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What was the purpose of building these strange Tibetan towers?

They are commonly referred to as Tibetan or Qiang Towers, after the Qiang ethnic group of western Sichuan Province.

Among many Chinese mysterious structures, are star-shaped towers. Some of them are more than 100 feet tall. Not much is known about their origin. Their age is also very disputable.

According to what the locals say, the enigmatic unknown towers withstand the force of earthquakes!

What did make them to resist an earthquake?

An explorer, Martine "Frederique" Darragon have spent much time to investigate these old stone structures, widespread across the lower slope of the Himalaya Mountains.

Living in the area monks were not able to shed light on these puzzling structures that in some way, do not fit the landscape of the Himalayas.


The star-shaped towers have never been mentioned in centuries-old monastery documents.

Furthermore, no trace of these Tibetan mystery could be found in the Chinese chronicles and other older diaries and records of Western travellers who might in fact see them while passing by the region of Sichuan Province.

Some samples of wood from thirty two towers were sent to a laboratory in Miami for radiocarbon dating.

They seemed to be several hundred years old except for one particular sample taken from the Kongpo structure in Tibet (in the vicinity of Lhasa). This one was in fact much older. Why did possible knowledge of the mysterious tall star-shaped structures disappear? Built mostly of he cut-stone and timber, the Tibetan towers have some unusual characteristics. Some over forty of them have eight points and some others have twelve which is yet another mystery of them.

There are approximately two hundred fifty unique freestanding Tibetan towers located in five geographical regions in Sichuan Province, mostly in the areas inhabited by minority (non-Han). Of course as always there are many theories, speculations and suggestions regarding almost everything.

The star-shaped structures of Tibet are not any exception. There was theorized that the structures were "likely used as signal towers" and provided a line of sight from one to another.

However, people walking on the ground and seeing those towers are not able to see the star-shaped top of the tower!

The Tibetan towers explained as "signal towers" unfortunately do not answer perhaps the most important question:

Why are the towers star-shaped?

Eventual suggestions that the towers could be some kind of forts or watchtowers do not respond to the above question either!

There is also an explanation that they could represent the dmu cord. According to Tibetan legend, "dmu" cord connect heaven and earth. This one I like much better, a star may symbolize connection to the sky. All those towers could have been raised as a symbol of extraterrestrial visitation on earth.

Tibet is full of ancient legends describing events related to flying machines and alien beings. The Kanjur and the Tanjur books are the two most important writings of the Tibetan Buddhists.

They state that:

    "...gods regularly visited Earth in transparent flying spheres or "Pearls in the heavens." It is an interesting description because it clearly indicates that another type of flying machine, as its shape differ from the design of the "dragon", was seen on Earth.

    Dealing with flying machines and the technology of the gods' later on, we will learn that our ancient visitors possessed various types of spaceships. The Rgyal-rabs is another ancient text rich on information, which support the ancient astronauts' theory. The text preserves the genealogy of ancient Tibetan rulers and refers to 27 legendary kings.

    It is said that seven of these kings came down from the zenith of the sky, passing through the levels of the atmosphere on a heavenly ladder or "sky-cord." These kings, also called "gods of light" re-ascended up the sky-cord to the zenith after fulfilling their mission among the Tibetans..." Ellen Lloyd, "Voices From Legendary Times"

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