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Is it just me........ or......... is there some serious Love energy floating around at the moment.......... I have never felt this much love/sexual/warm feelings energy around........ it is infectious!!!

Oh and I'm NEVER like this at this time of the month ;)..........

If this is even half of what we are going to get then I say WOW......... Bring it on...........

I blame it on the Pleaidians myself!!! wink wink

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It has been phenominal in the sac lately :D

But ya, i've felt it too.
Please don't misconstru this but come 2012 or long before( like..NOW),in the words of the great Rodney Dangerfeild from the movie caddyshack "wer'e all gonna GET LAID"!.Of course i mean that more in the spiritual sense...not discounting the physical at all however...LOL
I have been feeling extreme love energy as well for at least three weeks. As a matter of fact, it has gotten so intense that I was driven to create a blog on The Perks of Ascension. I would like to invite all of those who are coming out on the other side to visit every so often and let's get the word out that once you get through the is actually quite cool on the other side. The 4th dimension is much more cooperative than the 3rd!!! Much more cooperative. The Law of Attraction and manifesting goes into overdrive. Success stories are what we all need now - to give hope and faith to those still going through the pain.
Yes i can feel this Energy the last Weeks too. Its so amazing :) . Its middle of the Night, i cannot sleep , feeling like i had to much coffee, but i didnt drunk some :)

Love is in the Air Ladys and Gentleman, its indescribable.

It is so wonderful to wake up at the Morning, and to feel this energies. Got some confusing Dreams this days,
of golden light, and crazy feelings.

Wow its so exciting.

Lol, this song sums it up quite nicely.
Listen to the Living Library on You Tube 'Sexuality 13 0f 20 I think!!

Love and Light

besimi said:
..lots of love and sexual energy here too , I'm about to burst da:):) ahhahahha love to all.

Aww… Cool, Besimi has burst da nut! Woohoo! :P
Love (and sticky fingers) to all :)

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