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Hello friends,


just wanted to share some thoughts which have been building up for a while :).

We al know what happened in recent time: we faced a lot of upheaval, political revolutions, big catastrophes etc. This all in about 3 months.


A lot of change, even to the point where the world is really starting to talk about alternative energy.

In the austrian television (the state-channels, not the private ones) and in 3sat (a TV-channel from Switzerland, Germany & Austria) there are a lot of reports and series about the future of energy, change in the world, humanity and earth.

 For example yesterday, I watched a show on 3sat (i think) about the big coming photo-voltaic project in marokko. I never heard of such a project and was really positively surprised about it. They said that a lot of countries are starting to buy land in order to make solar-fields from them.

A big corporation "Desertec" is buying huge fields in the desert. Of course one can think, that this is again bad corporation-stuff but i think it is not. Desertec works closely with the marocco state to establish good conditions especially for marocco and the poor people there. The maroccans shall benefit most from the big project.

I was really impressed after hearing that.  They said further that solar-energy in the sahara could generate 300 times the energy needed on the whole earth. And desertec is already making a lot of contracts with states who want to buy energy from them.


I find it interesting that i never heard of such good news here on SOE. Although there is some positive stuff here (luckily) but a lot of negative posts (but this lies in the eye of the observer).


So I see a lot of change even documented on the official Austrian TV, discussions where intelligent people are saying that we have to change if we want to live with the planet with ideas and ongoing projects. The number of such shows is rising and I get the impression that the collective consciousness is really changing.


I am quite relaxed since a while. And I have to admit that it's bad what happened to japan, but i have to admit also that I was not touched by it  emotionally. I just thought: "this would not happen if it's not needed", or "maybe it's just illusion", or "don't think about it, do something you like". That goes hand in hand with enlightenment-stuff i read a lot of times. That one has to detach from the drama here on earth in order to get enlightened.


So i think there is more positive stuff going on, and it always depends on your focus.

Because: where you look at, is what will grow.


Have a nice week and stay positive.



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Patricia, i know what you mean :). As you say, i just wanted to share some positivity as it seems to be hitting me lately.
And i hope that you don't think that i'm judging people who post "bad" news.
I just think that we all should not forget the good things as there is good stuff happening.

Lets hope the good can somehow accelerate and that more and more people come into good moods :D
I think that good moods raise ones vibration and we know that it's better to vibrate higher so others may one day start to resonate and hopefully a big good-mood-frequency-wave will sweep all over the place and catch the latest "but what can we do"-people :)

Let's see
and yes Simone, there have been posts about free energy but I havent seen some concrete stuff and now i'm glad that it's really talked about alot also on TV and also beeng worked on.

the Sahara solar project seems pretty cool. You should check it out. Also the great wall of the Sahara is cool too but unrelated.

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