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Natalie Glassons: "Drean Your Divine Truth Into Manifestation", And, "Abundance In Its True Form By Lord Melchizedek"... And ... A Vision for Smiles All Around

The Dream Of  Truth - Part 2 - By Natalie Glasson &

Saint Germaine

Greetings, and I, Saint Germain extend my vibrations of truth, and of divine love and magic to you as I continue with our discussion today on the Dream of Truth. In part 1, I invited you to be conscious of the vibration of truth within you, and around you, contemplating what your truth is. The feelings and thoughts you experience, your reality and your connection with the Creator - all impact your experience of your truth.

I spoke about your Dream of Truth within your being from your soul, your soul group, and the Creator. This was a dream of something manifesting for yourself or for the Earth, for reality or ascension. I invited you to ask yourself to discover your Dream of Truth, and in doing so realize that there may be many dreams within your being.

I invited your soul, your soul group, your guides, and the Creator to energise, and amplify your Dream of Truth. I stated that your Dream of Truth was a guideline of what your soul wanted you or wants you to experience upon the Earth in this lifetime.


Rainbow of Truth


As we continue with this process, maybe you have discovered one or more of your Dreams of Truth. Maybe your Dream of Truth feels impossible, brings up fear, or maybe feels inspirational and enlightening to you.

Whatever your Dream of Truth is I, Saint Germain, wish to invite you to connect with the Rainbow of Truth. The Rainbow of Truth is a spectrum of light, a spectrum of frequencies and vibrations born from the Creator. This spectrum of light is from the very core of the Creator, and is a multi-dimensional, multifaceted expression of truth.

It is the truth of the Creator as expansive, as limitless as you can imagine and so much more. It is a vibration that holds everything, all that you can imagine that is the truth of the Creator, holding wisdom and understanding as well as enlightenment and insights, but also things to manifest and to be experienced.


I invite you to download into your being and to reconnect your being consciously with the Creator's Rainbow of Truth. You can simply allow yourself to sit quietly or peacefully breathing deeply, close your eyes if you wish, and to simply repeat in your mind:


‘I am an expression of the Truth of the Creator.

I am connected with the Rainbow Truth of the Creator.

I embody the Rainbow Truth of the Creator.'


Allow yourself to repeat this, to experience it for as long as you wish, then change it.


‘I am the Rainbow Truth of the Creator and I express this now on all levels & dimensions of my Being.


Imagine, sense, acknowledge rainbow light flowing over and through your being, entering every cell, every aspect of your being and radiating, pulsating from your being. Fill yourself with this rainbow light, fill the Earth, fill humanity, fill all beings, the sky, every part with the rainbow light.  Then allow yourself to repeat:


‘I Am Truth in the presence of the Creator’


Allow yourself to connect deep within your being with the vibration of truth that is really pulsating, growing, and being empowered within your being.


Then remind yourself of your Dream of Truth. Does it still feel appropriate, does it still feel needed? If so, then ask the Rainbow of Truth to energise, to amplify, and to magnify your Dream of Truth, bringing it into manifestation. If it does not feel appropriate change it, connect deeper and invite yourself to discover something different.


The Rainbow of Truth is not the 12 Rays of Light or the 22 Rays of Light, it is a unique spectrum from the core of the Creator. Allow yourself to work intimately with the Rainbow of Truth.


I, Saint Germain, wish to speak about what makes you a being of Truth, it is something I wish you to contemplate and to experience in your reality.


What makes you a being of Truth?


Video - Dreaming Your Year 2021 Into Manifestation By Steve Nobel


If I, Saint Germain, was invited to answer this question, I would speak for many of your days about what makes you a being of truth. However, this is a question for you to explore and to understand because it is a way of releasing all boundaries, limitations, blockages, and baggage that is stopping you from being a beacon and expression of truth, living a reality of truth.

When you truly contemplate what makes you a being of truth, then you will let go of everything and become that being of Truth. It is so important to contemplate and view this question and your answers from so many different outlooks and perspectives because it allows you to discover yourself, how you see yourself, and how you are a being of truth.


What is a being? What is truth? How does this manifest? How will it appear to you when you live on the Earth as a being of truth? What will you do? What will you experience? How will you interact with others upon the Earth? How will you bring forth healing? How will you bring forth wisdom? What will you be?  How will you be in the presence of the Creator, with the presence of the Creator as an embodiment and expression of the Creator?

In many ways I have given you the answer just at the end of my questioning.


It is a journey for you to explore and understand, and with your personal exploration, understanding, and interpretation, you will create a freedom within you, a freedom of expression of your truth. This is essential on the Earth now not only because it is essential for you to live and be as a being of the Creator on the Earth.

It is also essential for you to express the Creator to inspire within others the Creator, raising the vibration of the Earth. You will create so many different transformations, healing processes and things that maybe are in your wildest dreams, things that you wish will manifest and be your experience on the Earth. Not only for yourself, but for others as well.


When questioning what makes you a being of truth you may discover the question and answer alters and shifts as you explore it, creating new questions, thus you are walking an ascension pathway of exploring truth. You are connecting with the very essence of the Creator which is so important for your ascension and the world.

Of course, it is immensely healing, and I do not give you the answers because it is your journey. I am here to support, guide and assist you in any way you wish. It is now time we create dreams, hopes, and desires upon the Earth for you and all to experience.

It is imperative that all achieve this, to create a larger picture of the perfection of the Creator. We can recognise the perfection of the Creator as joy, love, and peace. Through this process you are creating with others a new world, a new Earth and a new process of ascension, development, and truth.


I, Saint Germain am present to support you with every step,


I thank you; I honour you,

I am Saint Germain

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To watch the video of Natalie's message and get a free audio download of her message, click on this link:

Infinite Blessings of God's Christ Love & Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flame, New Earth Ascension Blueprint, & Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are All Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment ! Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Freedom Flame Transmission" -


Abundance In Its True Form By Natalie Glasson &

Lord Melchizedek

I am Lord Melchizedek. Greetings and welcome in my Divine Light, Love, & Truth that I now extend to all beings. I am a collective energy and yet you may see me as a single source, a source of light that oversees the Universal Level of the Creator, bringing forth wisdom, love, knowledge, and the divine plan from the Creator. It is an honour to be in your presence, and I wish to speak of divine abundance in its true form today.

What Is Abundance?


You may be able to clarify what abundance is within your reality as different products, objects, experiences, or situations that you might have or wish to have. These are known as creations, for abundance can be known as creations - the creations that you recognise in your reality. Abundance is the product of creations, the manifestation of your creations.

Now abundance is so much more than this because if it is creations, it also is energy, thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and beliefs. In truth abundance is who you are, everything that you create, and everything that draws certain scenarios and outcomes into your reality. You are the energy of abundance, and the essence of abundance, and the form and  experience of abundance.

You are the one who creates abundance in your reality through your body, being, energy body, soul, thoughts, emotions, and your intentions. Therefore, you are abundance.

As we again ask what abundance is, we recognise that abundance is a frequency and energy, a sensation, a flash of light or a sound, anything that is the Creator because the energy of abundance flows from the Creator. 

You are the Creator, holding within your being and expressing the vibrations of the Creator. You receive and embody the energy of abundance and your body, like a well-oiled machine,, creates this abundance.

You can recognise abundance in all areas of your reality... maybe spring flowers blossoming, or leaves growing upon the trees, or children laughing as they pass you by. Abundance in those forms may seem impersonal because it may seem as if it does not belong to you and that it belongs to others, or it belongs to the flowers, the trees, the children. However, you created that abundance, you created that you were present to experience the abundance, therefore you are in co-creation of the abundance and yes, you can claim that as abundance in your reality.

How Does Abundance Make You Feel?


If you imagine yourself experiencing the flow of abundance through your being, allowing it to manifest within your reality - what would you feel? Would you feel complete, would you feel full, would you feel delighted, overjoyed, excited?

You may say that these feelings are only because you are experiencing abundance, however, these feelings are the abundance itself. If you manifest money for yourself and this money allows you to do whatever you need to do in your reality, you have beautiful, delightful feelings within you.

Video - "Abundance Manifestation - Embodying Your Divine Abundance Template With Regan Hillyer" -


Is the money the abundance or are those feelings within your being the abundant energy?

It is an interesting question. We could say that both are abundance, the money is the abundant energy in form and the feelings, the delight, the joy, are the abundant energy flowing through your being, expressed through your body and your being.

However, you can create the money, the abundance and maybe not have those abundant feelings within your being as maybe the money does not fulfill you. You can create those feelings within your being without the money. Therefore, we can recognise that the true abundance are the feelings within your being and yes, it can manifest into forms that fill you with delight. You can create abundance within your being, the feelings, sensation, and experience of abundance without the outer objects, experiences, situations.


What Is The True Form Of Abundance?


When you recognize the emotions, energies, experiences within your being as abundance, also recognize that you are the creation or creator of these abundant feelings. This signifies you are the energy of abundance. Every cell, thought, energy body of your being is the energy of abundance.

This means you can access the energy of abundance whenever you want, and it also means your inner experience is so important, more so than your outer experience, for your experience within you will impact your outer experience.

It is so important to cultivate those inner vibrations, intentions, feelings, and thoughts to create abundance and align with the abundant nature of your being.

It is as if you have so many different coats to where, you could wear the coat of love or the coat of abundance, or the coat of peace, and it is all your choosing. You can wear them all at once, for if you create within you peace, love, abundance - then it will automatically manifests into your reality.

If You Are Creating Within You A World Of Abundance What Does This Look Like?


An inner world of abundance could be described as self-love, loving thoughts, forgiveness, truth, honesty, peace, harmony with oneself and supporting yourself.

A inner world of abundance could be nourishing yourself, energetically and physically with nourishing food, nourishing exercise, nourishing thoughts and nourishing feelings. It is all about creating your inner world as a place of abundance.

The greatest energy you can give yourself is forgiveness. As you dissolve disagreement within your being, dissolve blame, dissolve any form of harm - you begin to align with your true nature, the vibration of the Creator that you are.

Your inner world becomes harmonious, it becomes abundant, and you feel within every aspect of your being that you are abundant. You are the energy of abundance. Thus, you recognise that you are whole, that you are complete, you are fulfilled, that you are aligned and connected with the Creator. You are the Creator.

Within your being there is no need to want for anything. When you meditate and focus your energy within you, do you lack things? Do you feel that you need things?

If this is the case then call upon healing, you may call upon me, Lord Melchizedek and my Universal Medical Healing Team or the Universal Healing Team. Ask us to fulfill you so that lack and hurt dissolve and you experience a vibration where your inner world becomes so abundant, loving, and peaceful that you enjoy being in meditation. You enjoy gazing at yourself in the mirror, you enjoy who you are when you are with other people, you enjoy who you are when you are alone.

Thus, you become an overflowing fountain of abundance, a fountain that gives abundant energy and the Creator's love and peace and harmony to all beings and everything.

This is abundance in its true form, it is eternal forever and continuous. This is what I, Lord Melchizedek, wish to share with you because it is so important now and will create such healing across the entire world and within your being.  The more you can be in a space of peace, abundance, and love within your being the easier your reality will be, and the more you will be able to create what you want.

Take time to contemplate the true form of abundance, you may explore deeper. When you connect with the energy of the abundance of the Creator know it is your true form, you are an expression of abundant energy and you can create whatever you wish.

Remember, your inner world requires to be abundant and nourished before you recognise it in your outer world.

I thank you, I am Lord Melchizedek

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To watch the video of Natalie's message, or get a free download of her message - click on this link:

Infinite Blessings of God's Christ Love & Enlightenment, Infinity Healing, Violet Flame, New Earth Ascension Blueprint, & Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are All Divinely Perfect for Each of You in Every Moment ! Steven Hutchinson

Video - "Manifest Your Soul's Desires By Steven Hutchinson"


Intenders of the Highest Good present The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Smiles All Around
The Vision Alignment Project


Today's Vision comes from our favorite photographer, Gareth Marples, who uploads his spectacular photos onto our Intenders Facebook Founders Circle regularly. Thank you, Gareth!

I see a world where the global currency is smiles. Every time anyone passes or sees someone else, they smile at them. Those smiles create joyous energy that projects into the Universe, where it collects like energy and returns to the person who projected it, multiplied many times over. Every job is paid with smiles. Every task is performed with smiles. Every commodity is bought with smiles. Smiles are God's energy. Let's share our smiles! ♥

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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