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Hello everyone and welcome to the "Origins of Humanity"

Through this half hour, I will take you through what I have researched based on what we know of us as a human race, where we come from, the struggles we have had and the upcoming benefits leading to ascension.

So please hold your questions until announced to release them through the chat, thank you.

The Universe is a living being
Whatever you have been told about evolution, is mainly just that a theory. A single cell is not the cause of all of this that you see. That is irrational 3 dimensional thinking. If You were go up to a being out past our earth and tell him "Sure, we were all created starting with a single cell”, they would laugh at you. Everything was created from something, okay.

So, the universe is part of a massive, colossal Omni verse. This is known as "the source."
It contains countless amounts of other universes amongst it. We are but one spec in a huge amount of other universes. The Omni verse, if you ever get to evolve to that point, is just raw energy. There's no form.

Okay, so where does humanity fit into all this? In the beginning, the source began to be populated with other universes. Time did not exist. It was always there. Our universe was created. A being ascended to this greatness. It created extensions of itself, told them to go out and create and bring back your knowledge to me. This begun the creation of our universe. As these extensions begun to create, stars, planets, life forms, began to become abundant from their fruits of their creation.

Now humanity itself came from the constellation known as Lyra. Humanity had one spot in the galaxy, and it was there. Space travel itself has been around for well over 4.8 billion years. Humanity existed very much like a utopian society. People gladly contributing their talents skills and abilities to make their contribution to their lives. It was a peaceful time. Everyone got along. There were no wars between humans. All was peaceful and abundant.

Then, the Reptilians came (Scary music time). The first of the reptilians all started with a particular race known as the Draconian’s, Or as I'll call them, the Drakes. These beings were dumped in our galaxy. We don't know where exactly they came from. They don't even know themselves. They were dumped in the Alpha Draconis system as that was their best probability of survival. Why? Because they are hydrogen breathers. They breathe Hydrogen. Now this race has been hailed as a remarkable race. They are master builders, master geneticists. But they have a major attitude problem. They are designed to conquer. Probably why wherever they were from before, those guys wanted to get rid of these guys. They got very bad attitudes. So as they begun to build themselves and create starships, get themselves together, they eventually stumbled upon Lyra. Here they saw humanity. They got it all together. They were agricultural, they were abundant. The Reptilians wanted to conquer them, because that's what they do. A huge war waged between the Drakes and the humans and the war was so destructive that the war consumed Lyra. It lead to the destruction of the Lyra star.

Humanity fled across the galaxy before the destruction of the star. And there are now many mixed human races across our galaxy. Many of them fled to such stars as: The Pleiades, Sirius, Proxima, Centauri, Tau Ceti, everywhere. And the Reptilian presence was growing.

The Drakes, being master geneticists begun to expand on their genes to create sub-race reptilian beings. This lead to a massive conflict between humans and reptilians even after Lyra fell. Now, this is why many human races are different in appearance. Where they originate from generation after generation all depended on their atmospheric living conditions of their home worlds. That's why Pleiadians have pointed ears. That’s why Andromedans are blue skinned, etc.

Now, this war waged on for over 3 billion years. There was no cease fire, the war just sort of stopped.

Now, where does Earth fit into this, how did we come into being? Our entire solar system was engineered. It didn't just magically get created by cells through evolution lol. Everything here was created here for a reason. Every single planet in this solar system has life on it, just some in different dimensions. So, Earth was a very special planet. It is an O2 planet, and these are rare planets in this galaxy, simply because they are hard to manufacture. Now, these advanced races have all amazing technology used to created worlds. Their intelligence is off the scale. They are thousands and thousands of years ahead of us in technology, and thousands and thousands of years ahead of us in spirituality. Now the goal of earth was that it was to be made as an intergalactic exchange center of information. Where souls of many different types, such as non-humans, could incarnate into this world through the universal body type now known as, Us. Every single human on this planet is from somewhere else. None of us are indigenous to this world. This universal body type of ours contains within it 22 different alien races.

Now why would Earth be this haven for souls to come into? Because across the galaxy, some souls have had problem reincarnating over again. Earth is a luxury for this. Souls come into our plain, incarnate, their body dies, they cycle back to spirit and they return. This is the cycle of completion. You continue to cycle until you achieve completion as a human being. Which means, ascension. Now, earth was once in the fourth dimension, a long time ago. And at that time, our universal body type, our race, was a utopian society. We repeated history just like they Lyran’s did. We were peaceful, we were without ego. But the time drew near where we had to drop to the 3rd dimension as the Dark Age was making a presence.

This lead to the Reptilians that found earth, and so the Lizzie’s returned and they took over our territory. A war was fought in space, and they won it. The territory was now theirs. They beat out light and they beat out the opposition. And they didn't want the original universal human to know what transpired here, so they altered our genes from a 12 strand DNA body, to a 2 strand double helix removing certain memory functions and limiting us to lower frequencies, all so we could be more controllable. This begun the dark age officially, we were now a resource to the lizzie’s. Because they value genetics above any other resource.

So guys, this ends part one. Part two will continue next week.

Questions and answers:

Q: Jfmornom: If we want to know more about it, is there any websites or books with this info
A: I'd say check out legend of Atlantis videos. Check out Alex Colliers work as well.
Q: Kigre the Viking: Where is this war mainly fought now?
A: Kigre, there's still war zones across the galaxy. All depending where there's hostile duality.
Q: David: Why are the Draconian’s so destructive?
A: Some reptilians are good, some are bad. They just have an attitude problem. They were bred to conquer. Their bullies. They are the most powerful race in our galaxy right now and there's no one around to beat them up, so they don't know any better. They're use to conquering. That's what they do. Now, that's not to say that over time, some Draconian’s were actually christed beings. Some actually managed to change their ways. But eventually, I believe karma will catch up with them, hopefully, and the universe will slap them around.
Q: (sorry I didn’t manage to copy and past your name or question, but I have the answer )
A: Humans are helping us, although they have rules to obey, and those rules are policies of non-interference. Guys, Star Trek's rule of prime directive, it's a reality. I think there were some channelers that wrote some of those episodes lol. The thing is, our human allies can't come down here and save us and do all the work for us. They're not here to babysit us. Because they get involved, we jeopardize our free will. We're a starting up civilization and if they get involved and things go wrong, we could just blame them, and we'd have no freedom.

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Thanks Brad for the info.
Thanks David to post it in the forum
Thank you to Brad and to david, that was very interesting :)
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