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I'm very very disappointed with this man for deciding this. Deep down i really want to believe he is a kind hearted loving man, and is for the people, but

Apparently once he does this tomarrow, I'm losing all my respect for this man, it might be the end of this control over humanity. I for one see the entire planet rising up against this and say no more. We all had enough of these wars, and my meditations aren't doing anything, or my visions of my future world which is in peace aren't doing much to help.

I hate to say this but i don't want to get into a violent civil war, the way it is looking now, is looks like it's going to start that way. People are so very fed up and angry right now at the entire global elitists, super rich, and the Government.

I suppose this time period is our darkest hour, and we will come out with peace.

He is going to announce 34,000 troops to deploy to Afghanistan and is this part of our global awakening to have more killing and more destruciton and more debt? Maybe this is the Trigger for Mass awakening of everyone. Either way this is coming to an end.

Even Michael Moore is having doubts about the President and that is huge

Please pass this video around to everyone you know to spread the truth about these wars.

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It's digraceful. It boggles the mind that anyone could think murder is justifiable, just goes to show what it is possible to achieve with language.

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