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From this last week, the number 11 i've been seeing it everywhere. I usually see 11:11 once or twice a day, but the 11 i see Like everywhere i look. Infact Just the other day i looked up in the sky from the Giant parking lot and there was these 2 straight lined clouds looking like the number 11 they were both the same size to. They weren't chem trails because i know what they look like. These were more wider and bigger than Chem trails. I would've taken a picture of it but i didn't have my camera with me.

This is odd because before it used to be 444 or 555 i always see. Now it's becoming the 11:11 or just 11

Much love and peace


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I agree... once I had to pay exactly $1.111 (chilean pesos) in the supermarket, I see 11:11 in non set clocks, in clocks at the times 11:11 am, pm and 1:11, my classroom in school was the eleventh in the first floor, I get 1111, 11111, 111 in the pages counter on webpages, sometimes I have to use the 111 public transport, the first time someone read tarot for me, I choose the 1, 10 and 11 arcanes.... and so on and so on... at first, 11:11 scared me... I knew it meant something, and I talked about that sometimes with my classmates. I started seeing it when I was like 15 years old. When I was about 17 I tried searching 11:11 in google and then I was like O_O i'm not the only one? this is for real!! Now I'm 22, and I still see those numbers frequently, magically, now I love them, 11 has become my favorite number. Once i was posting a comment on fotolog and when I finished... the screen said I had 1110 characters left to continue writing... I mean... why the heck so exact..

The last time I saw it (beside the clock in PC) was the day before yesterday... I got 1110 points in a test, and then posted a message at 1:11.

(sorry for bad english)
I see the number 22 everywhere! its fascinating!
There was a post recently that contained a link to numerology that explained all these numbers.
I looked but cant find it again. Could someone please post it if you know where it is :)
i see 9;11 all the time
That's most likely a coincidence...if you want to see it you will notice it a lot more...and it works with pretty much with every number.
Here is another reason for seeing number combinations:

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