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My names Curious as the more I think about it the more I get it as a complete wake up call.
I was born in may 25 87, 6lb. 2 oz at 1 20 am and my Parents named me Mason.
Why mason I recently have asked them as it seemed back then a very uncommon name for anyone to have especially as a first name (In edmonton anyway). Apparently its after "Nick Mason" the drummer from Pink Floyd. Which Is awesome itself because that prompts me to listen to things like "The Wall". Which just happens to be the world in a nutshell. Thats wake up Cue number one. Then you have through out school hearing of the "Freemasons' as the stone workers and the more you look into that the more it leads to crazy conspiracies, Then just with feeling unique or special it came with the name because it was so different to a lot of people Anyone else have similar feelings or connections to your names? I still have yet to find past life and divine names but soon enough ill find out, all in due time.

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Surnames are good to look at as they originally was your job title. E.g John the blacksmith becomes John smith.
My surname is Bishop, so perhaps may family history is connected to the church? Something i do wonder.

I was named David, because of the bible story David and Goliath. I never used to stand up to bullies until i was reminded of that story.

Well.. My name is Andrea... and I was so disappointed when I knew it means "manly" XD, because i'm a girl, but my second name is paz (peace in spanish), so then I understood a new meaning, the full meaning of my name... I refer to my name as "the peace of mankind" XD, now it sounds more beautiful.

<3<3<3 Namaste!

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