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could it be this is actually happening?!
This was mentioned by some military guy recently, but i didn't really take notice. especially after 'last time' so I just presumed it would be exceptionally unlikely, but, my god i would love it to actually happen, and maybe this is actually it...

just these videos as of this moment it seems. please post any other info you find :)

Seems suttle, but there is a lot of people in New York to see it, looks like it will put alot of pressure on goverment to come forward bout ufos.

im a bit excited right now :)

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Well ! something was shown today on 13-th ,anyway :):):).
...this is so cool to correspond ,with that prediction .
- Namaste Bishop. Love.
I'm really excited about this too, Bishop!
I hope it's the real thing, I really do!

Yep this is the real thing, the same as were shown at oktobre the first 2010 above Rotterdam, it was a great fleet of our Galactic Friends ...
Please let go the fear, it is a real waste of your energy, and you put a veil over your intuition, all what happens will happen ... by living in the now you can rely on your intuition, and that little voice will tell you if it is all right, listen to the sound of your heart and go on your vibration ...
So trust yourself and trust your future ... its OURS :)))

Namaste Bishop I share your excitement oh yeah :)))
Seems to be getting some news coverage :)

still images from Earth Cam. A 24 hour Webcam that over looks New York

well hope these UFOs appear in a more frequent manner that way the people can question the government but most importantly question our existence in the universe. Thanks for the news and I also feel excited since it seems UFOs are becoming a frequent headline in yahoo.

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