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Hey everyone. I just quit cigarettes three days ago. I wanted to share the experience.

The third day has always been one of the toughest for me. I have quit before, and have stayed off smoking for years. For some reason the third day is a doozy, and then I get hit again about the second week.

My heart is flying in my chest, and my anxiety levels are sky high. Sleeping has been tough, and broken. Sometimes my house feels too small and I have to get out of it for hours.

Combined with other stresses, it has been an asskicker. Sorry for profanity, but its true. I feel like I am going crazy. Well, moments of craziness, that's for sure. I come around for a bit then go crazy for a bit.

We all have vices to kick, and sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail and fall on our butt. But we have to at least try.

I was at an early Thanksgiving party last night. Everyone around me was smoking cigarettes. I didn't smoke a single one. Not a single one in three days. I stayed strong. i was in a great mood all night, as there was laughter and joy. The insanity didn't kick in until I was alone, with my thoughts.

I am hoping by writing this I can catharticly release some of this anxiety and stress. I know I have the strength to do it. I am not using a patch or prescription or nicorette or anything. Just quit cold turkey. Every time I quit, I managed to do it cold turkey.

I have to go back to my night job tonight. It gets very boring there. It is hard not to smoke when very bored. In fact, that is how I started up again.

Not to sound selfish, but please send your energy this way. I need the extra strength. :)

Thanks everyone, and I send you my strength for your changes as well.

Peace and love :)


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Oh PA, you have my thoughts with you and you are a stronger man than I.....
I will be strong with you mate.... try drinking LOTS of water and eating apples, chewing gum helps too.... I have never managed to quit without patches but they make me have high blood pressure and that is NOT what I need at the mo and neither do you....

If you are really struggling buy some nicotine gum, it does help immensly and really takes the edge off........

Believe me with 6 kids I needed them and I did quit this summer for 4 months...

Good luck PA am thinking of you............

Going out for a walk is a good thing because who wants a fag when you are out in the fresh air...

TRy David childerly tapping video on youtube aswell...

Torz xxx
I managed to kick the habit too a few months back, I've had probley 1 cig and some tabacoo since then My next MAjor Cut down is going to be the pot i smoke From Daily to Once a week with my GF. With my quitting I think the message I kept that helped the most was smoking is Cancer. Not just of the body but of the land people and mind. It takes fields and fields of plants to make that could be used to instead grow food for the hungry. So I decided to stick it to them and I'm happy to see that most the world is no longer buying into this mind altering ego inflating drug. So good on you and good luck too you. Member to stay strong, as we all know you can.
And then as soon as you find you have the will step up and go out with the smokers show them that you beat it and you can stand right by it unaffected Give them the power too do the same with out forcing it. I find it to be working in my close circles.

I too am going to quit.. Thursday will be my last day.. I am sending you strength to over come this.. and I hope you send me some too in my time of need.. ;-) Try using tooth picks.. that way you get the hand to mouth thing.. that is what helped my brother quit..

Light and love too you..
Wow, I send you lots of light and strength, you are a master! Your life will now soar to a new level I am sure. thanks for inspiring me

You have all my supposrt, love, light, healing and any other kind of supportive energy I can reflect your way. I have not made the choice to quit smoking as yet, but it is something that when I'm ready for that I'll turn to the below video. I've had great success in EFT tapping in other area's of my life. Especially trauma and letting go of fear. I wish you all best of health PA.


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I smoked for 13 years and quit cold turkey with cinamon gum. It has been over two years since I stopped. I have not had one smoke to the day. You want to know the trick!?! DO NOT PUT THEM IN YOUR MOUTH. It's really that easy. Seriously, try to smoke otherwise... its damn near impossible.
Being at the bar drinking beer with friends was the toughest for me. The taste of the beer and social aspect of smoking with friends killed me; it was hard. After my craving response died down, I actually got depressed when one of my triggers went off. I came to realize that this was my ego that was getting depressed, it knew that I was not going to let it win. Kinda like me saying, sorry bud.. its just the way it is. Expect the craving to last for about a year give or take. The emotional addiction lasted far longer for me than the physical. If you can make it for 6 months you'll be fine. I would say try and enjoy the experience (pls dont rip my lips off). I certainly did not enjoy when I was going through the thick of it, but now that I look back, I learned some amazing things about myself. You will too. Love and Light to You.
i quit smoking a month ago

just dont put any nicotine into your system it will help you quit faster :)
and then you'll wonder why you didn't stop earlier

be a lightworker, not a smokeworker!
Hi, I have quit too. I always begin again after 3 months. I don't know why but it seems like, at certain periods, it becomes psychologically harder.

So I hope you'll make it through the day!

woooohoooo :)

Pleiadian Agenda said:
10 days, everyone, ten days. Not a drag, not a puff..........some bouncing off the walls, yes. But on the verge of a total flipout, no. :)

Its getting easier. Little by little........
hmm yes.
Time for me to quit also I suppose. (again).....
To Pleiadian Agenda: Well done!!! Don't give up now!!! Think of your body, how your longues are starting to heal from all that smoke. And pretty soon you will really feel it, the amounts of fresh oxygen running from your longues through your body. I smoked too, but stopped without any second thought when I had suddenly a baby growing inside of me. Bit unexpected, but he already started spreading his love and energy as from day 1. Even his daddy stopped from day one. Walk up a steep hill now and do it again within a month: you'll be amazed and feel like superman ;-)))
I think its great that you have quit. I have finally quit after several tries, it is over a year now. I am a qualified hypnotherapist and trained in smoking cessation. A little trick we teach is a breathing technique that mimics the lack of oxygen to the brain that smoking causes, relaxing you and helping a craving to pass. Breathe in for the count of seven and out for the count of eleven. Do it a few times and count a bit slower each time if you can. Easy.
Hope that is useful
Wishing you lots of strength

Pleiadian Agenda said:
13 days! I didn't explode or melt or anything as such ;)

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