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hey guys heres some good stuf i know you'll like. these are some i wrote. when i feel down or negative i just say this to myself.

Today i am love
today i am joy
today i am more
today i am evolving
today i have become

love shall conqueror all the darkness can not win for love is the strongest force my friend

here some of my other favorites from other people.

if people are truly, madley, and deeply in love with each other they will find a way

the ancestor to every creation or action is a thought

if death ment just leaving the stage long enough to change costumes and come back as a new character would you slow down or speed up.

i say we must not speak the
unspeakable name of love to
to the windless stars, but hold it
like a candle flame and whisper
hope, each to another, ecstatic
in the gathering dark.

willing to believe anything but question everything

in life we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, and an unforgettable love

these two below i wrote.

we still tangle with the fears, blood sweat and tears, for how many more years, we wait for that day, now it is near, now they're almost here, soon we'll have no fear

im feeling revolutionary tonight, feeling ready ta strike, fight the good fight with the light, now im walkin with true sight, ready to make a stand, with my right hand, in my f***in homeland, now do you understand

i am sorry if i offended anyone with that but i didn't want to change the way i originally wrote the poem

i'll be branded a maniac for speakin the truth, i'll be murdered as soon as i hit the streets with the proof

i dont believe your truth i've been lied to, so if your ready to fight im right beside you, if you dont believe you dont see what i do, just open your eyes the truths inside you

hope that didnt get to dramatic for some, love and light :)

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when you do things right, people won't be sure you have done anything at all.
(god, futurama)
condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance

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