Your Year 2021 Transmission By Steve Nobel -



Creative Flow

March is an excellent time to allow our creativity to flow in a direction that feels expansive and productive to us.

This will be a great time to change up our routine—to try something new that inspires us creatively.

In order to channel our creative energy into productive action, we must make self-love and compassion a top priority in our lives.

As a society, we have been conditioned to believe that self-love is egoic and wrong. This was all part of us forgetting that we come from and are an extension of Spirit.

When the mind forgets that we are Spirit first, it tends to give its power away.

This usually leaves us feeling insecure and stuck, living in fear and lack. These are survival-based energies that cause the eventual breakdown of physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being.

For a long time now, we have been releasing the layers of this archaic conditioning, which has held us back from making self-love a top priority in our lives.

However, many people still don’t know how to make self-love a priority.

Self-love is just another way of saying we are honoring and acknowledging all aspects of ourselves.

When we love ourselves exactly as we are, without trying to fix or get rid of any part of ourselves, we are acknowledging the Spirit/Source within us.

By loving ourselves fully, we reflect to Spirit, “You are perfect, whole, and know exactly what you are doing!”

Loving ourselves is the greatest form of honor and respect we can show to Spirit/Source.

And what is happening right now, is our opportunity to move even more in this direction.

A Time to Explore

March will give us the opportunity to be more curious and to explore.

There’s a prominent belief in the collective consciousness that being curious can bring undesirable repercussions.

This often stems from superstitions passed down by our ancestors and society—again, so that the mind can feel safe and protected within the constructs it has built for itself.

At our core, we are Spiritual beings. Spirit is naturally curious, because it’s always expanding, moving, and evolving.

As a Spiritual being, we know that we are not confined to anything or anyone.

Yet to the mind, this type of free and open awareness can feel overwhelming, especially for those who have focused more on developing their left brain activity, which is the organized, rational, structured–thought part of the brain.

Yet we have been and will continue to be nudged to equally develop our right brain, which represents the creative, nurturing, spiritual, and loving aspects of ourselves.

The right side of the brain is the part of the body that our Spirit communicates with first, because it can more easily process and understand those spiritual concepts and images.

As we continue to develop this part of ourselves, we become clear vessels for guidance from our Spirit, and are fully able to embrace the part of ourselves that is naturally curious.

Towards mid to late March, you may find yourself feeling guided to explore more.

Exploring can come in many different forms. You may feel guided to more fully explore the inner aspects of yourself, such as your inner realizations, gifts, talents, desires, etc.

You may also feel guided to explore more of your outer world, by physically getting out and experiencing more of your immediate or extended environment.

Sometimes just being out in Nature more and listening to the sounds of a stream or the wind in the trees, or tuning in to the presence of the rocks or the trees—feeling their spirit and vibration—can offer you an energy that helps restore you to the feeling of being your true self.

Creative expression, or giving to others, such as in volunteer work, can also help to bring us back to who we really are—back to our own higher vibration.

March will be an excellent time to be curious and to explore all things that resonate with us on a Soul level. This will enrich our lives in ways that will help us experience a quantum leap in our personal growth and well-being.

Until next time,

Miraculously yours,

Emmanuel Dagher
Video - "13 Chakra & DNA Activation Meditation By Solara An-Ra


There Is An Inner Awakening Blossoming ... By The Federation of Light Through Blossom Goodchild

Hello to you. Well, something shifted in my energy last Sunday. I’d heard an energy Light boost was coming in (someone had sent me the info) and to be honest, I take everything with a pinch of salt these days. Yet, for me, and others I know … it happened … something that was said actually happened! A definite lift of my energy … as if an ‘attachment’ had been removed, type of feeling. Just feeling so much Lighter. Any thoughts?

Dearest Blossom and all souls who partake in the upliftment of The Whole. Yes, indeed, a Planetary shift occurred. We would not say it was on a massive scale for all to notice … not this one! Yet, indeed, a clearing of sorts took place due to the High level of Energy that was pouring in.

We are aware that so much at this time upon your Planet is appearing to be bleak, yet, this is not so. Shifts of great proportion are taking place and much cleansing also. There are many ‘Off Planet’ who are assisting in this project and timing is of the essence.

What do you mean?

All that is taking place is of the Divine Plan, as you know. The change over from darkness into Glory is forever working towards its final goal.

Many over the last year decided to feel more of their Truth. Many awoke to their Truth from a long deep sleep. In doing so, there came with it an increase of Light. Much strength from awakened souls is now able to not only anchor the Light but also, send out Light on a much greater scale.

Do you feel, Blossom, more of that which we have spoken of, regarding having strength to do what you came to do?

In this last week, yes! I feel so much more ‘on top of things’ and … well, ready.

There are many who are feeling the same.

And for those who do not?

They will! It is a bit like a flick of a switch.

That’s certainly what it felt like for me. I just woke up feeling different … and my good mood has remained ever since. God, it feels good! It’s been so long! So, is this flick of a switch a type of activation … envelopes opening, etc?

No. It is that the Energy coming in was received and absorbed and transmuted much heaviness within many.

Why some and not others?

Depending on their placement … it affects some … before/earlier … than others.

Placement of residence?

No. Placement within themselves. Do not misunderstand, Blossom. This is not about first come first served. This is about ‘One’s own timing’. It is not for one to feel ‘left out’, yet, to understand that if they have not experienced the Lightness ‘back’ within themselves … they will do, when ‘they’ are ready.

This Strength shall continue to be felt and absorbed. It was not just a one-day affair, so to speak.

This is the time now when ‘action’ is to take place on many, many levels.

We would call it ‘a turnaround’ … for the ‘general public’ have had enough of the lies and the deceit and are picking up on the calling from within to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

There is an inner … Awakening/Strength … that is stirring within souls who would normally remain quietly in the corner. There is a call for human rights to be heard and acted upon.

Dearest Souls … as you say the Mantra over and over … can you hear the millions of voices that are in chorus with you? Can you feel that gathering within your soul?

Close your eyes for a moment and ‘hear’ the voice of ONE becoming louder and louder.

Imagine souls all over your Globe as if marching in one block, repeating, with swords of Light raised to the skies





Feel that imagination. Allow it to stir deep within you in the KNOWING that the POWER that you now know yourself to be, is anchored deep within and nothing and no one is able to stop this marching forward.



Can you feel the excitement now?

Will you allow the resonance of KNOWING this, to drive you onwards?

Video - "The 2021 Equinox Gateway Is Open Now!" -

By Melanie Beckler


Collect your thoughts. Release all those that do not serve. Send all negative indoctrinations out into the ethers … and once again …


Do this regularly.

Remember to do this. To close your eyes, breathe deeply and KNOW …







Struth! I can really feel this build up inside me, as you say it. As if ‘Nothing can stop us’.

Blossom, the only thing that can stop you is yourself. No matter your circumstances at this time … no matter what part of the world you live in …



Oh, how I hate to dampen, yet, for many who have been in continual lockdown, they may not agree.

Yet, they may. Have they not got to a point when enough is enough? They may be going through different emotions, different phases of Awakening, yet, it is allowing Each One to walk into their own conclusions.

This façade that is being played out is ‘Dying its own death’, Blossom.

And in its place … RENEWED HOPE.

Ok. Feeling how I feel, I get that. Yet, it certainly is not appearing that way.

Sometimes, that which is dying does not always look as a bed of roses.

We ask that you hold on to the knowing inside you.

Let us ask you all …

Do you know the Light has won?

My answer … Yes.

How do you know this?

My answer … A feeling.

Of what?

My answer … Trusting my knowing. If I didn’t feel things were to change for the better, I don’t know how I would manage to continue. It’s just something inside that knows all this will change.

And again … how does this feeling feel?

My answer … GOOD!

Because, Dearest Souls, who have undertaken this mammoth task …


You usually would say ‘Your Truth’ …

Yet, we have chosen to say ‘THE TRUTH.’

You see, Blossom, with all that is to be … discovered/uncovered … brought into the Light of day … Each One of you that are ready … Each Soul that has been waiting for so long … will command their full presence to be ‘with them’ and this KNOWING of what to do … how to assist … will present itself as one brings in a Higher level of Energy … a Higher representation of one’s individual individuality.

Busy, busy, busy, shall you be. Yet, with a readiness to awaken each new dawn in service … to the/of the … Light that you are.

Be of such Gratitude that you were called upon to be of such Divine Service.

What better reason to be alive than to be of service … to the/for the … Greater Good Of All.


We ask that you be patient … with the soul self. Just KNOW that this gathering of more aspects of self, shall slowly integrate with the aspect of the you that ‘arrived’ to do the groundwork … would we say, and NOW that this is done and in place … and Energies are more conducive … then one’s ‘Team’ can come in and join the party.

This is sounding really hopeful. It makes sense to me, in the sense … of already KNOWING THIS yet, unable to KNOW until this time.

This is what we have spoken of in past conversations Blossom … Of ‘Coming into your own’ … ‘Walking into yourself’ … of the Strength that you shall find when it is most required.

Yet, again, not to dampen the fab uplifting energy here … it is still going to be pretty tough going, is it not?

That would depend on whether you see your glass as half empty or half full.

Yes, indeed, on the one hand … there is much to come out that will shock even the most ‘prepared’ … and yet on the other, one will simply recognize that these ‘uncoverings’ are allowing the darkness to be exposed and that one’s ‘mission to be accomplished’ is to heal, replenish, comfort, understand, accept, soften, explain, and then to repeat all of the above, time and time again.

This is why it has been said, that although one feels they are so very fed up of waiting … make the most of this quiet time … to build your strength … to prepare … for once the whistle blows … there shall be little time for twiddling one’s thumbs.

Bring it on … WE GOT THIS!

This we know.

This we are assured of.

This is why you are here.

This is why you were chosen.

Because you have … YOU HAVE GOT THIS!

Yet, remember to recharge. As we have said before … if you forget to recharge your phone … your day doesn’t go so well. Same as for self. Each night, imagine plugging your cable in from your crown chakra to ‘above’. Switch it on and check it is charging … then allow the peace of sleep to do its thing.



With a smile, we say ‘May the Force be with you.’

With a beaming smile back ‘atcha, I reply ‘WE KNOW IT IS’! In Gratitude, in Loving service. I Am… very hopeful!

I lovingly call forth Infinite Blessings with the full power of God's Infinity Energies Divinely Perfect for Blessings of Each of Your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flame, Peace, Joy, & Abundance in every moment for Each of You !

Video - "May The Force Be With You - Blossom Goodchild channeling the Federation of Light 02 28 21 -

Video - "Higher Light Decree: Clearing Negative Portals/Seals/Dark Interference"

By Steve Nobel -


Support Of The Universe By Natalie Glasson &

Archangel Michael

Greetings and love I, Archangel Michael, extend to you now. It is an honour to be in your presence as I bring forth the energy, love, and peace of the Angelic Kingdom. May this vibration and frequency download into your being, through your being and into Mother Earth so she may experience the blessings and gifts that we share with you and with all.

Today I, Archangel Michael, wish to bring forth an insight. It is a transformation that is taking place now, an energy vibration flowing from the Universe of the Creator, the core of the Creator into your being and it is an ascension process.

I, Archangel Michael, invite you to imagine with me now.

Allow yourself to observe your physical body, your surroundings and even observe the entire world that surrounds you. As you focus deeper within your being, you will become familiar with your own energy and frequency, connecting into who you are. Allow yourself to acknowledge,

Do you feel alone?

Do you feel connected to others?

You are in existence upon the Earth as the vibration of many and yet with your physical body, you may feel separate. You may feel as if you are an individual and to some extent you are, and yet multiple vibrations of the Creator flow through you.

You might liken this to a rainbow, but a rainbow that has multiple colours, even colours that you do not recognise. These rainbow colours flow through your being into the Earth, into all beings, and into everything you create. This is your expression of the Creator. The rainbow energy of multiple colours flows throughout your being constantly, it is like a river which cannot be stopped.

In your current existence in a physical body upon the Earth you have accepted the purpose of creation.

Every moment of your reality is a moment created by you, everything you feel within you, everything around you is an experience created by you, whether it is from beliefs, your subconscious mind, intentions or from the contracts of your soul.

You are like a creating machine; you cannot stop creating. You may not understand how you create, and yet it is something that is continuous, maybe even automatic. As you imagine with me, Archangel Michael, imagine yourself as this creating machine, there is no on or off switch, there is simply continuous creations, you are continuously creating.

Imagine with me, Archangel Michael, all around you are beings, physical beings on the Earth and they are the same as you. They have this rainbow light that allows them to express the Creator, they have accepted the purpose of creating. They are like creating machines; they cannot stop creating.

Every person on the Earth is constantly creating, sometimes the creations are purposeful, positive, fulfilling, other times they guide you on a journey of understanding and growth. The purpose of this process is so you can firstly understand yourself more fully and begin to fine tune your machine of creating.

Secondly, so you may understand the Creator more fully, open yourself up consciously to receive and express the purpose of the Creator through your being. With an understanding of yourself and everyone else achieving their purpose of creation you can recognise that everyone is in sync and connected. You are all the same, your purpose is the same. Therefore, you are a team with everyone on the Earth and this is not only human beings.

Imagine yourself as a team with everyone on the Earth, you are supporting everyone, they are supporting you. It is not that you need to create this, as it is the truth, when you create expressing your rainbow light you are being supported by everyone on the Earth and you are supporting everyone on the Earth. There is a team energy, a connection, a co-creation.

Imagine there are 352 dimensions to the Creator's Universe. Within each dimension there are multiple beings, Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Star Beings, Angels, Archangels, Goddess Beings, Elementals and so many more beings, all of light.

You may say there is darkness as well, everything is created from the Creator, so it is true to say that even the darkness is created from the light and holds a purpose of growth and a journey of understanding.

Imagine all these beings of light are expressing the rainbow light of multiple colours through their beings; they are expressing the Creator. They are expressing the purpose of the Creator; therefore, they are looking at you, they are supporting you and everyone on the Earth.

Imagine every single being in the entire Universe of the Creator within 352 levels of the Creator's Universe directing their energy to you. You are a team with everyone in the Universe of the Creator, your energy, your purpose also is directed to them, directed to all beings supporting their creations.

Again, imagine you are in existence in a physical body on the Earth, you have the purpose of creating guided by the Creator. Everyone on the Earth is supporting you and assisting you, everyone on the inner planes within the 352 dimensions of the Creator's Universe is supporting you, sending you energy and love and truth, energising, and amplifying all that you create. Can you imagine this?

Millions beyond millions of beings supporting you at this moment, in truth, at every given moment. All of this creates a oneness, a wholeness and that oneness and wholeness is the Creator, so you are a part of an integral oneness and truth of the Creator. As you allow yourself to imagine this you will shift into this perspective, into this reality, into the vibration and so my question to you is simple.


With all this energy, the multiple multi-coloured rainbow light flowing through you, which is the expression of the Creator, what do you choose to focus upon?

What do you wish to experience in your reality?

What emotions do you wish to experience?

What thoughts do you wish to experience?

What actions and reactions do you wish to experience?

What situations and circumstances do you wish to experience?

What type of people do you wish to have in your reality?

What do you wish your surroundings to be like?

Video - "Support Of The Universe Archangel Michael" -


Imagine that you are creating on a fresh and clean canvas, where your past is not influencing your present and you have all the support you need. Whatever you wish to create there are so many beings on the Earth and the inner planes cheering you on, amplifying and magnifying whatever you wish to create.

As you imagine this, what is the feeling that emerges from within your being? Is it a feeling of success or fulfilment, deep love or maybe a relaxation and peace? Allow this vibration to fill your entire being, let it flow from your being, send it to all beings on the Earth and the inner planes. As you continue to imagine, I, Archangel Michael, invite you to ask yourself:


What is it that I need to create in co-creation with the Creator, my soul, everyone on the Earth and everyone on the inner planes? What is it that needs to be created and expressed through me now?

This is my message to you today. I wish to invite you to imagine, imagine all that I have shared daily. Allow yourself to shift into that co-creation vibration because that co-creation vibration is essential to activating the New Earth Ascension Blueprint already anchored into your being, and also allowing you to create, to heal, to experience co-creation, and oneness with the Creator.

Please imagine this daily, shift yourself into the vibration of co-creation where you are supported entirely by the Universe of the Creator because it is the truth, it is an important and integral aspect of your ascension now.

Please do not worry about creating the wrong thing or trying to get your creation perfect so that you create the right thing. There is no such thing as wrong or right, simply allow yourself to be inspired as the wonderful thing about your creations is that you are always creating. You have so much time to practice, to express what is truly within your heart and your soul.

I love you deeply and I am here to support you eternally,

In truth and love I thank you,

I am Archangel Michael

More Archangel Michael -

To get a free audio download of Natalie's message, click on this link:

Infinite Blessings with the full power of God's Infinity Energies that are Divinely Perfect for your Soul's Love, Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flame, & Peace Joy, & Abundance that are all Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment !

Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Freedom Flame Transmission" -


Steve Nobel :
In this meditation we call upon your Team in Spirit along with a number of specialist angels to assist you in clearing and sealing any negative openings/portals along with any tears and rips or porous areas of your energy. We clear all magnetic and energetic interference. Removing all associated agreements and programming.
The aura is the energy fields that every living being possesses. Psychically, the aura can be seen or felt revealing to an intuitive our mood, emotions, and overall vibe.
We can also describe it saying, the aura is an energetic radiation around the physical body, it is where we meet the world energetically. Like our skin, our aura is also a vibrational boundary.
When your vibration is clear and high then your aura will feel light, bright and happy. If otherwise your aura will feel heavy, dark, and polluted. Some beings have a porous aura which leads to the problem of feeling like an energy sponge.
In this volatile time on the earth-plane it is important to pay attention to our energy fields since these directly affect our psychological state and the health of your physical body.
This meditation deals a serious issues concerning our energy. In this time of ascension, we can open portals which will either feel light dark or neutral.
Portals can allow light beings to contact you, whereas dark portals allow ‘alien’ energies and entities access to your energy as well as allowing for a draining or harvesting of your energy. Negative portals or openings can be caused by several factors including:
• Habitual negative thinking,
• Ongoing Stress/Trauma,
• Excessive emotional reactions to life circumstances,
• Workaholism,
• Excessive Fantasy/Video Gaming,
• Addictions such as alcohol, drugs, and sex,
• Unconscious speech, choices and actions,
• Environmental toxins/Harmful Electromagnetic fields,
• Unintentional/intentional psychic attack,
• Any relationship with False Light Beings,
• Present life karmic triggers originating from a trauma or black magic connection in another time and space.
Remember that you are sovereign in your energy. Your word is Law in your Universe. Your energy field is sacrosanct! Interference is a sign that there is still work to be done at some level.

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