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I'm very very disappointed with this man for deciding this. Deep down i really want to believe he is a kind hearted loving man, and is for the people, but

Apparently once he does this tomarrow, I'm losing all my respect for this man, it might be the end of this control over humanity. I for one see the entire planet rising up against this and say no more. We all had enough of these wars, and my meditations aren't doing anything, or my visions of my future world which is in peace aren't doing much to help.

I hate to say this but i don't want to get into a violent civil war, the way it is looking now, is looks like it's going to start that way. People are so very fed up and angry right now at the entire global elitists, super rich, and the Government.

I suppose this time period is our darkest hour, and we will come out with peace.

He is going to announce 34,000 troops to deploy to Afghanistan and is this part of our global awakening to have more killing and more destruciton and more debt? Maybe this is the Trigger for Mass awakening of everyone. Either way this is coming to an end.

Even Michael Moore is having doubts about the President and that is huge

Please pass this video around to everyone you know to spread the truth about these wars.

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Also the video is a Bit Disturbing but it is Truth and extremely Epic and Inspiring, and this needs to get out to the public.
America is evil. Obama is evil.
I don't think it is about Democrats or Republicans, and there is no such thing as winning a war, everybody loses except for the ones who profit from them, and that disgust me the most. It's why Obama has to send more troops to keep the profits of contractors and harvesting resources and drugs.

Nickolas Macen said:
I hate this war just as much as the next person but you have to see this from Obama's side. He is the Democratic president taking over a republican war which the republicans failed to finish. Afghanistan was left to rot and this is a fact Obama and the Dems know well but because of this they cant abandon the war because as we all know the Republicans will go all up in arms and scream HE LET THE TERRORISTS GO HE WANTS AMERICA IN DANGER BLAH BLAH BLAH so what does he do? he does the exact opposite of the Bush administration and instead of throwing money at the war he examines it at all angles then forms a plan. Look at it like this, if he can successfully organize a win in Afghanistan and build a somewhat Democratic government at the same time bringing an end to the war he will have proved that the Democrats are more trustworthy and thoughtful then the republicans. This stopped being just about Obama months ago this is about sustaining a long term Democratic hold on washington for years to come I just hope he doesnt fuck this up cause it can get ugly real fast.
i cant help but wonder where our friends are up there, whats taking so long, i feel convinced nothing bad will be allowed to happen, whilst under their protection, but this seems potentially really, really bad. but i do see a bright side too.

We still have no disclosure, and 34k troops off to fight a war in Afghanistan. With this surge of troops, America will have a strong holding on either side of Iran, something to think about. This sudden surge, with potential human up roar world wide, could lead to civil war, huge war in middle east, or possibly a world war, everyone vs America, but i am convinced nothing bad will happen, even if our friends are forced to intervene. If they do intervene, then hell yeah! But i get a feeling this surge of troops will leave Americas home security troops thinly spread, leading to who knows what. but this really is just speculation :P

What ever happens, i cant imagine anything catastrophic coming of it, but it may serve as a catalyst for something much greater. Time, as ever, will tell... L&L
maybe this is for the Great Awakening that is about to take place, or is taking place, but this alone will get the public awakened.

I know the Video i posted is very disturbing and it really hurts our hearts to see this but people need to see the negative behind wars so we can choose the positive path.

I my self was in that war in Iraq, and i'm very fortunate i didn't have to kill anyone to my knowledge, where i did fire my weapon in a drive by shooting, and i came close to getting shot, but i came out of Iraq with a new perspective of life, i didn't like the war i was in, and i really hated it and didn't really want to be there, but i know it was all for a reason. When i was there i wanted to help the people there so bad and i was not allowed to.

I tried to offer my water to some children because of how hot it really is there, but i got yelled at by my commanding officer.

Luckily i got transported from Iraq to Kuwait and did the rest of my mission there, which i was thankful to not fight in the war but to still help get supplies to my fellow soldiers.

Since my return i've been against all the wars and talking to people about why we were over there.
wow Aaron i had no idea, i cant imagine the horrors you may have seen. Kudos to you for doing all you could to help. Personally, i say boycott the military.
America is poor, is on the edge of the abyss, and yet there is money to war. Afghanistan is a country where the war is continue for 1000 years . I heard on the news that 1 soldier costs 1 million U.S. dollars per year. The war will not be won because Pakistan is a loose end. But yes there will be a rationale to the sending of 34,000 troops. But death will fall, many deaths... poor poor people of Afghanistan...
I am a little bit concerned that they will try to create another 9/11 type ,staged event to distract every body from seeing there crimes that are beginning to surface.This is a practice that has been used time and time agin and it has caused so much pain and suffering just to be able to control the masses with their sick illusion that give them there power and then came to the rescue with them appearing to be our savior .They are masters ofillusion .This is honestly how they have managed for years to control us with UNTIL NOW AND THEY ARE SCARED MORE THAN EVER BEFORE OF LOSING THERE RULE OVER US.And to Aaron I can honestly sense the goodness in your words that you share we must say they are words that can and do wake people up to the truth of Light
The first 1,300 troops are heading there on the first week of January, the rest will be around the spring and summer time.

There could be alot of things happening in between those time periods, so i'm hoping for a peaceful time for all of us,

I just feel that there are positive changes for all of us, and the Federal Reserve is going to get exposed with the Audit the Fed bill which in turn will change alot things.

Whatever happens, we all are going to make it some how and in some way.

Much love to you all
I do believe we will have very few military personel left here at home, they will all be overseas fighting a enemy that I dont believe exist
I would'nt put it past those bastards to set off a nuke in Afganistan or Iraq and then blame it on IRAN so they could dump a couple nukes on Iran and call it self defence These guys would love to use this kind of fear agin to get the people to see that they were our saviors agin .Lets hope what some said about the ETs would not let any more nuclear weapons be used.

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