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this video is about the new depressant drug for people who are "overly cheerful"

Just Plain Ridicolus!

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man they are so damn despret to supress us the dark ones are geting scared we are becoming to many and to powerful for them to handle
at first i thought it was real, but the whole hulu site seems like one big joke
then again - hiding the truth right out in the open? i dont know...
yeah ive seen that, scarry how open they are about it
i found this article though, really cool news
Hahaha it say it cannot be play in my region lol
ok this is some good stuff... really - id say go in order down the list, but only if you wanna see the line of thought that got me to the end result lol =)

that last one got me thinking - bavaria ... belgium... oh yeah belgium isnt a country i remember that "funny joke" web page... only its not so funny....

this part caught my eye.... (naturally of course) "If any "Belgian" citizen manages to read this through the Brussels Beast's firewall, know that we can extract you and offer you amnesty and a real life in the Republic of Cascadia. Contact me and I'll make the arrangements."

Which led me here...
to here...

if anyone completes the "homework" assignment, be sure to let me know =) --- here is a real winner.

ps. if you contact him, he will respond

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