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Own Your Own Mind & Be Your Sovereign Divine Self By Ann Albers & The Angels

Own Your Own Mind & Be Your Sovereign Divine Self

By Ann Albers & The Angels

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You are discerning about who you allow into your homes. You lock your cars when you go into a store. You select foods that nourish or comfort you and discard that which is spoiled. In most physical areas of your life, you are careful to discern who and what you allow in. You"mind your matter" very well in most cases.

But do mind your mind? Does it matter to you what you allow to infiltrate your thoughts? If your thoughts were people and your mind was a house, what kind of atmosphere would you like in your mental house? What type of thoughts would you allow in when they come knocking on the door of your attention? In this mental house, you get to choose the thoughts that keep you company.

You are certainly being bombarded these days with the thoughts and opinions of others. You have been trained to "take all opinions into account," and indeed it is conventional human wisdom to do so. Sometimes –  for example, when working to create something with a team – it makes sense. However, you would never see a flock of birds sharing ideas and "taking into account" one anothers' opinions about where to migrate. Each follows their inner compass. Sometimes their instincts motivate them to follow one another, and sometimes they are motivated to roost on their own. You would never see anything in the natural world "taking into account" another's opinion. Instead, each beautiful being in the natural universe senses and reads energy feels instinctual and intuitive guidance in response and acts upon that.

Are we saying that you could remain totally independent from other human opinions and still be guided to have a blissful life? Although this is an unlikely scenario –  and not even recommended because the contrast provides stimulation and desire – we are saying exactly that dear ones. You have your own inner compass. You have your own connection to the Source. You have the ability to attune to what you wish to experience and therefore the ability to receive your guidance in each moment. So does everyone else. Collectively you are guided, if you listen, to live in harmony with yourself and with those around you.

Where you get yourselves in trouble is when you ignore the still, small voice, the delightful feeling that you want to do something, or the not-so-pleasant feelings that tell you you don't. When you ignore your guidance and take everyone else's opinions "into account" instead of trusting yourself, this is when you become confused, uncertain, insecure, and often, upset! When you are in agreement with your own feelings, you will feel good. You will be guided. You can live and let live. When you are at odds with your own feelings, you will not feel so great, you will miss your guidance or ignore it, and you are likely to want others to change... so you can feel better.

For example, suppose you have a feeling that you want to go to an event, take a trip, or visit someone. You feel great about it. You feel safe. You feel excited. Your God-given guidance is telling you to go for it! Suppose however you turn on the news or have a conversation with someone in fear. Suddenly you are taking their opinions "into account" and now you're not so confident. You don't feel so clear. You want to go but you're not sure you "should." Originally your guidance was crystal clear, but since you let thoughts that were not your own into your mental house, now they are taking over!

Your guidance will be a very calm feeling or knowing. You might hear words in your head, but often something just "feels right" or doesn't. Often guidance feels instinctual, natural, and like the thing you want to do next. Guidance can be a feeling of resistance to doing something you think you "should" do, or a feeling of upset when someone is pressuring you to do or be something you don't want to do or be. (If you were totally secure in your own opinions, you'd listen to them without upset and do what you're guided to do anyway, with no need to justify or validate yourself!)

Dear ones, mind your minds and make sure your minds matter to you. Be discerning about listening to your feelings rather than blindly taking in the thoughts that bombard you. Be honest with yourself about how you feel. Instead of worrying so much about pleasing others, be more concerned about pleasing the Source of Creation that lives and abides in you and guides you –  in every moment in time – along the path of greatest joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


Patricia Cota-Robles -


Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

The angel message today reminds me of a time over a decade ago. A dear friend had just returned home from a visit to China, right amidst the SARS outbreak that was in full force over there. I hadn't been watching the news. I was on a break and decided to ask him over for dinner to welcome him back after several months of travel. "Aren't you afraid to have me over," he asked? "My family has me in quarantine at a hotel!" "Should I be?" I replied humorously? I didn't feel a shred of fear or concern anywhere in my body or mind. "I feel healthy," but I can't prove it," he said. I checked in with my own feelings again. There was nothing but a good, safe, happy feeling. I invited him over. We enjoyed catching up, and true to our mutual guidance, all was well.

The broadcast of the Divine within me has become something I rely on to give me "my news" even more than the outside world. When I need to know something "out there" inevitably someone tells me. I don't worry about being "in the know." I will know what I need to know when I need to know it. I'm a cell in the body of the Divine as we all are. The urges and instinctual feelings from Spirit are my compass. They have never, ever steered me wrong, when I listen.

"You can't make a living as an intuitive!" I was told 25 years go. My guidance said otherwise. My feelings were steering me to do this work. I trusted God. I've been fine even though at times my faith waned and I worried about money. Now I know the truth of flow.

"You should be afraid of this virus," the news screams at me if I watch the statistics. Not in my reality! I love the Creator of Universes and focus on the light within everything and everyone and in so doing, there is nothing to fear. My guidance tells me what to do and when. As the angels like to say, we can be "prudent but not paranoid." Prudent to their way of thinking means listening to your inner guidance.

This story is close to home for me. My mom who has plenty of conditions that "should" have had her holed up at home during quarantine, has been running around during the entire pandemic. She loves to go grocery shopping often and cook fresh meals, so two to three times a week she was masked up, hand sanitizer on hand, enjoying a stroll through the grocery store. Neither of us was worried.

We called upon the angels and asked them to give her clear guidance to keep her safe, and we both had faith in their guidance. Just once her keys fell in a crack in the car when she was about to go into the store. After struggling several minutes to retrieve them she got the feeling that she was receiving a message not to go into the store. "OK Angels, If I'm not supposed to go in there help the keys come out easily right now and I'll go home." The keys loosened up immediately and she drove back home. Guidance prevailed.

Years ago before banking apps allowed home deposits, I would go to the ATM to make my deposits every Friday. One Friday, nothing in me felt like going. I procrastinated. I resisted. Finally, it dawned on me. This was not a good time go. All my feelings were pointing to that. So I put it off till the next day. I learned later, that there had been an attempted robbery at the ATM the night before.

So, while it is interesting, educational, and often fun to listen to other people's perspectives, ideas, and opinions – and that's one of the coolest things about earth's big buffet of energies – when it comes to making decisions, I trust what I feel within, for myself. I honor the fact that others should trust what they feel within, for themselves.

So if you can, listen a little less to what everyone else thinks you should do and listen more to what the Divine within is guiding you to do, moment by moment. Enjoy the worlds' ideas and perspectives, but when it comes to choices, make them your own. Listen to your own feelings and instincts.

In that reality, you are guided, uniquely along the path you, yourself, have created with your intentions, desires, and dreams.

Here are a few pointers on how to mind your own mind, and own your own choices:

1. Practice getting in touch with your real feelings

Stop throughout the day and think of a choice in front of you. Ask yourself, "How do I feel about this?" Be careful not to answer with what you "think you should feel" which would be an automatically programmed response.

Instead, breathe deeply into the solar plexus. Pay attention to your gut. How does your body feel when you think of the choice?" How do you feel?

Practice with simple choices that don't matter so much. Do you want mustard on your sandwich? How do you feel about it? Do you want coffee when you first wake up? How do you feel? Do you want to call someone at this moment? How do you feel?

If it helps you clarify you can take a sheet of paper and write two columns. One is "What do I think about this?" and the other is "How do I feel?" It will be much easier for most to write what you think. The important one is, "How do you feel?" This is your guidance.

2. To Get Guidance, Breathe your way in a High Vibe

If you're in a cranky, scared state of mind, the guidance you receive via your feelings will be a bit watered-down and filtered through your not-so-coherent energy. To create a coherent field use the breathing method that the angels and Hearthmath Institute (who studies this scientifically) have recommended for years. Think of anything or anyone you love and imagine breathing into the heart till you feel your mind and body calm. If you practice this often, you can get to calm fast.

Once calm and peaceful, then ask yourself, "How do I feel about this choice?" Your guidance will be so much clearer!

3. Wait for inspiration

If your feelings on a subject go back and forth that means your thoughts are going back and forth. Or perhaps you don't know how to make something happen. Wait for inspiration in this case. Imagine and feel the desired outcome, then distract yourself. Do something you like. Listen to music you like. Do anything that makes you feel better.

When your thoughts are in alignment with what you want, you'll get good guidance. When your thoughts are running contrary to what you want, you will likely get fear-based, or reactionary feelings. It is OK to distract yourself and feel good about something else. Then you'll naturally have a moment when clarity arrives on the topic you wondered about.

Guidance can be honed until you hear voices in your head, get visions, etc. However, the clearest and easiest guidance for yourself throughout the day is to pay attention to your feelings especially, when you're in a higher vibe.

When you're not in a higher vibe, make it a priority to get there, and then, once again, your natural instinctive guidance will appear easily. In the words of Obi Wan Kanobi from spirit, in the original Star Wars movie, "Luke, Trust Your Feelings."

Love you all!

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