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I know some are just bright reflections, but with my eyes open and even in dark places i see flashes of light come out of nowhere, They last for a split second except for the one i seen last night which lasted almost 2 seconds. That means i'm seeing them more longer.

Anyone else having this experience? Some of these flashes are inside and some are out side. I'm also seeing more and more colors in the sky and just in mid air. I feel like i'm losing my eye sight but things are getting brighter and more and more colors are appearing in thin air.

Maybe they might be the auras of Trees but i'm not sure.

My perception is really changing, this might have an effect when i'm driving in the future if this keeps up.

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Aaron, I have been seing flashes at night outside, but no 2 second flashes that I can remember. The flashes out side are not lightning. It happens even on clear nights. Its not heat lightning either. I see colors when I close my eyes too. Not color noise, but large areas of color changing.

Our perception of reality is be coming clearer. The more we look and pay attention the more we see. A frame of reference makes it easyer. Knowing what to look for helps.

We are growing and evolving. Our consciousness is expanding. Have no fear, everyone. All is in devine order.


i have white flashes and green. theyre more like dots and can be around for a few seconds.
sometimes i have circular symbols flashing by for a while
I have been seeing these lights and flashes since i was a teenager. If you want to concentrate and look right in front of your eyeballs like ur trying to look at a gnat thats close to your eyeball u can see it for as long as you want. I've come to understand that the white light particles i've been seeing is prana. Its all over, in fact we breath it in all the time we just dont notice it because of its higher frequency. Its pretty cool that a lot of people are able to see it easily now. Perhaps thats a sign we are all raising up.
CCS said:

"..... flashes IN my eye where areas in my field of vision explode with light..."

The same thing with me, last time at night on Tuesday/Wednesday in the morning, 1-2 September. And more happened.
I've been able to see millions of little white dots floating in the empty space around me. It is not seen until I focus and look for them. This feels like when you look at one of those 3D magic pictures that were popular 10 years or so ago. I can't see them until my eyes focus then they are clear as day. They are easiest to see when I look at a blue sky but I have seen them while looking at walls, or objects as well. Though they don't jump in and out of site they appear as a mass of atom like molecules and I can follow one at a time though usually not for very long. I would describe it as what atoms would look like. All swirling around in complete disarray. In fact I thought I was able to see at the atomic level, but not sure exactly what I'm seeing. But it does feel like pure energy or spirit form. Maybe thought energies that are destined to assemble into material objects. Also have been seeing little pinpoint flashes in my peripheral vision and sometimes just as I focus my vision on something new I get a flash for a split second. Almost so short that I question if I saw anything at all. As for the little white specs. I did run across a youtube video that was someone that captured the same anomaly that I can see. Looks exactly the same. They were claiming it was Nano Technology, but nobody seems to know for sure. to me it seems too "Other dimensional" to be man made. but most microscopic organisms seem that way as well.

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