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Soul Transitions Vibe Report June 2009
a message from Nancy Leilah Ward
Saturday, 6 June, 2009

A lot of people have been feeling like they’re suspended between the old and what’s next – as if we are on the trapeze and have let go of one bar and are reaching for the other in verrrrrry sloooooow motion. However, if it hasn’t happened already, that other trapeze bar is going to come smashing to your hand and you’ll grab it and… whoosh!

During the month of June there is an opening – a gateway of energy and all we have gathered around us energetically will be shooting forth to be manifested on the physical plane. There are very powerful energies at work and in this manifestation there are opportunities to expand and grow – to release. What we see outside of us is a reflection of what we are within so whatever shows up reveals where there is light and where there is density—contrasting and revealing each other in the glory that is physical life on Earth.

Light and dark reveal each other and are needed – we have said this before – if all was Light you would be blinded and if all was dark, you wouldn’t be able to see. Accept and play within the beauty of the contrast. It is most magnificent to observe how the light from the sun and the moon play upon this beautiful Earth and the light of love and awareness plays within our consciousness as well.

That which appears in our life is a direct result of our own focus and if you do not like what you see, know that you can change it. Do not feel badly if you don’t like your creation, do not turn against yourself for it is that very energy that creates pain and confusion. Instead, nurture yourself, be kind and loving to yourself, do something nice for yourself to soothe your heart. Look at your experience and bless it for revealing to you that which needs your attention, that which is calling out to be transformed through your awareness and understanding.

As the energetic floodgates open during the month of June, much will be shifting and rearranging in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies of everyone. Intimate relationships are going through deep transformation. That which is not in harmony with your heart can no longer be ignored. This includes relationships with jobs, business and living spaces as well. Allow that transformation to find its place and within the transition is a great deal of love, even though it may seem very painful, know that as you allow your life situations to transform and as you enter into a more authentic expression of your Soul, those who are affected by your transformation have the opportunity to find their authenticity as well.

As energies shift and reconnect to authentic expression they will flow into creative endeavors, new partnerships and collaborations that help accelerate the energy of love that is being amplified throughout the Universe. This energy is vibrating at a high frequency and is affecting your sun, your Earth and all the planets of the Solar System.

There will be much prosperity flowing to those who have been listening to the call of their Soul. Your time has come, dear ones as that which you have been focusing on begins to flower. Send out seeds of light through your desire – send out seeds of light for this flowering to occur.

Those who are receiving energies of prosperity, we ask that you be jubilant and to shine your joy out into the world so that others can pick up on it and be carried along on the waves of creation, prosperity and transformation. You are all connected in a web of one-ness within your unique individuality and the telepathic abilities that have been ignored within you are growing stronger and stronger. Trust what you feel and trust the messages that you are receiving. There will be many miraculous occurrences and we see you lighting up – we see the activation of the pineal gland like a star within the center of your head awakening your intuition, inner sight and psychic abilities. You will begin to know more and more that you are creating and co-creating all that you see around you.

Love, freedom and prosperity are at hand as well as the turmoil of transformation. You will be experiencing both extremes. Support through prayer those who are going through the pain of transformation and amplify the joy of the abundance you are creating. It is all part of the same frequency. For as the higher energies become more anchored within you and are radiated through you out into the earth plane, the more the denser energies are being pulled away, which can be very painful. Open up to this joyful ride! Allow your expansion to happen with a sense of play. Yes, lighten up— if you are in a place of suspension, of not knowing where to go and what to do— be still, focus on being, not doing.

Listen to the children, for they carry much wisdom and magic and they are close to their Higher Selves and the creative source of being. They will be speaking simple gems of truth as the higher energies are home to them.

With Radiant Love and Blessings, Nancy Leilah Ward


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