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Seeing gigantic Rainbow shapes in the bright sky, I thought they might be ufo's but i don't think so. They were very beautiful colored shapes. I can only remember one of them was a shape of a star.

half the dream was dark and the other half was bright and beautiful, i have been going through alot of frustrations and emotional upheaval yesterday and some today.

I can say everyone i'm on the verge of nearly stepping out of time itself or something huge. I'm going through some darkness that it is difficult, i don't want to go through this but it is really upsetting. I believe i will be more in to the light and getting more lighter as my body, more feeling of sensitivity and intense sound. Speeding up of time like never before, it is getting extremely overwhelming for me.

I hope i can get over my dark self and let that all go.Before this dream i've had alot of dark dreams and i'm still having them, but this might be some breakthrough for me but i'm not sure.

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I feel the rainbows mean that your difficult experience is bringing you awareness of many kinds (colors). I hope you have had better days since you posted.
I think your observations and understanding of the dream is quite accurate in the sense that you are recognising and identifying well with your self.... like you my entire concept of time has just speed up like crazy...

However I'm starting to recogniseand identify the differences in my soul dreams, some of them leave me with the feeling of "levety" like a lightness, and i am not as effected as i am with other types , some of my soul dreams effect me to the point where it takes a couple of days
for the fog to where off ... it is a heavyness i feel after them...

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