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It is strange and wonderful how our prayers are answered some times.  I was sitting feeling a bit lost and asked God what I could be doing, then the next think I know, I go to my computer and an understanding of our situation pours out of me...which you are seeing now. 
At the age of 15 a dimensional being told me that my thoughts were powerful.  Since then I have been intimidated by my thoughts in fear of hurting someone.  I am no longer afraid.

This conversation started out on Besimi's Bashar Speaks on Gulf...
"From what I understand, he is speaking about us waking up into our "adult hood" and collective consciousness. When we the minority project a different result, we would be able to change the out come.
If those whiskey drink'en cocaine snorting ass wipes at the top can create such a hell on earth because of their ritual thought projection, then we certainly can change things.

At this time, our biggest obstacle is ourselves. We are so scattered. For us to be the ones we have been waiting for, then we must unite with ONE THOUGHT....ONE VOICE. This is what the power of ONE is all about.
What we need to do is find one thought process. It must be very simple and to the point."

What I would like to do at this stage is for anyone and everyone come up with a one liner for meditation and ritual...what you want the outcome to be.

For example:  Our planet EARTH is clean and healthy and all life lives in HARMONY.  

Be careful with your wording !!!   Once we have it....we must send it to all we know and begin the massive prayer and rituals.

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Thanks PT This sounds great this is as simple and easy as I can get HEAVEN ON EARTH.
the law of absolute right.
When i do good i feel good, when i do bad i feel bad. that is my religion.
Secrets and lies caused the problem we are in now. There needs to be complete transparency,
yeah pat t, our thoughts when unified, is an invisible laser...

focus (something im still learning how to do)

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