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"Obama" has only four years to save the earth..

I thought about this too... Obama was elected 4 years exacly before the predicted "events" or happenings or Awakening of humanity in 2012...

What do you people think about this subject and this information??

now I know this fella is a friend of Al Gore or "the missleader" as I use to call him..
as he makes alot of profit trying to look like the good guy...

you could discuss this too if you want but the main thing was about Obama and the four years leading too 2012.. Do you think Obama will be our "saviour" or what will happen? what do you think The Illuminati behind him will do? Do you think they have their claws around this guy too??

Love and light friends

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not if we can help it >;-)

the people of earth now and the people of earth 8 years ago were kinda different...
If Obama comes into his own power and place. Who knows what Great will come.
I "think" for the best with him. But i might consider posting some happy pictures over commercials. Im bored.
Hey people remember Obama is just a light fellow like us. We all have to help this loved earth to become a pristine earth. So Let`s bring this new earth once for all. !!
He has to be a leader not only to US, but to the world. One who will bring people together, one who will forgive all the financial debts and let the people grow in union. Thats is the role of a world leader which only can be performed by the US President. The world really trusts in Obama. His inaugural speech was inspiring, different from all we have seen. Guys, I really think we have the right leader. Now it is our turn, lets use the power of our intention and love to make our dreams come true.
From a British person's perspective, I listened to the whole speech, and in my heart I knew that this was the man we needed, I can see him bringing about the Golden Age not only for America - but for the entire world.

Do not call him the "saviour" though, as we forewell could be running into Biblical Prophecy here lol, remember what was spoke of in Revelation about the Antichrist - he will be well liked by people of all races, not just one, he shall have a way with his words, and he shall be very charismatic.

I'm not saying Obama is the Antichrist, but I'm just saying that we must be weary over the next few years, especially with the fact that we are nearing galactic alignment...
...but as I said before, in my heart I know he will unify this world, and usher it into the new age of Aquarius. Let's focus our light upon him to protect him from those who wish to control us again.

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