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Relax back into this 45 minute guided meditative practice of yoga nidra to connect to the wisdom of Anahata chakra or the heart chakra. This energetic centre is the bridge between our inner and outer worlds, represented by the air element. This chakra invites us to connect deeply to the essence of our true innermost self and to take the time to consider our own needs and desires in this life.

This practice invites you to return home to the heart and to extend loving awareness and energy outward to Self and to all beings. Meeting yourself with kindness and compassion, embody the air element as you send love and compassion to all layers of you, recognizing that love, like air, exists within you and all around you. Thereby strengthening your relationship to Self and all that existed in this world.

Cultivate qualities of love, compassion, joy, gratitude, peace and calm. Emerge feeling at home in your body, at home in the heart space. This practice is a reminder that you too, deserve the same loving attention you give out into the world. You are worthy of it.

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