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Samhain Ritual - Weaving The Net Of Ancestral Healing Throughout The World ... And ... Eclipse Gateway Golden Heart Activation By Anrita Melchizedek

Samhain Ritual - Weaving The Net Of Ancestral Healing Throughout The World By Sonja Myriel & Friends

My dearly beloved soul family out there, yet always palpably present in my HEART, you know who I speak to. I ask you to set up your crystal grids once more to UNITE on behalf of Mother Earth, Humanity and ALL LIFE in all Kingdoms in throughout and around her. Let us speak the same words and use the same images to inspire, empower and fulfill destiny: To UNITE as awakening mankind, weaving the safety net of light for all life on our beloved Mother Earth!

Please forgive the rude translation from German into English by deepl-translator, but the message is too important to miss out on it, so I decided to take the shortcut in the hope of your understanding.

I see the Net of Violet Light being spread around the whole globe! And in one of these nights now around SAMHAIN, 40 days after the Equinox, beginning tonight and ending on Nov. 2 in most traditions, we enter the Halls of Velez to meet with our ancestral linage. We end the 40 days of karmic observation with this night, usually 31.10 – 1.11. to be REBORN together with all of our Ancestors in Past and Future.

The following script was inspired by several women, Bereginjas, Yaginjas, Ladas and Vedunjas, who I owe all my respect and heart-felt connectedness. Thank you :genia :lackey, Mia, Natascha, Jasmin, Olga, Barbara, WiVViCA, Angelika, Azra, Doris, Lyn and each of you who have so dearly touched my heart and soul to leave traces there forever!

Now, here we go. I wish you a most BLESSED Time of Preparations and SACRED RITUAL in your own timing and privacy – yet TOGETHER WITH US ALL! Don't forget to adapt to Winter Time again. Meet you in my HEART and in the ehters,

Sonja Myriel RAouine


"Samhain, a festival dedicated to the earth, is celebrated for three days.
It is the beginning of the new Celtic year.
The meaning of the Gaelic word "Samhain" can be translated as "end of summer time."

The god of light, Lugh,was repla ced by the god of death, Saman, who rules the winter.
It was and is the most important of the Celtic festivals throughout the year.
Life and death, day and night, past, present and future merge together.
Light and fire forces effectively guide the sent energy flows.

The principle of "die and become" becomes visible here.
At this time the veil between the worlds is thinnest and can be easily pushed aside.

The ancestors and the deceased are especially invited to join in the celebration at this time.

They were and are respected and appreciated, the conversation with them continues.
In the past, the ancestors were a source of inspiration, assistance and strength.
Samhain is the hidden beginning of the new cycle.
It is a good time for purification and oracles."

"Strengthen, heal and bless your roots, your ancestral forces, so you can grow."


Translated with (free version)


You can perform the ritual for yourself as well as for a circle of people. Take your time and prepare yourself internally and externally. Here are a few suggestions:

Invite your ancestors! Start out on Oct. 31 by tidying up your living space and inviting your ancestors to your home and altar.

Is there a favorite dish in your family? Then cook it with love and the certainty that this love will flow into your food while you stir the wooden spoon, so that the food you prepare will nourish your family / friends / relatives not only physically, but also spiritually and provide them with everything each of you needs.

Take a bath or shower and wash away all the energies weighing you down.

Prepare the ROOM. Make it beautiful, light a candle, lay out an intuitive crystal mandala in the room, your antenna and signature expressing your intention for today/evening and make music or prepare instruments for yourself to use.

Create a small ALTAR for your ancestors. Use symbols for all 5 elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether. Decorate the altar with the last flowers and blossoms and autumn leaves of the woods and choose photos or pictures, objects of remembrance, strength and connection that will help you keep your focus during the ritual.

Light incense and reflect on the fact that when you burn it, all 5 elements are represented: The incense plant is the earth, which was nourished by the water, and which is now burning in the fire, releasing smoke into the air, which purifies us on all levels (ether)

LOOK AT THE SIGNS! The living network of life holds and carries you and it sends you signs at all times in the form of encounters with humans, animals, plants, wind and the tides, through music, scent, sense of hearing and all your channels of perception that you have already opened up. If the incense is very difficult to ignite, connect more deeply and intimately with yourself, your I AM presence, and the divine source. Let the spark of love and devotion pass from your heart into the igniting fire and ask e.g. Archangel Michael for protection and removal of all disturbing energies.

Video - "Anchoring The White Light Creatix" -


2. Prayer and Meditation: HEALING our ancestral roots and crown

Are you ready? - Maybe you would like to sing another song, sound OM and tune in to what is coming.

Ancestors guide people all here today, hear my heart song:
Hear my respect, hear my love, hear my grateful tears fall
I AM truly blessed - HM - HM
You are truly blessed - HM - HM
We are truly BLESSED!

LIED: Peace mantra by WiVViCA - I AM PEACE:

A) Prayer "For the Healing of the Family" (not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women):

Invocation by Olga Bajrami, 7 Woman Wings, for women, but not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding mothers

Guardian of the Family, I am your daughter and I ask for your protection, healing and blessings.
Guardian of the Family, I ask forgiveness from all those I have hurt or harmed, consciously or unconsciously, in this life and in past lives.
Guardian of the family, I forgive everyone who has hurt or harmed me consciously or unconsciously in this life or in past lives.

I ask forgiveness for all my deceased relatives.
I ask forgiveness for all my living relatives.
I ask forgiveness for all people who have been hurt by my actions consciously or unconsciously by word, deed or in thought.

Guardian of the family, I ask You to cleanse, heal and protect me, my family and my ancestral lineage.
Out of love for my life.

This is how it should be!
From circle to circle!
For the good of all people.
Thank you

With love and care
Olga Bajrami
7 Woman Wings

See your ancestors all around you. They are with you today to walk together with you through the gateway of the crystal clear purifying white ray.

Translated with (free version)

B.) Connection with Mother Earth + Ancestral Healing

Before you begin, take 3 deep breaths and release all thoughts of life's daily challenges.

On the 4th breath shift your attention to your heart, the center of your multidimensional being. Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times again, visualizing the threefold flame in your heart, its blue, golden yellow and pink flames moving in a balanced apparent dance, flowing into each other, surrounded by the Violet Fire of the union of Divine Will and Love in ACTION.
See the white channel of light that surrounds you and the silver cord that connects you to your Christ Consciousness and beyond to your I AM Presence and Causal Body. This white protective pillar of light is connected to the creative CREATRIX of white light beneath your feet. You ARE the bridge between heaven and earth, between past and future, between worlds and dimensions.

3 points of your body connect you with Mother Earth: the points of contact of the soles of your feet as well as the extension of your tailbone form a tripod. Take a relaxed posture and let ROOTS grow into the earth from these 3 points. Deeper and deeper they dig through different layers of rock and earth memory ... deeper and deeper you sink into your heart, ultimately finding yourself in the heart of Mother Earth.

You have been called and you have answered the call. Offer your gifts that you feel in your backpack. Look, what have you brought? Do not judge. Perceive. Witness. And receive the flow of the cosmic presence of Gaia Terra Shan Vej as a gift in return.

Let the copper-gold energy from the heart of Mother Earth rise up into your body ...Bring her copper-gold blessing of light with a deep INHALATION through your 3 connecting points high into your womb and let it fill your whole body, every cell, every fiber ... When your body is saturated, see how your astral body is also caught up in this current ... your mental body with all its thoughts that are now settling and gently subsiding will be cleansed next ... and finally the blessing of peace and love from Mother Earth takes hold of your emotional body ... FEEL all your thoughts detach from you ... FREEDOM means BEING (in) PEACE ... Let yourself be filled by the embrace of Gaia Terra Shan Vej.

When you are ready for the next step, as a woman, close the gates of your pelvic floor and gather the energy of Mother Earth in your uterus. As a man, let this nurturing light, the primal information of femininity and devotion, fill you all the way into your genitals.... If there are still thoughts disturbing your field, let them go. Don't try to stop them - let them fly away in a balloon, a cloud or with a loud canal, so that only your being remains, free of thoughts that now only pass you by, like images of another reality that has now become uninteresting for you.

Let the current of the healing and nourishing mother-love now pulsate again through your whole body and flow into your heart ... Feel the nourishing, healing, all in the natural-divine order setting power of the mother in every fiber, every cell of your body ... Your heart shines in HER light ...

Now see how LOVE is flowing through you into the past (behind your back) ... it is flowing along your ancestral lineage ... do you see how a golden river begins to extend from your heart as a path into infinity behind you? ... This is the rainbow bridge, which is available to every soul here and now, in order to get INSIGHT into the very own motives and ways of acting, their programs and their defects ...
The golden river from your heart flows into a golden green lake, the lake of healing by the divine source ... Take a seat and stay ... contemplate ... now close your eyes inwardly as well and TAKE IN ... with all your senses, ... with all your heart ... now say the prayer you have prepared!

Now open your inner eye again and see: All your ancestors are gathered around you, 7 generations back - and 7 generations into the future. They all congratulate you on your many successes that have brought you here today. Yes, the time has come to lift the veils!


(Read the following lines and if they are coherent for you, speak loud and clear:)

I AM ready to fully accept the responsibility for myself and my life HERE AND TODAY and ask you, my ancestors, who preceded me, for support in this. You already know the traps and entanglements that arise from the values and traditions passed on in the family, attitudes towards life and adopted ideas. Now that we have met, help me see through these patterns clearly so that I can redeem them! THANK YOU!

Ancestors of the future, my children and my children's children and their children and all who come forth from us: We accept with gratitude your presence here today as a gift and ask you to give us wisdom and insight through your, for us future, experiences so that we are able to embody the best version of our unique soul plan here on earth! You know the way. Shine your light as inspiration and example through the veils of perception into our world so that we can see more and more clearly where our choices are leading! THANK YOU!

Through ME, the past and the future are interwoven.

The golden thread of wisdom weaves itself into all our patterns and relationships.

With ease.


I THANK Mother Earth, all my ancestors, soul and path companions for the love and willingness to be in the service of life, solely beholden to the Divine Source and the all-connected I AM Presence that springs from it. May the blessings of our meeting today flow freely into the world, protected by the sapphire blue angels of the 1st Ray, with the power of LOVE in ACTION, burning all things in the Violet Fire of FORGIVENESS and FREEDOM, shedding divine inspiration and knowledge. MAY WE RECOGNIZE THE WAY OF THE HEART and implement (learn) it with all our power and devotion!

Therefore I ask the divine Immaculata, Lady Kwan Yin and the Karmic Council, the Silent Guardians, Helios and Vesta, Arcturus and Diana, the Mahachohan and all Angels and Archangels in the service of the 7 Rays of Creation.

I give thanks for the divine dispensations of the future, present and past, which are based on the fact that the energy invested from the divine side also flows back through the hearts of the people, divinely graced, nourishing, inspiring and invigorating the whole field of life - and I give thanks to all who make this field possible through their unconditional service to the whole, each in his very special element.

So BE it - and so IS it.


LIED: Peace Mantra by WiVViCA - I AM PEACE:

Video - Global Peace Mantra -


C.) HEALING the ancestral lineage through connection via the womb of the mother and the seed of the father

Meditation suggestion, inspired by Jasmin, Bereginja in Graz, Austria

" Thanks to all small and big beings of the dark InnerEarth,

Thanks to the moving and resting beings, our companions on earth,

thanks to the beings rising into the air above the earth and

to those who retreated into other dimensions eons ago.

Thank you for giving us, as embodied humans, the opportunity to REMEMBER and to learn to communicate with you in clarity, joy and love.

Ahò mitakuje oyashin.

We are all one. "

You can do the following meditation standing or sitting. Make sure your spine is erect / straight.

In your own way or as in the ancestral meditation above, connect to the heart of the earth and nourish your bodies with the divine feminine essence of acceptance and devotion, well protected and strengthened by the masculine power of the sun.

Center the power of the loving mother in your womb.

Connect with your mother. See how a ray comes out of your navel that connects you back to your mother's womb and uterus. Now ask the guardian of the family and Mother Earth for the CLEANSING of this connection and the sacred space of conception.

Feel your heart sending ACCEPTANCE through this umbilical cord with every beat, FORGIVENESS and THANKSGIVENESS. THANKFULNESS for the life that was given to us by our parents, and that we may now use to bless ALL THAT IS.

Through the energetic flow that you have opened, the silver-white energy of the Creatrix begins to flow into you at your feet. It protects you and your family, now cleansing your whole body rising from below and flowing over to your children. Violet light shines wherever this white light meets blockages ... it now completely envelops you, your mother, your partner and his ancestors as well as your children ... it transforms the patterns that have been passed down again and again from generation to generation within the family ... let this light FLOW ... and witness through your perception the healing current that flows around you, your children and your mother and finally flows through. Do not force anything. Just stay anchored in awareness, gratitude and acceptance of the divine healing powers that are provided to you NOW by the cosmos and Mother Earth ....

See now also the spiritual connection to your Father, with whom you are connected by a golden cord from heart to heart. See how this cord begins to pulsate now that you are aware of this connection. Forgiveness flows from your heart to your Father. Acceptance and gratitude for the life his seed has given you opens a unique influx of golden light from the sun to you through your crown chakra and through the golden cord to your father.

Through the energetic flow you have opened, the golden energy of the SUN above you begins to flow into you. It brings the BLESSING of INSIGHT to you and your family. This golden ray purifies you, a waterfall of golden light, and flows over to your Father, with whom you are connected from heart to heart, and subsequently to your children. The golden light shines and completely envelops you, your father, the father of your children, his ancestors and your children now ... it brings information ... The golden-yellow ray binds you to the divine intelligence, the divine wisdom ... let this light FLOW ... and witness through your perception the healing current that flows around you, your children, your partner and your father. You don't have to do anything. Just stay anchored in awareness, gratitude and acceptance of the divine healing powers provided to you NOW by the Cosmos and Father Sun ....

The circle of your family ... let the light of the Creatrix at your feet and of Father Sun above you now flow into all your relationships ... see how these two forces work together ... transformation and awakening ... take your time ... the circle of your family is protected and sheltered!

You can now let the connection via the umbilical cord to your mother flow further into the past, to your mother's mother ... to her mother ... and to her mother ... step by step ... 7 generations back ...

Proceed in the same way with the heart-to-heart connection you made with your father ... 7 generations back. When you are finished, THANK all your ancestors for their devotion and care and say goodbye knowing that the old wounds have healed and new healing opportunities have arisen for you and your children and the 7 generations to come.

Thank also the Creatrix, the Golden Christ Consciousness and all the Beings of Light that you invited to your ritual at the beginning. THANK YOU!


From NOW on, walk the path of the HEART with all clarity and determination!

The PLEASE for CLEAR INSIGHT is always answered, so that you can make KNOWN / SEEN decisions. By opening ourselves to the answers, we learn to recognize and interpret the signs of life again.

Last point:

Video - "Clearing Ancestral Lines From All Timeframes"



PLEASE JOIN IN OUR DAILY LIGHTGRID CONNEXIONS and help to bring about PEACEFUL, HARMONIC change for all! Send the Violet Ray at Lightgrid connection times to all educational institutions, schools, universities and corresponding ministries worldwide! You are also welcome to choose healthcare, politics or business as your focus. STAY with your focus until 11/22 and help and sustain and nourish the flow of the Violet Light towards that which you wish to come into existence in YOUR reality.

Connecting to lightgrid is impersonal service in the name of God Source. We serve as Bridgesof LIGHT between Dimensions and Timelines, Heaven and Earth. now that we have sucessfully bridged the gaps of light between the continents and races, we ANCHOR the FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT on Planet Earth as we serve as CONDUITS of our very unique and specific light range. ADD your COLOR to the colors of this world! What magical view, what fantastic shades of colours never seen before are about to break through the veil which we can pierce together NOW at Samhain, right inbetween the solar and lunar eclipse from Oct. 25 and Nov. 8

Violet Light Focus on Educational Institutes:

Say aloud, "The abuse to creation and to us humans must end here and now!"

Thereupon see the Violet Radiance flooding all areas of the school system, bringing the truth to light!

See how the Violet Light expands to all students, It takes the burden that may now be taken from their shoulders in agreement with the soul plan of each child and youth, and dissolves family blockages into pure divine potential that thus becomes freely available again... The Violet Ray is self-intelligent. Leave the purification to the beings of the Violet Flame and just keep your intention and focus throughout the coming days.

Thank you for your impersonal service, through which more and more "manna", light food, is allowed to flow from the higher realms into ours now.


Sonja Myriel RAouine

Through your intention, your INTENTION, you steer, the rudder firmly in your hand, your ship and that of your family safely through the waves and billows of the approaching fate.

Orient yourself to LOVE. Ask yourself in difficult times and before serious decisions: WHAT WOULD LOVE DO?

And then follow the advice, the certainty that flows through your heart! It emowers you and keeps you safe!

It's time to follow the call of your soul and thus come closer to the fulfillment of your dreams with every step! Let go and give yourself and everyone else the FREEDOM to evolve NOW!

Translated with (free version)

Eclipse Gateway Golden Heart Activation

By Anrita Melchizedek


With the Golden Heart Stargate Activation, we have the ability to come together as One Heart and One Love and to release all the discord, abuse and misuse of power by no longer giving our energy to the old, obsolete and misaligned energies and frequencies of the third and fourth dimensions whilst honoring all, and the various levels of consciousness that present.


Welcome beloved hearts to this powerful Eclipse window from October 25 to November 8th, where we experience the New Moon partial Solar Eclipse on October 25 and the powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse November 8th.


Eclipses are always harbingers of change, allowing us to release of all that no longer serves and the ability to shift timelines, expand in consciousness and change the Universal Akasha, in addition to stepping up as co-creators and drawing to us the realities we envisage as New Earthers.


Additionally, this timeline presents a deepening of the Golden Rose energy, brought through by the Sisterhood of the Rose and Brotherhood of the Light through the emerging Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Wayshowers walking New Earth, the Path of Christos-Sophia, in balance, harmony, Love, honoring and respect.




You are invited to experience a deepening expression of the Divinity within and an expansion of the Inner Christ, your Soul Light, that which we call the Golden Heart Stargate Activation.


If you may like the Mp3 download, please click here:



Anrita Melchizedek


Video - "Eclipse Gateway Golden Heart Stargate Activation" -




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