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Have you all ever gathered for joint meditations or intentions, blessing, etc. via internet?

We have this here chat function, but I hardly see it used and I think we have a ventrillo. I guess the first question is, are there already things happening and I have missed it? I'm thinking like once a week, if you want we could gather meditate together, and like read for eachother, or just like chat with each other as a group. It would be awesome to get to put voices to some of these pics and get to know you guys a little better..

Just a thought.

I know I would be down for something like that, just wanted to see the interest level. 

Love to you all ways 


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wow i remember the first ventrillo. Twillight, Clinton, Brad, Pleidian, Chelly, Druanna, and many many others. I wish i had time for regular ventrillo's. My life seems like its been on fast forward for a long long time now. You guys where there when i needed it most.
I would be up for being a vent regular again. When i have the time.
heheh.. PaTricia.. my long lost love..just kidding.. .... but seriously I HEART ventrilo.. Actually its a online program..Kind of like a chat room that is private and downloaded to your computer.. So we have given the log in info and all our lovin ppl can use it.. And you can either type or talk using a mic.. ( although its kinda the point to be able to actually talk to one another using the mic.. ) Ya.. fun stuff. :o) You should deffinitly give a whirrl.. I love hearing ppls voices.. It gives much more personality and emotion to conversations when you can actually hear them. And its fun hearing all our ppls could have talked to someone for a year and then when you hear them you realize they have an accent..i think its helarious.. <3 done rambling.
AWSOME!! Glad to hear there are more ppls :D
on there right now actually. <3
Clinton the ventrillo info on Chelley's ventrillo that Simpleman put up still works. For everyone to not get lost we need to chose one and let the rest of us know which one we are all going to be using or we still will be separated.Love & Light
Please let us know which one everyone uses so we can join Thank You Love;)
Upsy D which one are u on

Upsy Daisy said:
on there right now actually. <3
well..i have been on the Alternative minds one with Johnny, erv, chelley, Angel Lights and Ambers.. and a few others.. but i also have the log in for the SoE it doesn't matter to me.. but ya..ive been on the Alternative minds so far
OK, I going to hop on tonight.
when is tonight for you? what time zone are you in? Chelley and I are on right now.

simpleman said:
OK, I going to hop on tonight.
Sorry, I got tied up.

My time zone is CST.

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