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So here we are...on one hand we have Gaia about to up heave herself into a new dimension or evolution...what ever it may be,  and on the other hand...we have the evil doers continuing to take over the planet and control everyone.  Oh yes, and let us not forget about all the humanoid ET's that want to save and kill us.   Well now...that just doesn't sound right now does it.   
Why would the dark hats go to such lengths to completely take over a planet when they are fully aware of 2012 and the earth changes.  The only reasoning I can make of that is because they are trying to get a head start for the "NEW WORLD ORDER"  Perhaps there is more to the new world order than first anticipated.  Maybe it means just that....a new world...a new order. ???   
I believe that all things are inner connected somehow...even slightly.  As a writer, I understand this is very important so that the ending pieces can be neatly pulled together.   But this story has missing pieces or else a very clever twist.  I do have some theories and possible endings put to the side, but I value what others think about this.

So my question to all of you out do you think this all fits together.  

xo paTricia

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very good question Patricia... I think that the only thing we can do is speculate or follow your intuition. We dont have access to any information of what the dark hats are doing nor any other group. I guess in a way bad thing were planned for us such as the H1N1, the economic collapse, and god knows what else. Many of these agendas I'm assuming have failed to some point. I don't think that all is bad and every one is here to make us slaves. I think today there is prob more conflict within these dark hat groups than any other time in history. Now you say New World Order, my idea is that this will come as a new world of peace for we shall learn our lessons as a human race and prob respect life more. Just think about it, are we not respecting life in this planet little by little as days pass? do we not think twice about pollution or think about others? I think humanity today is less selfish even within the dark hats. I dont know how it will end but these are the changes I feel are happening, plus I feel that we are protected by something we just dont understand what this is at this time.... only time will tell.

peace and love my friends
i disagree about the control and regulation over things like electricity usage. I say this cos of the free energy devises that exist that are controlled and hidden. Energy is the main cost in the manufacture of everything so with free energy comes freedom, something that the dark forces of the nwo do not want us to have.
Technology will free us from their tyranny.
Hopefully, this is what we are working towards with the help of our galactic family. I certainly believe there is nothing in space now that is a threat to us and our true freedom now, the only true threat is the nwo here on earth.
As for the third world, when we are free from the nwo, we will be able to introduce technology that will allow crops to grow in the dessert, and devices to de-salt sea water, this will lead to a new, better, sustainable future for all.
I say freedom from the nwo cos so far everything they have done revolves around control, depopulation, corruption and service to self. one way or another, i feel sure that ultimately we will beat them, and soon during or soon after 2012, the new world of love and light will prevail.
A long time ago a galaxy got sucked into a black whole. Nothing should have lived, but the collective reconfigured itself in the small bubble universe it the black created. The reconfiguration wasn't perfect. In fact it was the opposite. They lost the 12 stranded christed dna. They are not of the same energy of our own true universe anymore. Instead of relying off of the love of light for abundance they configured to the oppsite spectrum.

Ultimatly the energy they got fed from our universe through the black hole. and since the light came in through their also came the darkness which they now feed off of.
They have been this way for millenia. They know how to come through to our own universe now, but since they are of diferent coding they cant feed off the light. So they needed to create negative fallen worlds. keeping its inhabitants blind and negative, so they can feed off of us.
Whats worse is their DNA have mixed with ours through out time. So when we die if we are negative we go their universe, If we accept the light we are crystallized.

Just some food for thought, Its another story that just confused the crap outa me.
paTricia, on the main page it reads "I understand your position Christina" and I was like: ??????

Here below it's Bishop, you mean :-)

paTricia T. said:
I understand your position Bishop. I too despise the nwo and want them totally gone from the earth. The situation is kind of like Hitler bringing in the Vogswagon car. Great Idea and fantastic for the country...but so many strings attached. And yes...natural power is where we need to move question about that. But it will take much time to convert everything over at first.
Funny :-)

paTricia T. said:
Yes, hee hee, sorry for that. I noticed once I pushed the publish button, but then went back in to correct it. oops. :o)
This sounds alot like heaven/ hell

Vaddix said:
Whats worse is their DNA have mixed with ours through out time. So when we die if we are negative we go their universe, If we accept the light we are crystallized.

Can you imagine going to a place where to live you had to feed off of negative energy. No thanks. That is hell.
Its got alot to do with passing through the eye of Brahma, and all of the evil eye mythology that take roots in Turkey.

But, fiction can be fun. i dont know if this is fiction. But there is defiantly something feeding off of our negative energy.

Bishop said:
This sounds alot like heaven/ hell

Vaddix said:
Whats worse is their DNA have mixed with ours through out time. So when we die if we are negative we go their universe, If we accept the light we are crystallized.

I understand what you are saying Patricia about humans not being responsible but i think today we are more responsible than 10 years ago. With the Earth changes of today we should also look back and say, "maybe we should take care of our planet." Maybe I'm the only one seeing this :P but it think this can all be interpreted as lessons. About reptilians; well who knows if they really exist, but if they do they are for sure not feeding of me :P...
I feel climate-gate has pushed this topic from view. So maybe the falsified the evidence and bullied the scientists. But i think alternative and free energy are still monumental issues and they are just not being discussed anymore. I love my mother earth, And i want to protect her in any way i can.
paTricia T. said:
I agree with you Alex...that we have moved forward with our environmental responsibilities, on an average scale as far as regular people go. But we still have a long way to go. Years ago while living in Banff, I decided to pick up garbage along the river on the election voting day. When by-passers asked me what I was doing, I informed them I was voting for a cleaner country, and that oh look, my vote counted. I use to get the strangest looks. lol. I think a lot of people are really trying to make a difference, no doubt about that. But there are still many out there that are lagging behind. I too need to step it up another level.
Greetings Patricia, yes indeed Mother Earth is shaking of the slumber, and waking up to a higher frequency soon to jump into 5d."hang on Dorthy cause Kansas is going bye bye.

'. Patricia I like to use the term A New World With Order, I feel why empower that idea with my mind set and emotions
of fear, or doubt or that there is a power greater then the guide within all of us , no matter what the name is we call it.

the dark ones are only playing the role that we all choose to play together in setting up this whole time/ space 3 d reality so that we could all get our hearts desire. its all about the contrast its the juice of life and living.

Imagine 10 people going out to the same restaurant, for the same meal, it would be boring if they all loved or all hated it collectively, so some offer the cook new ideas how to prepare the meal, some send the food back to the cook to reheat, some throw it at the waiter, some eat it and love it , others eat it and hate it but don't speak up because they don't want to rock the boat or make a scene, the idea being you need sinners if you want saints, and we only really know what we want by getting the opposite to give us the thrill of contrast. anyway I aint preaching or teaching just sharing my ideas on the subject matter. Thanks for letting me rave on, Peace, Love, and Light always Peter
Patricia, you are a divine being of Light, fashioned from the Heart of Love, the reason you feel the feelings that you as a light work are feeling is because you are strong enough, Loving enough, and creative and powerful enough in your mind and heart to transmute the coal into diamonds, the dross into Gold, Thank you for all the work you are doing to help transform this current reality into more Light. I am grateful to you and to the Universe for you. Just Breath and allow the negative energy to flow back to source and allow it to come back to you with a new Vision. You are doing a magnificent work . Peace

P.S. Patricia, I find that drinking a lot of water and eating as much greens as I can each day really allows more peace into my body and mind. I will keep you in my thoughts for more peace, simply allow and trust no matter what the 5 senses say.

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