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I've been getting alot of Deja Vu and somtimes a flash of my future but i forget the future when i get a flash of the future. It happens all the time when i get Deja Vu. This has been happening alot lately can anyone tell me what this means? Oh my body has gotten so light in less than a week it used to be every month i was getting lighter now it's down to weekly.

I'm having a hard time with my senses everything is getting enhanced like my smelling, taste,hearing, seeing, and feeling. Now i believe my Psychic awareness might be expanding but i'm not accessing any psychic ability yet. Maybe that deja vu is part of my psychic ability opening up more.

It might be because i'm meditating for 30 minutes every day now instead of 15 min like i used to.

i hope anyone here can help me understand Deja vu

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had deja vu many times, also if i think of something or someone i havent thought of in a long time, you can guarantee it will be on the news, or an advert etc within days, weird.....
When you have a Deja vu you can at least be sure you´re on the right path :)

Probably what you´re experiencing is that of what you "planned" before you came down here (to Earth).

Good job, lol.

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